Link Tips: 24 February 2008


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Making money with a website, cool blog designs, Javascript coding and keyword research. Some useful links as usual this Sunday.

  • Blog Design Inspiration: If you need ideas to revamp your blog design, check out this post by Smashing Magazine with 45 excellent blog designs.
  • Making Money Online: Yaro wrote a very detailed complement to my “28 Ways to Make Money from Your Website” post.
  • Ajax and Javascript Coding: If you are a programmer or web designer, this post lists 40 free Ajax and Javascript codes that you can use.
  • Keyword Research for Bloggers: Many of you will probably have visited this article article. If you have not make sure to do so, it is just a brilliant description of keyword research by Brian Clark.
  • Gmail Shortcuts: If you are a Gmail user you should print out this cheat sheet with all the useful shortcuts.
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4 Responses to “Link Tips: 24 February 2008”

  • step1

    ok I will test it.

  • Rajeev Edmonds

    Thanks for the GMail shortcuts. Its a real time saver, once we get used to these shortcuts.

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