Open Discussion: What is Your Favorite Web Hosting?

By Daniel Scocco

Like it or not, web hosting is a vital part of any website. Reliable and fast hosting will give your readers a much better user experience, and they will be more likely to return in the future. Slow hosting with frequent downtimes, on the other hand, will not only annoy your visitors, but it might also harm your search engine rankings over the long term.

In the past I have already written about how to choose a good web hosting, and personally I believe that bandwidth, disk space and price are secondary factors.

Why? Well, it is very hard to burn even 20G monthly with a blog, so you are just kidding yourself if you think you will make a great deal by purchasing a hosting plan with 3 Terabytes of monthly transfer allowed. The same point applies to disk space.

In reality choosing a plan that offers such huge bandwidth and disk space limits is usually a bad idea per se. That is because in order to be able to offer that, a web hosting needs to jam hundreds if not thousands of sites on a single server. And when you do that you can say goodbye to reliability.

I have already been a client of many different companies, and here is my feedback:

GoDaddy: It was my first hosting company. I was a total beginner, so I had no clue what I was looking for, and the prices seemed pretty good. Needless to say that as soon as I started learning the stuff I realized that their plans sucked. I still use GoDaddy as a domain registrar, but I would stay away from their hosting services.

Yahoo!: After leaving GoDaddy I decided to give Yahoo! a try. They have a big name on the Internet, so I was expecting to find good stuff, which I did partially. The server speed and reliability are pretty good at Yahoo!, in fact one of my sites is still hosted there, and over a period of almost two years I never had any major problem. I said partially, though, because they operate with Windows machines, and that is a big limitation after you discover the wonders of the Linux world. (Update: Yahoo! migrated to Linux and Apache servers, so do not consider this last point)

Dreamhost: As soon as I started creating more sites I thought that I needed an account on a hosting with unlimited domains, huge bandwidth and huge disk space. Dreamhost was offering that for $7 a month, so I didn’t even blink before signing with them. Unfortunately this turned out to be an awful deal. Daily Blog Tips was hosted there on the beginning, but after a couple of months I was forced to move out. The servers were terribly slow, and downtimes would happen every other day.

A Small Orange: When I moved Daily Blog Tips out of Dreamhost I decided to go with ASO. I had heard pretty good stuff from friends that were hosted there, and they were not overselling. The first months went pretty smoothly. Their servers are very fast and customer support is good. After some time, however, I started to get frequent downtimes, and at times my site would start displaying blank pages. I used to recommend ASO to a lot of people, not anymore though. For the last four months I have been trying to solve these problems, but without any success. If things keep at this pace I might need to move Daily Blog Tips again soon.

Doreo: Well Doreo is my sponsor, so I don’t want to sound biased, but I decided to propose a sponsorship deal to them only after I was client. When I opened Daily Writing Tips I decided to try them, and the reliability was amazing. The blog has been hosted there for over 8 months, and I think it had some 20 minutes of downtime over that period. A confirmation that I really like them is the fact that I decided to go with them even for Daily Bits, my newest blog. Combined these two blogs have been on the Digg front page seven times already, and the servers managed it quite smoothly. In order to be impartial, I must say that Doreo also has some limitations, like only one SQL database per account and the inability to run some scripts at server level. So far they have not affected me though.

Anyway these are my personal opinions, and this blog is democratic. What is your favorite web hosting and why? Did you have a bad experience with any company in the past? Speak your mind!


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  • What Sells Online!

    I’ve been using for quite a while now, and find it relatively fine. They seem to be very marketing oriented, in a loud way, but I guess that’s how they differentiate themselves. Thus far, I’ve not experienced any downtime with them. Their rates seem reasonable, as compared to Yahoo!, but I’ve not really checked out other hosts either.

    Doreo’s website look professional, and I would certainly check them out in the future. Another two that I’ve come across are BlueHost – promoted in WordPress, and, promoted on Fortune magazine.

    Has anyone used these? How are they like?


