No .com? Add the Domain Extension to Your Name and Logo

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

We all know that .com domains are the best option, but it is also difficult to find good ones that have not been registered yet. The alternative is to register a .net or .org domain.

There are many popular blogs that are not hosted on .com domains, so if that is your case do not get discouraged. One thing that you should do, however, is to add your domain extension into the name and logo of your site.

The logic is quite simple. Suppose your domain is “”, but the name and the logo of the site both display only “CoolWebsite”. A visitor coming from another blog or from a search engine will pay attention to the name and logo, while neglecting the URL. Should that visitor want to visit your site the day after, it is likely that he will just open his browser and type “”, and if your site is not there he will just go somewhere else.

If your logo displays “”, on the other hand, there is a higher chance that the user will recall the domain extension. If you do not own a .com domain, therefore, you should attach your extension to your name and incorporate it into your brand.

Want some practical examples? Check the three headers below, they come from popular blogs using this technique:




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    Great idea. I should implement that on some of my websites. A a website designer I find your blog to be a very valuable resource.

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    useful tip, i will try to use this tip, thx.

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    interesting 🙂

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    Does any popular websites operate with .net extension? Could any one help with short key for .net (like ctrl plus enter for a .com)

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    excellent tip. thanks for this.

  • IHG

    I always try to do this if I have a non .com extension i.e. make the extension a part of the branding. I think with the increase of extension types, this will become even more important.

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