I am Willing to Try Bing, But So Far It Sucks

By Daniel Scocco

As you probably know Microsoft launched its newest search engine a couple of weeks ago, called Bing. Some blogs and newspapers reported that the search engine quickly gained market share, and that on some days it was ranking in the second position, above Yahoo!.

If nothing else I also think that we should give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt and try Bing out. Competition is healthy in any market, and Google is not far from having a monopoly in search (thanks to the quality of its service, it is true, but still).

One good move from Microsoft was to opt for a clean homepage. I can’t stand Yahoo! exactly because in order to search there I need to go across all the clutter that they put on the front page.

The problem are the search results. They might need some time to tweak the algorithm, but so far it has not impressed me at all. Here are some examples that I gathered in five minutes before writing this post:

1. Searched for “blog tips”


Daily Blog Tips is number one on Google and Yahoo! for that term, but on Bing it was no where to be found. Problogger should be there too, but I couldn’t find it either.

2. Searched for “john chow”


The original John Chow was not there, and instead the first result pointed to a squatter domain (www.john-chow.com) that just has some ads….

3. Searched for “stuntdubl”


I wanted to give Bing a nudge, so I searched for the exact name of Todd Malicoat’s blog (he is a top SEO guy, and the blog is pretty famous too). Still Bing displayed Todd’s blog only in the fifth position.

For now, therefore, I am sticking with good old Google.

What about you, have you tried Bing? What kind of results did you get?

Update: It looks like the results are not that bad if you are US or Canada based. The curious thing is that I did use the “English results only” option before searching, so I don’t know how come my location is affecting the results page.


64 Responses to “I am Willing to Try Bing, But So Far It Sucks”

  • Vincent Chow

    Bing is not my cup of tea. The results aren’t satisfying, just like the examples you’ve shown above. Microsoft had re-brand their search engine over and over again, but they just can’t get it. Too bad.

  • Jaan Kanellis

    It seems to me thus far that back link anchor text is rated very low in the algo.

  • Anja

    I’ve tried Bing and I wasn’t satisfied with the relevance of the results, so for now I’m sticking to Google.

    I think Google’s monopoly is not a bad thing, because they provide good quality services, therefore they deserve it.

  • Carey Suante

    I won’t even give it a try! All reviews about Bing is negative and not surprisingly here too!

  • Dave

    Maybe it’s a location thing, but for ‘stuntdubl’ I’m seeing it as 3rd, just behind his twitter page.

  • Steve

    I was getting some great traffic from Bing at the beginning of the month but it seems to have died off fairly quickly.

  • michael

    I just tried the 3 searches and got totally different results from yours.

    2. dailyblogtips

    2.johnchowseymour dot com


    I wonder why the results are so different?

  • reinkefj

    I tried my alumni search on BING:

    “manhattan college” -marymount -“marymount manhattan college” -“borough of manhattan college” -marymount -manhattan.edu -bmcc.cuny.edu -msmnyc.edu -mancol.edu -gojaspers.com”

    AND, it gives me results that ignore all the minus terms. When I tried to build it manually by the advanced option ignores.

    BUT, it still didn’t work.

    Oh well, I’ll try again next year.

  • Rajasekharan

    Problogger is at first place and DBT at second place when searched from India for ‘blog tips’ on Bing. May be these two are not faring well in Brazil and hence gave way to the ones that you got, Daniel!

    The third position also is for DBT for the article ‘101 Blog Tips I Learned in 2006.’ So what do you say for this?

    FIY: I was searching with ‘show all’ radio button clicked. The only other radio button I had was ‘only from India.’

  • Pam

    It is not that you don’t find your blog on Bing and Bing is bad..what theory is this…really what does this mean….

  • Katrina Stonoff

    I’m all for giving Google some competition, but I don’t want it to come from Microsoft (the other monopolizing giant!). Isn’t there an alternative? Healthy competition that doesn’t just swing the heft from one superpower to another?

