How Popular is Your Site?

By Daniel Scocco is a simple web tool to check the popularity of your website. Here is a list of factors that it takes into consideration:

  • Google Pagerank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Compete Rank
  • Google Backlinks
  • Yahoo Backlinks
  • MSN Backlinks
  • Technorati Links
  • Delicious Bookmarks
  • Bloglines Subsribers


22 Responses to “How Popular is Your Site?”

  • Anthony

    Very cool!

  • Daniel

    Yeah, there are other tools that offer the same service, but this one is fast and includes more factors than the other one.

  • Brian Auer

    That’s pretty neat, but it kicked me off the page and redirected me to a page that says “TRY AGAIN WHEN YOU’RE NOT SUCH A LOSER”.

    … maybe it’s a glitch or something. My Mom thinks I’m cool.

  • Sean

    Pretty cool site. I seem to have zeros for a lot of them….how expected lol.

  • Daniel

    Yeah consider that some of the numbers are not completely updated alsol. Like my bloglines subscribers is the number of 1 month ago.

  • SDtektiv

    I was like “wow! I didn’t know that Google ranks my website as a number one!”, but then I realized that it is ‘the higher the number the better’, lol.

  • Ashish Mohta

    lol it showed my pr is 2 which is wrong any ideas

  • Mike Panic

    I think I saw this earlier in the week either on Digg or Lifehacker, in any event the site was done from getting hammered with traffic. Now that I’ve played with it, cool stuff. Odd that one of my blogs is only showing 900 and change google backlinks but 9000 and change yahoo backlinks.

  • Brian Auer

    I noticed that my Yahoo backlinks were also much higher than my Google backlinks. Yet most of my search engine traffic comes from google rather than yahoo. You’d think the numbers would be the other way around.

  • PraP

    cool tips.

  • Buddha

    Thank for the cooool ideas…

  • gout

    well…I already testing by using the tools…very fast and symple. thanks… easy to use

  • Chelsea FC-True Blue

    pretty cool stop solution..thanks

  • José


    It’s always useful and it looks nice to have one of those widgets on one’s website.
    I like one called dnscoop. It seems pretty “honest” on the variables that it uses.

    Kind regards,


  • Haidd

    Nice tool!!! Thank!

  • sinhawk

    The results it gave me were totally wrong, like most these junk sites.

    Stick to the Hubspot Website Grader and SEOmoz….

  • Bang Kritikus

    How to submit a blog into yahoo

  • Fisayo @ Secrets Of Entrepreneurship

    Great tool. Thanks for sharing

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