Link Tips: 29 June 2008


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I will try another style for this Sunday’s Link Tips. Instead of crude bullet points I will write a normal post, inserting the links here and there.

The first link that I want to bring to your attention is the Max Banner Ads plugin. Pawan Agrawal is the same guy that coded the My Top Commentators plugin for me, and I know he always does quality work. I have not had a chance to test Max Banner Ads, but from the description and from the review of other bloggers it looks like the most advanced plugin for banner management ever released, so it should be worth a look if you are trying to manage banners or direct ads on your blog.

On the second stop we have Required Readings in Social Media. If you want to get inside the loop of what is going on on Digg, Mixx and all other social media sites, this post brings a compilation of blogs and places that you should visit.

My friend Collis Ta’eed launched a new site recently called NetTuts. He is putting some great content as usual, and I was particularly surprised to see a very comprehensive guide on building a website from the scratch. The piece is huge and very detailed, so check it out.

Still inside the web design realm, yesterday I came across a list with 50 beautiful logos that you can use for inspiration. The logo is one of the most important elements on your design, so make sure yours is kicking ass (I know, the DBT one could use some work…).

Finally, if you did indeed get inspired by those logos but don’t know how to use Photoshop at all, you could start with this video. It brings 101 Photoshop tips in 5 minutes. No kidding! Those guys also have some nice video creating skills, so it ends up being funny to watch even if you don’t use Photoshop at all!

See you next Sunday with some more cool links!

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24 Responses to “Link Tips: 29 June 2008”

  • WheretoLink

    I was wondering where those ads came from. Now I know. They just may work nicely with my link building website.

  • Chuck Anthony

    Useful links, thanks Daniel. I like the logo sites. In fact, I was recently experimenting with LogoMaker and created a free web logo for one of my sites — not the greatest but sometimes the basics can come in handy. I also can take my design concept to a professional graphic artist for refinement and perhaps negotiate a discount for doing the prelim myself. Don’t know if they work that way but worth a try.

  • tmdes

    yeah..more links to pass a long week-end! thanks

  • Kurt

    I like the max banner ads. I use it on one of my country specific one. By the way thanks for your blog template. I use of of your’s on my main blog. Btw check this

  • shivendu

    Nice Post Want a link or banner Exchange

  • Melvin

    I don’t really like maxblog press plugin.. It requires you to subscribe to their mailing list in which for me I feel is too much to swallow… But I think it, being free it can be a great plugin for everyone budget conscious

  • Gerard

    haha. Nice find on the “50+ Kick Ass Logos” 😀

  • Ben Moreno

    I use max banner ads right under my revresponse widget. I like it. It rotates banners with every page impression instead of taking up a lot of space compared to multiple banners.

  • team ray

    i like logos bit

    they were some good logos and they were are very basic

  • Tomy

    I instantly fell in luv with Max Banner Ads plugin and the demo video, thanx for that link.

  • PopArtDiva

    Your logo design is the number one most important element in branding your image! I spent decades in advertising and can’t emphasize how important your logo is.
    This is a graphic image that will/might be used in sizes varying from 1/4 inch square all the way up to billboards and will become the visual representation of your business.
    It’s worth spending the money to pay a graphic designer who specializes in logo design to get it done right! If done by someone who does not understand the media uses and the potential growth of a company you could end up with an unusable, unreadable visual that could hurt instead of help your brand.

  • Daniel Scocco


  • Vishal

    Hey I didn’t notice any difference between your regular posts and todays. If you would had not inserted the first sentence, it was a regular post for me.
    Probably that was due to appropriate use of paragraphs.
    Still it was quite good.

    One question thats not based on today topic:
    I went to feed-burner, and was confused how to add RSS. I had forgot adding RSS and one of your pervious posts reminded me that.

    Can you tell me how to add RSS in the blog??? I mean registration, verything etc. I dont know anything about it, atleast provide a link. Search engine confused me more

  • SEO Genius

    Grea post and some great logos there 🙂

    I have taken the morning off to go cycling with a friend, although it was absolutely pouring it down with rain (I live in the UK) it was very relaxing and chilled out.

    A break is definitely what us webmasters should fit in every now and then.


    @Daniel, Ahh.. then it’s ok. Thanks. 😛

  • Daniel Scocco

    @TechnoDiary, I will take the afternoon off though 🙂 .


    @Daniel, You should have at least pretend that you took the day off, that’d have helped me next week. 😛

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Satish, I wish :). I have a lot of stuff coming up this next 15 days so I won’t be able to follow my own advice for that period…

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Katybeth, I would suggest you to check some tutorials on basic HTML. Just Google it and you will find plenty.

    Links are created by adding a <a href= code into the HTML page. Most blogging software already come with visual tabs for creating links though.

  • Katybeth

    Newbie question….how did you create all those great “links.” Do you “code” it and if so where do I find information about doing that without being overwhelmed? Could you tell me where to find “link tips” about creating links? I often see names (not actual links–that I am familiar with) in click on blue—I would really like to learn how to do this.

    Thank you! Now, I plan to go and click on everyone of those links! This I know how to do!


    This is indeed a better way to let all of us know about great links. I hope you continue doing this way. That social media post is really helpful, some nice stories there.


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