I am Willing to Try Bing, But So Far It Sucks

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

As you probably know Microsoft launched its newest search engine a couple of weeks ago, called Bing. Some blogs and newspapers reported that the search engine quickly gained market share, and that on some days it was ranking in the second position, above Yahoo!.

If nothing else I also think that we should give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt and try Bing out. Competition is healthy in any market, and Google is not far from having a monopoly in search (thanks to the quality of its service, it is true, but still).

One good move from Microsoft was to opt for a clean homepage. I can’t stand Yahoo! exactly because in order to search there I need to go across all the clutter that they put on the front page.

The problem are the search results. They might need some time to tweak the algorithm, but so far it has not impressed me at all. Here are some examples that I gathered in five minutes before writing this post:

1. Searched for “blog tips”


Daily Blog Tips is number one on Google and Yahoo! for that term, but on Bing it was no where to be found. Problogger should be there too, but I couldn’t find it either.

2. Searched for “john chow”


The original John Chow was not there, and instead the first result pointed to a squatter domain (www.john-chow.com) that just has some ads….

3. Searched for “stuntdubl”


I wanted to give Bing a nudge, so I searched for the exact name of Todd Malicoat’s blog (he is a top SEO guy, and the blog is pretty famous too). Still Bing displayed Todd’s blog only in the fifth position.

For now, therefore, I am sticking with good old Google.

What about you, have you tried Bing? What kind of results did you get?

Update: It looks like the results are not that bad if you are US or Canada based. The curious thing is that I did use the “English results only” option before searching, so I don’t know how come my location is affecting the results page.

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64 Responses to “I am Willing to Try Bing, But So Far It Sucks”

  • Max

    I’m still a Google guy and don’t see myself switching anytime soon. It will be difficult for Bing to provide the value-proposition to convert a large percentage of Google users since Google has become such a huge part of people’s Internet experience in so many different ways.

  • MartinWinkel

    Bing absolutely Suck! Take any newsource in the U.S. online and somewhere you find the following: Take for example Yahoo news. Click on headline and start to read the article. Then it seems that every 15 th word or so is Hyperlink to the bing search engine and the result is an annoying and obnoxiuos dialof box pops up with information. I immediately have to close the dialog. That is a lot of unnessary clicking. This is particulay a problem when colorful advertisment is located at the side marging ofthe new arttice web page. So, sometimes I like usign my cursor and the movement of my eyes to together when reading online. Then when I pass over a Bing Hyperlink the dreded abn annoying information Dialof props up and forced to spend time closing it.

  • ma_dhan

    Just tried Bing for “Internet Marketing” in our local area. Bing brought up a Laserdome and a marriage facility of some sort in the top 10 map related results. So ..no. Not impressed so far. 😀

  • MMA

    I am disappointed from Bing too. Usually index only 1 page of site with 500+ pages

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