Link Tips: 06 April 2008


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We have a mono-thematic collection of links this Sunday: improve your website. You will find huge lists with tips and techniques to improve your website, design better, optimize your blog, make it load faster and market it.

  • Improving Your Website: Not for the faint of heart. This list includes 101 five-minute fixes to improve your website. Worth a bookmark.
  • Why having a slow website is bad: You probably heard before that having a slow website is a bad thing. If you are still not convinced, or if you want to know how to solve the problem, check this post.
  • E-Books for Web Design: The Mashable folks compiled a list with over 20 e-books and white papers that you can download to improve your web design.
  • Internet Marketing Tips: 59 important internet marketing tips and techniques that you should be doing.
  • Optimize your blog: 52 easy ways to optimize your blog while having a coffee break. Got love those simple yet effective tips.

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10 Responses to “Link Tips: 06 April 2008”

  • Ron – now the web designer not soldier

    Any takers for advice on my web design and SEO questions above?

  • shotazi

    Great links, i will use this tips in practice for my new blog.

  • Ron – now the web designer not soldier

    Having served in the Army for 21 years and several conflicts later, it is time for me to find a new career and have decided to undertake a career in web design and optimisation! Im not sure if this is the right decision as all I am entitled to within the Army ressetlement plan is £500 (which I need to spend wisely)

    Now my questions:

    1. Do you think I would be better off spending this money on an optimisation or web design course?
    2. If web design how can I gain a high position without spending money and how long will it take to learn the subject of optimisation?

    I know they are wide and sweeping questions but you input would be appreciated. I have my site nearly complete and have submitted it to a number of directories and search engines, what else can I do?

    Lots of questions, hope you can help – biiiiiiig thanks

  • Don

    some great links, and that speed up your website is very useful.
    going to do a shameless plug :p I have also written an article to speed up your site but is more focused on joomla, though some points are universal.

  • Kurt

    Thanks dude. The 101 Five minute…was of real great help.

  • Bloguitar

    Great post. I’ver read the post “Optimize your blog” and altought I have already done most of the things it says, it’s a great post wich may help newbies.

    (sorry for my bad English, I’m spanish)

  • Napster

    Nice links! Thankyou!

  • Aaron Nimocks

    Ive actually seen 4 of those before and I will agree they are great resources. Never seen the E-Books for Web Design though so thanks. 🙂

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