  • Daniel

    Samatha, I never used them personally but I have friends that had, and both BlueHost and 1and1 seem like oversellers to me.

    One that I think should be good apart from the ones I mentioned is MidPhase.

  • Matej

    I’m with midPhase. It’s my first hosting company. I don’t have much experience with hosting companies so I don’t know how to rate them.

    My site was down once for one whole day because of CPU Memory – I had around 20 000 page views that day.

    I’m not sure, but what’s overall traffic limit for shared hosts? If my traffic is around 15 000 daily, do I need VPS or I can stay on shared hosting.

  • Ben

    I use Midphase and they are very reliable and fairly inexpensive.

  • Daniel

    Matej, did they block you because you used too much CPU?

    That shouldn’t happen with 20k page views on a day. I score around 100k already and the hosting did nothing about it.

    Make sure you are not running any weird scripts or plugins that make too many server requests burning the CPU usage.

  • Kathy

    I use BlueHost and I’m a little disappointed. I picked them because they were first listed on the suggested hosts (I believe). My site has suffered three downtimes since December. Two of them lasted just minutes, but one of them lasted hours!

  • Deborah

    I have to toot my own horn here, as a rule I do not usually do that but the problems I have seen throughout the web hosting biz in the past weeks are unbelievable! I own Garlic D’zign. A web hosting co. in Florida. Small but I run a tight ship. No middle person, I am it. And I at times will create hosting accounts to suit whatever needs a person has. I lean toward the blogging community and work close with other bloggers. At the moment if you visit my site you will see a reconstruction lol. Thats because I just released (about to) my new CMS application that the site is running off now. Anyway your right about he ones you mentioned above. I do not try to be the biggest hosting company. I want to give that personal attendance to people. Hosting company’s crowd servers and that causes problems. Well thats mine in a short!

  • Matej

    Yes, it was because I used too much of CPU. I’m sharing it with other and I passed my limit – that’s how they explained.

    I installed Adsense Deluxe plugin that day.
    They told me that this could be a reason but most likely it was because of traffic ( and then they suggested me VPS for 50$/month lol).

    Anyway, I removed Deluxe plugin and my blog was online next day when traffic returned to normal 5k-8k page views.
    Now, I’m running only 7 plugins like Askimet, subscribe to comment, enforce www …. simple ones

    But I can’t afford this to happen anymore because my blog is in niche where I can get 10x more traffic in one day, but the next day it returns to normal.

    Maybe I should talk with them to see what I can expect in future when it happens again?

  • Tejvan Pettinger

    Good question, Daniel,

    I have accounts with host i can and dreamhost, assuming their promises would solve my hosting requirements. Upto now, the service has mainly been fine, but I wonder what would happen if I got on digg home page.

    in UK I have used who are quite good.

    I have to say I’m tempted by doreo

  • Daniel

    CPU limits with 20k pageviews sounds exaggerated to me. Definitely talk with them.

    Also, I hate the fact that most companies will will shut your site down instead of sending you a warming via email when things are getting hot.

  • Tejvan Pettinger

    Agreed its a pain not to get an email warning. Host i Can once temporarily said I was using too much bandwidth on a normal traffic day and shut blog down. The blog was only down for 10 mins, but it caused me to lose confidence

  • PChere

    We are on Dreamhost and with no complains. However, any shared hosting messes up your account if you have spiked Digg-y traffic, as it creates problems for other users on the server.

  • Daniel

    PChere, I have had Digg front pages both on ASO and Doreo, and they hold the traffic without problems.

    My opinion is the opposite in fact, any shared web hosting worth its salt should not have problems with Digg.

    Last time I was there I burned something 60G of bandwidth in 24 hours, and the blog was not even using cache plugins.

  • Peter Knight

    I didn’t have anything on the ‘net until ten days ago – just my domain, Registered and Parked at network Solutions for twelve years (!). Ten days ago I began setting it all up and chose Tiger Technologies which is turning out very well. I have my WordPress blog there as well. I have to learn a lot about all this but both have been very helpful to this total ignoramus.