  • Vic

    He’s right. For blog tips search keyword in Bing, problogger is in no.1 DBT is in no.6 position. Lots of people visited and use Bing out of curiosity.

  • dd

    You know what is worse? Search for “search engine ” or “search” on bing. It will not return Bing or even Google on it… Only Ask, Yahoo and a few others..

  • Peter

    odd.. I just re-created your search for ‘blog tips’, and you’re #1, problogger.net is #2..

    maybe there are different results per country? (I’m in the U.S.)

  • Rob

    I haven’t really tried it, but the visitors I get to my site are generating more page views on average than Google’s traffic. Terms they are using to get to site are very relevant as well.

  • Medyum

    I’ve tried Bing and I wasn’t satisfied with the relevance of the results, so for now I’m sticking to Google.

    I think Google’s monopoly is not a bad thing, because they provide good quality services, therefore they deserve it.

  • Che – Snugd

    For all of the search terms you have mentioned I got the results you are expecting(location : Canada). Results are so much like Google for all the terms I’ve tested. So bing’s results depend on location !!!!!!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Vic, Michael and Che, well I used the “English results only” option, so I don’t see how my location should affect the English based results.

    In Google it does not, for example.

    But yeah if you guys are getting better results I guess my IP might be part of the cause for the weird results I get.

    I updated the post to reflect this, so thanks for the feedback.

  • Evan

    I couldn’t agree more. Some of the search results are coming out of left field. It may be that over time the search becomes more relevant.

    I haven’t forgiven MS for ie6-or-7, so maybe I am an extra tough critic.

  • Todd Wallace

    The bit about searching for Todd Malicoat’s blog isn’t surprising since SEO is a human vs. algorithm equation…and no one really know how to approach Bing’s algorithm yet. It’s also why their results are garbage. No one has optimized for Bing yet. No one knows how.

  • redwall_hp

    I’m a U.S. user. I tested Bing a little, and found that it works well for “naïve” searches. (That is, specific names or broad topics. E.g. “New York Times” or “Harry Potter.”) It doesn’t do nearly as well at finding deeper pages, where you’re looking for something specific.

  • bilin

    maybe all our optimization are aim to Google and Bing have other themselves standard.

  • GoBusiness101

    Great! Hope my site will be on the top for promoting business online and offline

  • Eddie Gear

    Hi there,

    I’ve tried BING and I’ve been using it since its release, and I can find significant differences when compared to other popular search engines. However, I would still give Bing some more time to see how the results match up and I’m sure that it come up to be a better search engine.

    Eddie Gear

  • Dorothy Thompson

    I think the problem is you’re not putting quotes around your search words. I tried it with quotes and you’re coming up at #1 the last time I checked. ;o)


  • Melvin

    LOLs, I laughed hard when I saw the results… Anyways there is still a huge room for improvement and Im not just sure it can make an impact though..

  • Luca

    I’m not impressed so far. They’ve got some work to do if they want to compete. It looks nice though

  • Jamaipanese

    my results for those example terms are completely different and much better than yours and I am not in the US or Canada.

    recently blogged positively about Bing search

  • Jehzeel Laurente

    I think they just updated the results. Problogger, John Chow and your blog is already present in Bing.com. Still, I love Google more than any other search engines. 🙂

  • Fatin Pauzi

    Maybe those website doesn’t submit their blog to Bing yet. That’s why they are not listed.

  • Mr. I

    Microsoft oh Microsoft! Did they ever hear that focusing on one thing is better. They are building trying to beat everyone and are succeeding nowhere!

    Better that they pay attention to the only thing that they do well: “Creating OS”

  • Stop Dreaming Start Action

    we are waiting results of one year, what will happen

  • Kae Kohl

    Just tried Bing for “Internet Marketing” in our local area. Bing brought up a Laserdome and a marriage facility of some sort in the top 10 map related results. So ..no. Not impressed so far.

