It Might Be Worth to Invest In .tv Domain Names

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

tv-domain-namesI am very conservative when it comes to domain name extensions, and as a result I almost never buy domains with the new extensions that appear once in a while (e.g., .co, .biz, .mobi). In fact 95% of my domains have a .com extension (the other 5% are .net domains for mini websites).

There is one that might be the exception though, and it’s the .tv one.

I am not sure yet if those domains will become valuable or not, but they might. That is because I am starting to see a trend of major websites and publishers securing .tv domains to launch their online video shows. Examples include, and

The other side of the trend is the popularization of Internet based television platforms, like Google TV and Apple TV. Those platforms are trying to bring online video to the living room of the average household, blurring the line between mainstream and Internet based television shows and videos.

The result could be an adoption of the .tv domain as the standard for websites that are compatible with Internet television (i.e., websites that have video content available and that are compatible with the Internet television platforms). This means whenever consumers were “browsing” on their televisions they would first try the .tv version of the domain they are looking for.

This is just a possible scenario though, and it’s way too soon to forecast what will happen (read “Don’t go out on a .tv buying spree and blame it on me later if the domains become worthless!).

That being said it could be a good idea to secure at least one .tv domain that you think would be suitable for you to create a video show on. If you like nutrition, for example, you could try to buy (which is available by the way). Then if the trend described above becomes true and online video explodes you could use that domain for a new project.


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44 Responses to “It Might Be Worth to Invest In .tv Domain Names”

  • Jerrick

    There are lot more example of using .tv domain . Why it worth because most of people do sharing free buffering sharing video online. Beside that .tv able to differentiate you which is show like .tv are more professional website on tv. It been mostly use by lot of tv media .
    No matter you .com or .tv. It still able to compete in google ranking.

  • BlogTipss

    Domain business growing up. Its good place where invest your money.

  • Harsh Agrawal

    It makes sense but wondering if it is going to be really handy? Specially Google ignorance of not ranking such TLD’s..I believe it’s not going to be very effective… Just my 2 cents….

  • Web Marketing Tips

    this is a good business to invest money on domains.

    You just neeed sharp eyes and businessman mind.

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