  • Gabriel Topala

    Hi Daily Blog Tips,

    Yahoo!: ….. they operate with Windows machines, and that is a big limitation after you discover the wonders of the Linux world.

    What do you mean by “they operate with Windows machines”?

    My domain is hosted on Yahoo!
    Netcraft says that is running FreeBSD, not Windows.

  • Deceth

    I use Ipower. They go through periods of being an excellent host, to periods of being quite unreliable for those using databases. The price is right though, but I may have to move once my sites grow if they don’t get their downtime for databases under control.

  • Daniel

    Gabriel, yeah looks like my information is outdated, apparently they are running on Apache now.

    That is a good thing, because back in the day I was not even able to use a .htaccess file on my site.

    I will update the post.

  • Tom Johnson

    I use BlueHost — they have excellent live chat support at virtually any hour of the day.

  • Kevin

    I didn’t like godaddy because I couldn’t get rid of some radom html code that showed up at the end of my page. I’m assuming it was some sort of stats or tracking they added to my page.

    I tried Host Monster in the past and was kicked out because [i think] someone hacked one of my pop accounts and started sending spam. It is what it is, but I was very unhappy with the way they handled it. I tried to get a real explanation from them and they claim they are unable to tell me which email account it was or which domain it was under.

    I’m currently using Blue Host and they’ve been ok. They rely too heavily on email auto responders for their support tickets. It took 4 tries to fax them my photo ID before they’d turn on SSH access. So far, they’re just “ok”.

  • Dan Wolfgang

    Matej/Daniel: I’m sure you aren’t being suspended for 20k visitors. The host doesn’t care how many visitors you’ve got, it the resource drain it is causing that is the problem. It’s entirely possible that a site with 20k visitors could be using much more CPU/memory than a site getting 200k users. Without knowing anything about your site it’s hard to say “that’s the culprit!” but some tools and techniques are much more resource intensive than others.

    I’m using Media Temple:

  • Low

    I will not trust any hosting companies recommended by WordPress except perhaps HostICan because a big blogger personally recommended them.

    I’m at Dreamhost and they’re very slow. I wanted to sign up to AnHosting but their payment methods are just primitive. I also tried to signed up to BlueHost but failed in the last seconds (i lost confidence). I found LunarPages and found their VPS plan meet my client requirements, but then my IP and visitors from my geographical area blocked to their sign up page (so stupid!). Oh, i can’t sign up to 1and1 either because they don’t accept registrations from my country. I don’t trust hosting resellers from my country either because i experienced of losing a domain to them (they didn’t let me transfer to GoDaddy).

    To be honest, 2 days ago I was going to purchase a plan in HostGator (just because they’re not at WordPress recommended hosting list) but seeing they are already hosted 700k domains just reminds me to Dreamhost (600k +) and like Daniel say those overseller hosting companies.

    I plan to give Hostican a try (their tera shared plan seems a good deal and heard that their support is solid!) and Like Tejvan, i am now tempted to Doreo. Is DailyBlogTips runs on Doreo shared server? It’s cool then, your blog loads quite fast from my browser.

  • Eric Atkins

    Media Temple at

    I’ve evaluated all the hosts you mentioned and have found that (mt) is the best for performance and cost. I’ve got 3 (Grid Servers) with them and have been very pleased – especially when the sites get linked on DIGG or the NYTimes. In fact, it almost seems that the more traffic I get the faster the sites perform. This is due to the way the Grid works.

    * 100 GBs of premium storage
    * 1 TB of short-path bandwidth
    * 100 unique sites / alternate domains
    * 64MB Ruby/Mongrel container
    * 100 databases
    * 1,000 email addresses

    That plan is $20/month. Enter a discount code and you can get it at $15/month.

    I can purchase MySQL containers on the fly to give me more dedicated RAM for my databases. I can switch between PHP4 and 5 on the fly as well as edit the php.ini files.

    I am trilled with the price, the administrative freedom I have, and the performance.