  • BloggerDaily

    I also had tried searching some popular sites through Bing but the result is nowhere although I tried used related keywords. Maybe it’s because it’s still new.

  • excITingIP.com

    I wanted to submit my website in Bing and I tried asking it, the relevant answer was no where in the first 10 results, but on Google it was the first or second. It gave me a website article that gave the steps to register your site in Bing! That’s Google!!


  • Jim Cronin

    I have found that the results for Real Estate searches have been so far off base it’s ridiculous.

    I can only hope for Microsoft’s sake that they get their act together soon.

    You can only make a first impression once, and mine was poor.

  • Harry

    I have not looked at BING yet but I will now.

    Thanks for the good info.

  • Richael | Domain Marvelous

    Haven’t people realized by now that Bing is nothing more than the old Live Search with a fresh coat of paint?

  • Bayu Aditya

    I tried some searches also and I don’t want to try it again now!

  • Boerne Search

    I can’t stand Bing, tryed it and didn’t like it from day one. I will stick with Google thank you very much.

    Bing just sucks @ss. IMO


  • adis

    May be bing don’t like blog 🙂

  • Stock Traders Blog

    I feel Bing will be easily forgot just Cuil

  • James

    There are always pros and cons about Microsoft’s products. But this time they are really giving a shock therapy to Google Execs. I have tried Bing, the search result is sucks but they are fast event somehow faster than Google. They probably need sometimes to tuning their algorithm or database, but this is good step from Microsoft..

  • Tommy Kirt

    Bing bites like Live Search bites! Seriously, what was the point of all of this? Maybe they thought a new name might fool some people into forgetting that MS is the worst SE out there? Fail.

  • Bengt

    You write “I can’t stand Yahoo! exactly because in order to search there I need to go across all the clutter that they put on the front page.”

    I go directly to http://search.yahoo.com/ and don’t understand what you are complaining about.

  • Hooshmand Moslemi

    Yeah, I have checked it out several times and I must say that the results are not that brilliant. I agree about competition in any market and I am also against monopoly. However, I guess nobody has been able to beat Google yet.

    Simplicity and relevancy are the advantages of Google. Other search engines must always take them into account if they want to be more popular.

    I think Bing does not have a comprehensive index yet and they need to improve and upgrade it. And of course, copying other search engine’s results is not the solution. They have to run their own algorithm.

    All the Best!


  • dive

    yupp tried Bing and I feel it needs more improvement. I tried searching some images and I wasn’t very happy with the results. Well hope it’ll turn out fine someday.. Till then cheers to GOOGLE..!!

  • Chester

    There’s a lot of more issues concerning bing. But nice try though.

  • Vikas

    Microsoft should try to build a new search engine from scratch keeping in mind that the search results should satisfy readers.

    Giving a new look and new name won’t solve problem.. Microsoft guys are you sleeping or dumb??

    First day Bing even displayed the win xp serials key when typed .. “Win Xp serial”

    it showed porn on its first page when typed .. “sex”

    Then need to do a lot of work it to catch yahoo.. leave google ….

  • Ivy

    Well, just looks fine for me, i have tried to look for my favorite testivar.com and as expected it is no.1. Though some of my inquries have glitches results! Anyway, i hope they can still improve it.

  • Tom Bradshaw

    I would have to agree bing seems to have a way to go to perform as well as google. What is worrying is that people using it today won’t care about this. I don’t think it will overtake google just yet – though having it on msn, hotmail etc. is going to be a big advantage.

    If result aren’t that bad for US and Canada – means it will probably take a little more time for UK and rest of the world to catch up (inevitably)

  • ignacio

    I’m in Uruguay and did the same searches with far better results. Anyways, I don’t like it either, for now at least.

