Link Tips: May 18 2008


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Some interesting links for this Sunday. I am aware that the Blogging Boost one is not working at the moment. It should be just a quick downtime on that blog, so check it out within a couple of hours.

  • Google’s Take on Web Spam: What does Google consider web spam? Check out this video from Matt Cutts to find it out.
  • Blogging Boost: If you have no money or experience to start a blog, Alan Johnson is willing to help it out. He will cover all the initial expenses to get you rolling, you just need to write the content.
  • Comment Info Plugin: Kevin discovered a nice WordPress plugin that gives you a bunch of information for all your commenters.
  • 100 Web Accessibility Resources: If you are trying to make your website or blog more accessible, look no further than this compilation with 100 tools, tips and tutorials.
  • How Will Web 3.0 Work?: We have not surpassed the Web 2.0 hype yet and people are already talking about Web 3.0… anyway if you want to know what the buzz is all about, this is a good start.

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11 Responses to “Link Tips: May 18 2008”

  • Eric

    Thanks for the info, all in one place. It’s a great help!

  • Beth from Avenue Z

    I just discovered your site, and this list is especially helpful. I’ll keep coming back for more. Thanks. 🙂

  • blisters

    Oh wow. From what i can see, Web 3.0 will definately russle some leaves. I wonder whether it’ll be successfully implemented with all the privacy issues going around. We shall see.

  • BlogMeTheMoney

    Nice list of links and tips. Thanks for sharing them.

    Some interesting and valuable reading.

  • The Blogger Tips

    I like the blogging boost idea too. This is good opportunity offer to the writers who do not have technical skill on setting up the blog and lack of budget.

  • Rockstar Sid

    Very good,even i collected some of the good source in my blog!


    Owo… great collection.
    But I hope some more good things to be displayed in coming days Daniel..Anyhow thanks for this small list.

  • Fastgone

    i like the blogging boost idea
    it give great oppurtunity to make themselves famous and earn money.
    the comment info plugin would save a lot of time for those blogger~
    nice info to share ^^

  • John

    I really like that list of accessibility resources. Thanks Daniel.

  • Alan Johnson

    Thanks for mentioning my latest project Daniel, BloggingBoost is definitely an opportunity worth taking advantage of if you are a blogger who is serious about maximizing results, yet doesn’t have a budget.

    Best wishes,

    Alan Johnson

  • MrCooker

    Thanks Daniel, will check them out.

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