  • Joshua Clanton – Design for the WEB

    I use a Media Temple grid server to host my blog and some other sites, and have never had any problems with it. Their one-click installs of WordPress and Drupal are great time-savers.

  • Melodee

    I use Network Solutions and I have been completely happy with them. Their customer service is awesome! And setting up my blog with WordPress was a breeze.

  • Mike Panic

    I’ve been hosting sites since late 1999 and have used more than 20 different hosts, can’t remember them all. Been burned a few times by deals I found on that rolled up and closed 2 months later, had great deals with great customer service companies that were bought by larger companies and went to crap, and had some rock solid ones.

    All my sites, along with a few I host for friends are on Dreamhost now. I make enough in referrals from them each year to get virtually free hosting, have had zero speed issues and only about 90 minutes of downtime so far – and when a trouble ticket was sent in I got a real, not canned response within 10 minutes. Currently hosting 9 sites with them, about to launch two more, no complaints, at all.

    I used, also called prohosters and carpathia for about 7 years for one of my sites. Rock solid, affordable ($50/year) and live tech support. My problem with them was only one domain could be hosted, one MySQL table and limited email. Additionally, I had a very serious spam issue with them and they wanted me to pay $15/month for “premium” spam filtering and wouldn’t give me root access to install the open source, free stuff I wanted to to fix my problem. is another lesser known but rock solid company with amazing tech support that I have used in the past.

  • felix

    I’ve had good experiences with LiquidWeb – been using them with some clients for a couple years now and very few problems. Ones that have arisen, whether my fault or theirs, have been handled quickly and easily. I haven’t tried their shared hosting, but can definitely recommend their dedicated server offering!

  • Natalie

    I’ve been very happy with Site5. They also offer one-click installation of WordPress.

  • Nancy

    I currently use because they have 1) great customer service; and 2) excellent pricing on their reseller accounts.

    However, I just set up one of my clients with because of the sustainability factor. All of Greenesthost servers are powered by solar energy–so as a consumer, you are adding ZERO to emission problems.

    I am in the process of transferring all of my domains to because I believe that we are all responsible for helping in whatever way possible to move to sustainable energy solutions.

  • cchrissyy

    I use hostgator and I’m asking a question bravely here, because I need the answer but I know it may be elementary to some of you.

    Where can I find my uptime statistics? I’m sorry to say I can’t say offhand how many times it’s been down and how long each time, and I know I need to know that. Of course I expect it’s in the cpanel but I never can find it. Thanks in advance!

  • redwall_hp

    Currently, I’m mainly on 1and1. Some people claim to have horrible nightmares with 1and1’s service (a la Dreamhost), but I’ve not so far in the two years I’ve been with them. There have been a couple of downtimes of a few minutes, but nothing too bad (I’ve survived a StumbleUpon spike, but I haven’t hit the Digg front page yet). If I start to max-out my plan in the future (when, not if…), I’ll probably move to Media Temple. Their plans are pricey, but are well worth it. I know a couple people who use them, and everyone who uses them totally raves about the service. There were plenty of complaints a few years ago, during their transition from shared hosting to grid-based service, but they seem to have fixed most of their bugs.

  • Carol

    I have been using for over 5 years and have not had a problems with. They have online chat support and 24/7 phone support.

    They have recently started marketing to the novice user with a web site builder program and 1 button install for WordPress. (Nice for the Computer Illiterate or newbies who want to get a site up and going quickly.)

  • NasirJumani

    I am a new kid to blogging and thats why do not have any prior experience with webhosts. Now I am using my first web hosting service named tophostingcenter after winning a 1year free domain and hosting from them. I am using thier service since 20th of november and can say that It is the best web host I can get. When my hosting period ends on 20th nov 2008, I will surely buy paid hosting from them.

  • bhavesh

    Hey Denial
    That’s great post to share your hosting experience, it will be very helpful to beginner bloggers and those bloggers who are facing hosting problems.

