Making Money with Hubpages (Or Not)

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

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Christopher asks:

Do you know anything about Is it a credible source to publish content on and get paid?

Also, can you post content on Hubpages, that you have posted say on your own site?

Yes I am familiar with Hubpages. It is basically a publishing platform where people from around the world can create pages, called hubs, on topics where they have expertise or interest. It is a legitimate website, and yes you can make money with it, because Hubpages will display ads on your hubs, and you earn a percentage of the revenues generated.

How much money can you make there? Well, it depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into your hubs. I have seen people who make over $1,000 monthly from their hubs. But then again they have hundreds (if not thousands) of these.

Do I think this is a solid business model to make money? No.

First and foremost because you won’t own the hubs you will create. You will retain the copyrights over the content you write, but Hubpages owns the hubs, so they control the traffic, the brand, the backlinks and the revenues, and then they share a part of it with you.

A much better strategy is to publish your content on a platform you own, for example on a website or blog. This will give you complete control over the elements involved. For instance, you would be able to sell the website in the future if you decide to. The same is not true with your Hubpage hubs.

Does this mean that Hubpages is useless? Not at all. Just like any online platform, it can be used to promote your own online properties. For instance, many online marketers use Hubpages to build backlinks. All you need is to create some pages on topics relevant to your main website or blog, and then link back to it as a resource for people looking for more information. The only detail to pay attention on is your Hubscore (a kind of quality score assigned to all accounts). You need to have a quality score of 75 or higher if you want the links inside your hubs to be followed.

Finally, try to avoid creating hubs with the same content that is already published on your website. This is called duplicate content, and it might get you in trouble with Google if you do this in mass scale. The best thing is to create new and unique content for every marketing activity you will carry out online (e.g., hubpages, article marketing, social media marketing and so on).

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34 Responses to “Making Money with Hubpages (Or Not)”

  • Jonathon

    Very useful article. I read elsewhere earlier that it’s better to be an early commenter but sometimes coming in late can have value. Here for example reading the previous comments together with the article provided more value for me. I agree that it’s always better to have internet real estate that you own, however, as others have pointed out the freebie platforms (hubs, squidoo, etc) can be useful additives.

  • ghulam habib

    Making money with HubPages is a little more complicated than just publishing Hubs. I make a lot of money from HubPages, but i use them in conjunction with Clickbank and then promote the Hubs using article directories. It takes a little wotk but because it’s easy to get your Hubs ranked high on Google, it can be very profitable.

  • Max

    Yes! I cannot agree more.

    I am a programmer. Despite my previous websites, I started learning and working on internet marketing with Squidoo and felt it was uncontrollable.

    I eventually chose to build my own blog. But now I think I was totally wrong because my site is a blog. What I am doing is BLOGGING but not e-commerce. I have been spent a lot of time creating posts instead of building functions and design.

    I hope I could treat Squidoo and Hubpages, whatever I use, more seriously in the beginning.

  • Preetam @

    I think hubpages is good for beginners who just want to learn about what is blogging, they can learn basic concepts like seo, backlinks etc. and also they can play around amazon ebay, adsense implementation without any investment.
    so hubpages is good for learning and backlinks. but your Good will is at your OWN domain.


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