Link Tips: 20 July 2008


We missed the Link Tips last Sunday, but I will make up for that today with some interesting links for you guys. First stop is the Hierarchy of Social Marketing, an article published at Duct Tape Marketing.

Basically it defends that online marketers and business owners should think before jumping at social media, as opposed to joining whatever social network they are able to, promoting their stuff in whatever way they manage to. Another interesting point, which I have been defending for a while also (check Twitter Less, Blog More!), is the fact that having a website or blog must be at the core of your strategy. The article used a pyramid to illustrate that.

The second article is a compilation with the 50 most influential female bloggers, compiled by the nice folks of NorthXEast. Contrary to what some people might think, the blogosphere is full of intelligent and opinionated female bloggers, and this list is a good place to get started at meeting them.

WebRampage published a checklist for choosing a shared host. Again I covered this in the past (check How to Choose a Web Host), but the author is adding some new points to the factors you should consider before signing up with the hosting company.

Finally, there is a post from the ex-blogger Jason Calacanis outlining the payment and hiring structure behind the Gawker network, owned by Nick Denton. Take a look if you are curious about how those big shot blogs are organizing the pay structure with their writers, and why it is very effective to pay for performance.

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14 Responses to “Link Tips: 20 July 2008”

  • gout

    great information…nice piramide…. I want to know more detail about clasification…thanks

  • Joy

    perfect hierarchy…Blog more with quality content is good..

  • Perun

    Social Marketing rulezzzz!!! 🙂
    Nice post.

  • Dean Saliba

    Nice post, I found that link about Hierarchy of Social Marketing very interesting. 🙂

  • Brad – Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help

    Oh sorry. I was looking from the top down. Now I see what you meant xD

  • th13rteen

    Thanks for mentioning my article, Daniel. I agree with this article.

    1. Write good quality content.
    2. Blog regularly.
    3. Submit a few of your masterpieces to bookmarking sites like Digg.
    4. Ask your readers to subscribe.
    5. Repeat!

    I’m not sure if Tweeter is worth using. I’ve never used it. Like that article says, Tweeter should be way down on your list of priorities.

  • SEO Genius

    Blogging definitely is the most important stage and i am glad you pointed that out Daniel, i think alot of people these days are wasting too much time on social media sites or learning about how to get the first page of digg when instead they should be reading about increasing the quality of their sites articles and how to increase traffic through their content.

  • Young

    I am just in the blogging stage.

  • Daniel Scocco

    Brad, I think you misunderstood my words. Blogging or web publishing is the most powerful form of social media.

    That is the base of your pyramid. On top of that you will build your social bookmarking strategies, micro blogging strategies and so on.

    The mistake, therefore, is when people jump at Twitter when they don’t even have a blog in the first place.

  • vipey

    thanx for the links, the Hierarchy of Social Marketing article was very interesting

    im not a big fan of social bookmarking at all,

  • Brad – Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help

    You have a point saying that Social Networks can be more powerful than blogging. However, it is writing content that is interesting for the diggers and stumblers to pass on that can be a little tedious at times.

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