    Now I share my hosting experience:

    I had started blog for just learning & experimental use, That time I don’t know much about hosting. even I hadn’t know about domain parking.
    I think it would be better to purchase hosting package from local company from my city. They give me 100 MB Space, 5 GB bandwidth, 2 Email, 1 MySql, 1 Domain Parking at 125$ USD
    They promise me that your site can handle huge traffic without any downtime, they are using dedicated server from ThePlanet, with having over 2000 sites on 1 server, It have average speed with lots of down time, I think they don’t know to manage server correctly.
    After optimizing SEO, My Blog started to receive lots of traffic from Google and Yahoo. Because of heavy traffic, they started suspend my account frequently, My blog was hosted on their server for 2 months, then i tiered to downtime and account suspend problem. But I learned many thing on that 2 months experience. I think, I Now I don’t need any technical support in future, then I think to change my host.

    I was looking for a good host which can handle more traffic with good speed, more bandwidth and reliability. I started to surf web hosting reviews on review site and forums, There are 4 companies suitable for my hosting needs.
    1. BlueHost
    2. HostMonstor
    3. DreamHost
    4. Hostgator

    I was finding best platform to host wordpress, After read many reviews on website, BlueHost reviews are allover perfect, then I show BlueHost on WordPress official website, WordPress’s 1st Recommendation is BlueHost, Then I find one friend who is hosted with BlueHost, I ask him about BlueHost speed and reliability, he told me that he had Fantastic Expriance with BlueHost, he does’t have any downtime for last 1 year, and he is also runing wordpress
    after getting good review, I decided to switch host to BlueHost.

    I register with new domain (free) and pay thought Credit Card, My account was instantly activated, Signup process was very easy as we create E-Mail Account on Yahoo. I pay charge for 12 Months. They provide me 300 GB disk space, and 300 GB Bandwidth, its enough for my blog, 2 months ago i was facing “Over CPU Usage” problem, bluehost was stopped my account for some time (10 Minutes), But now they upgrade their server, they are using same grid server technology like mediatemple. My blog have daily 25K page views on my popular blog

    Overall BlueHost is excellent choice, Its using CPanel 11 with Lots of extra futures using AJAX, Its No. 1 Host in many review sites.
    Service is same like VPS, If you have heavy traffic blog (under 35-40K Page views) you don’t need VPS, Just signup with BlueHost and express your self.

  • Dan Cole

    Another options some of us can go with is self-hosting. I converted a old computer into a Linux server. The operating system I picked manages my network, updates, and hosting abilities. I also have a second computer that can be switch over to a web server if I run into server problems and I have a friend with his own quad-core server if I need to balance traffic loads from my server or redirect my traffic if I’m having network problems. To note, I’m never had server problems and rarely have internet down time.

    This self-hosting can seam complicated or risky, but I manage it all with a click a one button and a simple form. As for riskiness, I’ve set up a simple, but effective system to keep my website up. The servers are free hand-me-downs, but run faster than the average persons computer. All I have to pay for is electricity and internet access (which I need anyway). A big benefit is, is that I will never ban me for using too much CPU or whatever.

  • Daniel

    @cchrissy, most hosting companies will not tell you their uptime in general, let alone specifically for your website.

    You need to have an external party service to monitor that. My favorite one is, but there are other ones available (even free ones).

  • How To Tutorials

    Daniel, It is high time you switch hosts. I noticed that your blog has been down for almost half an hour now.

    I’ve been w/ DreamHost since June 2006 and experienced nothing but fantastic and excellent service.

    Here’s some info on how one can get max. possible discount at DreamHost:

  • Jeba

    I was with hostingzoom and recently moved to Dreamhost. Dreamhost seems pretty fine to me.. Till now not much complaints.. Well to be precise no company can guarantee you a 24/7, 365 days uptime!! Practically it is impossible..

    Well if take even big sites like even youtube was down for sometime earlier.. 😉

  • Graham Smith

    Interesting and useful post, again guys!

