No More Text Link Ads and Paid Links?

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

The discussion about Google penalizing websites that sell text link ads has been going for a while. It looks like some stronger evidences are emerging, though.

Search Engine Land just published an article titled “Official: Selling Paid Links Can Hurt Your PageRank or Rankings on Google.” The article illustrates some high profile sites like the Stanford Daily, which saw its PR drop from 9 to 7, supposedly due to the the practice of selling text links. Here is a quotation:

Last week, I noticed the Stanford Daily had dropped from when I wrote the above in April to PR7 today. That’s a huge drop that has no apparent reason to happen. Some others were also reporting PageRank drops. So I pinged Google, and they confirmed that PageRank scores are being lowered for some sites that sell links.

In addition, Google said that some sites that are selling links may indeed end up being dropped from its search engine or have penalties attached, to prevent them from ranking well.

It looks like there might be a PageRank update going on as well, and several sites that used to sell text link ads experienced a drop in PR (e.g., Entrepreneurs-Journey).

Personally I will follow Google’s guidelines on paid links. I might not agree with their policy completely, but I really do not feel in the position to risk getting penalized.

I am also starting to consider if my 125×125 sponsor ads should have the “nofollow” tag or not. But for the moment I will not change it since Search Engine Land itself and several other high profile blogs have the same setup.

Do you plan to keep selling text links on your website?

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94 Responses to “No More Text Link Ads and Paid Links?”

  • Nad

    Those who are living in USA must sue googles as someone did it with Microsoft. Google practices are not clean as many thinks. I was running google adsense and stopped money even I did not violate their policy. It happened to many others if you invetigate on the net. If I would be in USA, I had sued them and asked them to prove if I violated the policy.

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  • sam

    THIS Is the topic -which still has no final verrdict. we see sites withTLA as high as PR6 and going good. where as we also see sites with TLA showing N/A on google and delisted/ so there is no such final verdict as such. if omeone has got a sure shot answer– let me know

  • Boerne Search

    I always find out about this way too late. Wonder why?

  • Armand

    I guess it doesn’t matter as long as we keep the no-follow tags. But the advertisers won’t put their ads to those who have blogs with no-follow tags.

    However, I guess the most important thing to consider is optimizing the PR and traffic of your blogs, once you have the lucky number, then you’ll have the chance to try different types of advertisements or even sell direct ads 😉

  • Off Page Seo

    It’s very difficult being competitive without buying links, the competition have already bought loads.

  • fornetti

    I do not believe this

  • Tom

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  • Autoresponder Designer

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