Link Tips: 20 April 2008


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Some interesting links that I gathered this week (and a couple a bit older). A scam alert, web 2.0 generators, web metrics and podcasts, enjoy.

  • AdSense Secrets Scam Alert: You’ve probably read about Joel Comm’s AdSense Secrets ebook for $9.95 launch. Well, looks like there is a scam behind it, and Mark is calling it out.
  • 25 Web 2.0 Generators: Good list with 25 generators to create logos, badges, buttons, backgrounds and rounded corners.
  • Web Metrics 101: Even wondered about the meaning of hits, visits, unique visitors, bounce rate and similar? Check out this post then.
  • Podcast Interviews: Sometime ago I did two podcast interviews. One with Gobala Krishnam about StumbleUpon, and one with Mani Karthik about blogging. Be aware that my mic stinks, and my audio was terrible. I already ordered a decent one…
  • 9 Podcasting Tips: Speaking of podcasts, if you want to get started with one read this post from Performancing first.

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9 Responses to “Link Tips: 20 April 2008”

  • Brett

    Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for adding my post 25 web 2.0 generators to this list!! I’ve been reading your site for quite awhile now and its a great honor thanks.


  • Margaret

    I always read Joel Comm’s emails because he talks a lot of sense. I looked at the deal that was on offer and realised there was a monthly subscription involved. It was a bit annoying, but at least I hadn’t paid out when I realised.

  • Daniel Scocco

    I don’t know Fabien, if you read Mark’s post, you will notice that the out of thousands of words hyping the product you had only a small sentence mentioning the subscription.

    Looking at the comments, you can also see that dozens of people bought the ebook without realizing the were automatically getting subscribed to a $30 monthly deal.

    I was about to buy it as well, and I had no idea about the subscription.

    So you can see that overall he had a pretty deceptive deal going on.

  • Siddharth

    I dont think that there is a easy way to sucess and anyone who promises one is sure a scam. Rome was not built in a day afterall. 😉

  • Kyle Judkins

    Thanks for the scam link. I was considering getting that book in order to learn a little bit more about adsense. I really hate it when people are not up front about their products.

  • Adam Singer

    i cant believe darren linked to the adsense thing too…site COMPLETELY looks like a spam site

  • Fabien

    Please take note that the AdSense Secrets eBook deal was never a scam…if people had taken the time to read the last part of the sales letter, it is very easily identifiable both now and before the sales page was reformatted.

    Joel Comm is not a scammer and he should not be referred to as one for a petty little mistakes which was fixed literally minutes after people in the sphere began complaining about the clarity on the sales page.

    I congratulate Joel on his quick response and damage control to this situation, the sales page is now very clear and allows people to choose whether or not they want a subscription.

  • Dan Spellman

    Daniel: I had seen the post on 101 Marketing. It’s a really good post. I’ve been doing something similar at – When you get a chance, I’d love to get some feedback from you on a new set of posts I am doing with 60 Second Video updates at

  • Alexandra

    Daniel: Thanks for the heads up on Adsense deal. I just contacted the Help Desk to request that my subscription be cancelled. Received immediate response. They must be getting a lot of requests right now. It took about 60 seconds for them to respond. I did write a second request just to ensure that the only charge was for the book. Just want to tie up the loose ends. I’m surprised about this especially since a lot of big names are promoting this. I’m not sure they know about the embedded upsell. Lesson learned … read the fine print — always!

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