Looking for Premium WP Themes and Plugins? Check out WPeka Club

Mark Zeni

The beauty of using WordPress as your platform is that you can you change your design whenever you wants with a couple of clicks. It’s just a matter of finding a new theme, uploading and activating it from your dashboard.

Now if you are looking for a professional design, purchasing a premium theme could be a good idea, and those tend to be more polished and they come with more customization features. Want a recommendation for such a theme? Check out WPeka.com, a resource that I came across a couple of weeks ago.

They have over 39 themes available, and you can browse according to category and style. For instance, they have themes that are AdSense-ready, themes for e-commerce, themes for the launch of a product and so on.


One thing I liked about them is the pricing: every theme costs $19, which is quite affordable if you compare with some theme shops that charge as much as $100 for a single premium theme. You also have the option to subscribe paying a monthly fee (starting at $27), and this will give you access to all the themes and plugins.

The premium plugins are another strength of the site. They have over 55 premium plugins available, to help you customize your site in all sorts of ways. Here are some examples:

-BackupBreeze (helps you to backup automatically)
-Click Missile (automatically switch between mobile and desktop ads)
-E-Affiliate (helps you to insert and manage affiliate links)
-Community Board (adds forum capabilities to your site)
-Promotional Bar (adds a bar on top of your site to promote your products)

Overall it’s a nice resource for WordPress users, and they are constantly releasing new products and WP themes, so check it out!

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  • Red Rock

    WPeka.com provides seo friendly themes also???

  • Saint jose

    Good Collection but I looking to plan free wp themes , you have any website please tell me i refer that site.

  • Barbara Peters

    Wow, such a great source to get cool themes for my WP website. Hope that they have hot offers and discounts.

  • abhay

    Great article, i am your regular reader.

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