Link Tips: June 08 2008


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Another batch of interesting links for this Sunday. Some readers mentioned that they disliked the “Link Tips” post. Usually I use this column to present interesting articles from around the web that I had no opportunity to mention during the week. What do you think, should we remove this Sunday column, or merely space it, like with one every 15 days?

  • Site Analytics Tools: If you are trying to optimize your website in one way or another, check out this list with 15 tools you can use.
  • Better Tags Manager: If you are a heavy tag user on WordPress, or if you are trying to integrate your categories with tags, this plugin could help.
  • Domain Name Background Check: Before purchasing a domain name it is always a good idea to perform some checks. If you are not sure what factors you should look for, start with this article.
  • Problogger’s Tipping Point: Interesting article where Darren reveals the initial growth phase of his blog, and what contributed to it.
  • Color Picking Software: If you do web design and constantly needs to discover the color of websites and logos, you should consider using the AdesClrPicker software.
  • Adobe AIR Applications: You certianly heard the buzz about Adobe Integrated Runtime right? Wel, if you are not sure what you can do with those apps, visit this list on Mashable with 30 of them.

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29 Responses to “Link Tips: June 08 2008”

  • Gary A Parenti


    I also need advice on setting up my Sponsor ads in the widgit boxes..I am new to Blogging..

    Thanks again..


  • Gary A Parenti

    You gave me your free themes yesterday when I signed up for your news letter and none of them worked due to no script pages.I like your site though and I find it very informational.

    Thanks anyways,

  • Giuseppe

    Useful link List! Thank You so much

  • Giuseppe

    Interessanti argomentazioni, ta tenere presente e sperimentare. Grazie

  • Tony

    I checked all these links, again some very good info, and thank you

  • Mike Poperszky

    I’m new to this blog, but I have found some useful information so far. I find that “resource” links are always useful. Keep them coming.

  • Bruce

    I like it the way you’re doing it now.

    Some great links, especially the one for site analytics tools.

    Thanks again!

  • Ajith Edassery

    Excellent tips, I particularly liked the one on background checks which I shoulda known before purchasing my expired domain.

    I doubt if Adobe Air has anything to do with day-to-day affairs of bloggers or for that matter even theme, widget/pluggin developers. I thought it’s more of a flex/flash integrated environment with some workflow possibilities.


  • suti karno

    Very useful. Thanks for the post.

  • suresh

    The recommendation of the above links are good and worth of having a serious look.

  • Alex
  • Melvin

    actually link posts oftentimes are very informative because it came from blogs that are less popular…

  • SocialBookmarkList

    Keep them coming.
    Sundays are always great to catch up on what’s new out there.

  • Ari Herzog

    It’s always refreshing to see a list of sites or posts that someone really likes as long as there is a purpose.

  • sonia

    I always like the “bunch of cool links” post. I say keep it going:)

  • SEO Genius

    I like the way it is, i think its just fine 🙂

  • Patti McConville

    Hi Daniel,

    I thoroughly enjoy your web tips and links. I have learned so much from them.

    My vote is to leave them on and keep adding!



  • Raj

    My yea to keep it alive with the current time frame.

  • goblogging

    it really interesting… just keep it up 🙂 on Sunday we could post some relax topics.

  • Kerry

    I really enjoy the links posts on Sundays. My vote – keep ’em!

  • Rick

    Being one of those that voted against link tips I’ll elaborate here. I like the “one topic per post” approach. You could take the best link and write a normal post around it. My view is that if you’ve taken the time to elaborate on a link then it’s definitely worth my time to go there. But hey, that’s just one person’s opinion. 🙂

  • team ray

    i like adobe air piece

  • Daniel Scocco

    OK looks like it will stay then 🙂 . Thanks for the feedback.

  • Josh

    I normally skip link posts…. but now I look at it, there are some good links here, so yea just keep it same.

  • Luciano Passuello

    I like the way it is.

  • Mike

    I like it, too. Once a week is a fine amount of time to dedicate to it.

  • VIBizOnline

    yea i like these post on Sundays. not much going on then

  • Rajaie AlKorani

    Actually, I find these posts interesting and show me some things I didn’t know before. Anyway, great post 🙂

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