  • Joel

    I’ve noticed that in general I’m posted far higher on google than other search sites in general. If you look only at organic traffic to my site in the past 30 days (approx 9,000 views, PR4, technorati authority hovers around 20), over 95% stems from google searches, significantly more than their reported market share. In common search terms for my blog, I frequently will be on the front page of google but terribly deep into the likes of yahoo, msn (not really tested bing out yet), and others.

    I opted to stake my chances on a fully google platform for blogging (i.e. using blogger, adsense, analytics, feedburner, and basically google products whenever I get the chance). Despite solid traffic in my niche, I haven’t been able to crack into DMOZ, but had manually submitted my site to yahoo and the like.

    I’m curious to hear any thoughts on why this is occurring and ways to find a more symmetrical balance of search engine results. Does the fact that I’m using google products make my site appear more favorably on their search engine (suggesting I’m getting an unfair bump) or is it that I’m being poorly indexed by the other engines (i.e. google is right and everyone else is wrong).


  • Hypotheek

    Will this be the 3rd time Microsoft can’t find the nail there trying to hit?

    Changing a name will not help! The results of the serp`s are pour up until now.

    I keep saying sh..t when I accidently search with Bing. Where are my sites?

    What is this se looking for on the sites shown? Most results aren’t very relevant too the word’s I typed. Maybe it will get better after some time.

  • Internet Strategist @GrowMap

    I wonder if they aren’t carefully monitoring their brand and fixed the specific results you used in your blog post. Bing just isn’t doing anything for me yet but I REALLY like DuckDuckGo so far. You might want to try it out.

    Besides DuckDuckGo I consistently us Zuula – especially their blog search because it sorts by recency and relevancy – making it much faster to find related posts when researching.

  • Harson

    Yes it will show completely different results when you search for similar keywords in both Google and Bing.

    the only thing i like about the existence of Bing is so far it comes out as an alternative.

    it’s entertaining though to have the so-called big search engines to give different in giving results, and prompting further investigations.

  • Ganesh

    Looks like Google still rules.Just started my own blog.You have great content.I will subscribe to your feed.

  • Blog Ebooks – Claus D Jensen

    Hmm, what I thought it would be like…

    I think I’ll pass on Bing!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Blog Ebooks – Claus D Jensen

  • radyo dinle

    Maybe it’s a location thing, but for ’stuntdubl’ I’m seeing it as 3rd, just behind his twitter page.

  • Jared – Online Marketing Rules

    Giving the stand point that I hate everything Microsoft does lately I haven’t even given second thought to giving Bing a try. Why waste your time with something you know your not going to use? We all know that we will revert back to Google and stick with Google for the bulk of our searches. I think Bing got a little bit of shares because of the marketing they did interested people and I think people where actually interested and hoping Microsoft could do something worth while, but as we can see this will fail as well. Once Google launches Chrome OS I think Microsoft will see a huge dip and it will take more than Yahoo to fix them.


  • MMA

    I am disappointed from Bing too. Usually index only 1 page of site with 500+ pages

  • ma_dhan

    Just tried Bing for “Internet Marketing” in our local area. Bing brought up a Laserdome and a marriage facility of some sort in the top 10 map related results. So ..no. Not impressed so far. 😀

  • MartinWinkel

    Bing absolutely Suck! Take any newsource in the U.S. online and somewhere you find the following: Take for example Yahoo news. Click on headline and start to read the article. Then it seems that every 15 th word or so is Hyperlink to the bing search engine and the result is an annoying and obnoxiuos dialof box pops up with information. I immediately have to close the dialog. That is a lot of unnessary clicking. This is particulay a problem when colorful advertisment is located at the side marging ofthe new arttice web page. So, sometimes I like usign my cursor and the movement of my eyes to together when reading online. Then when I pass over a Bing Hyperlink the dreded abn annoying information Dialof props up and forced to spend time closing it.

  • Max

    I’m still a Google guy and don’t see myself switching anytime soon. It will be difficult for Bing to provide the value-proposition to convert a large percentage of Google users since Google has become such a huge part of people’s Internet experience in so many different ways.

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