How to use Maps To Make Your Blog More Visual

Mark Zeni

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You often write blog posts that talk about or even promote events that you are planning and hosting. Events can involve either one or several venues, but either way location is usually a big factor. You may or may not have heard of Mapme, but you should probably look into it if these types of blogs are up your alley.

You may also just be discussing a topic or piece of content that has to do with places and locations.

Nowadays (and often in the olden days), readers gravitate towards visual content over written content. For blog posts, that means you want your content and the information it involves to be all the more visual, and less ‘texty’.

But to achieve this, you need visual tools that are super appropriate for your subject matter, and that engage people with your discussion topic uber clearly. is built for just that. Mapme tackles content by segmenting location categories and themes, and creating personalized, “smart” maps in a very simple way.

How it’s Done:

a. Think of a map idea that would up your blog post’s engagement factor

b. Sign up for map creation on Mapme.

c. Begin the 3-stage process:

  1. Create a map
  2. Choose the borders of your map (the default zoom of your map)
  3. Choose categories that describe your different places. Label them with a name, icon, and color, all of which you can go back and change whenever.

d. Embed the map on your blog, or wherever you want to engage people.

Other cool features that users can choose to take on:

-Opt to make the map content crowdsourced, so that those interested can directly and add location to your map. You can moderate the locations before they’re added.

-Make reviews available for your map locations, to make your map into a community forum and not only a knowledge base/guide.

-Choose which information fields you want to hide or display with each place: URL, phone number, logos, e-mail, etc.

Don’t forget to share your maps!

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  • Robert MacGuffie

    Your readers might also be interested in ‘Google Maps Easy,’ a A WordPress plugin by Supsystics. You can customize google maps in a simple and intuitive way without any programming: Set markers and locations with text, images, categories and links. You can even open mapsi in a pop-up. Free and inexpensive paid version with considerable documentation, video and FAQ support. Worth looking into, IMHO.

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