    I have not had any bad experiences per sai, but not great. Up and till Christmas I was with 123-reg, a long time customer, but jaded with the service. Especially the tech support, which I remember I seemed to be needing to access quite a lot, especially to do with email.

    I am all for good user experiences, and 123-Reg in my mind sucked. The website is just awful, even now on Firefox, the layout breaks which really does not do overall impressions any good.

    Over christmas a friend recommended a relatively unknown hosting company, at least to me anyway.

    York Networks in England, Im from England by the way. I haven’t look back since. I can assure you that I don’t get any payment for being so enthused about them, I am genuinely so pleased with how things have turned out, and to not be a HUGE name in HOsting, at least compared to BlueHost and DreamHost, the fact that they offer such personal and attentive service is invaluable if you are basing your career on their services.

    I can categorically say they have helped me enormously over the last month whilst I moved all my services to them. Set up new domains and more importantly, they hold your hand during aspects that may be unfamiliar to you.

    Although I haven’t once called them on the phone, I Know my detailed emails WILL be replied to with equally detailed responses. I use these as references as some of the answers are just beyond me understanding. 🙂

    At this point I made the choice to go with WordPress. The help that they gave me, and still do is just incredible. Very detailed walk through emails when I am struggling with some particular aspect of PHP of MySQL. I just wouldn’t be so advanced in my progression had it of been with 123-Reg. Part of the reason why it has taken me so long in the first place.

    It is rare to get this with larger companies, so personal. And because it is, they know where I am at any one point, they are now very familiar with my needs and level of expertise.

    Maybe this sounds like a blatant plug, it is and it isn’t. It’s just rare to find such awesome service amongst all the big names. You may not get all the freebies that you seem to get with some of the other services, but who cares. I have a reliable and decent hosting plan.

    No problems yet. Even when I had a issue with the fact that they did not have mod_rewrite, they adapted a plugin and filter to enable me to have ‘fully friendly permalinks’ with my WordPress Blog… now whats what I call service.

    So no problems leaving 123-Reg at all.

    Hope this helps.

    “On: Creativity within Life”

  • How To Tutorials

    Stay away from MidPhase/AnHosting. I was not informed that database server was being worked upon and that I should back up (a lesson learnt the hard way) and I lost many valuable blog posts.


    A great free web site monitoring service is

  • Madhur Kapoor

    I prefer Bluehost . Its been doing well for me.

  • Matej

    I have for monitoring my site, which I got for free ( thanks to Daniel for mentioning when they were offering 1000 Free Accounts 🙂 )

    @Dan Wolfgang

    I would agree with you and Daniel but that’s how they explained me, here are exact words:

    “20,000 views a day on a wordpress blog with the delux plugin is a lot.. way more than a shared server can handle. 🙁 25% CPU usage is way more than average…… it could just be general traffic”

    I really don’t know what caused such CPU growth…. I’m not running anything unusual on my blog. Anyway, I will talk with them before new tv season starts.

  • Øyvind

    I used Domain Maniac, my (and my family’s) domain were down several months and they didn’t let me transfer my domain. I had to buy a new one. Last week a great registrar helped me and managed to force them to let my domain go. They made me decide that I will never buy (or use for free) hosting in US.

  • theWild1

    I like hostmonster. It has great support and it is the one I use.

  • Nick

    I’ve been with Hostgator these last few months and must say: “WOW”. uptime has been 100%, interface is easy, support is great.
    +1 for Hostgator. 😉

  • PJ

    I’ve been around the houses with my hosting over the past few years. I started off with, who were actually not too bad.

    Then I decided that I didn’t need to pay so much for a basic web host, so I transferred to who offered free hosting after a $5 fee.

    After some time my blog started to exceed the constraints of the free package, but I wasn’t happy with the company’s general level of support so I switched to They seemed to be a great company in many ways but I didn’t like the fact that they wouldn’t allow you to host more than one domain per account, so I moved to my current host, Hostgator, with whom I’m very happy so far.

  • Michael Aulia

    Lunarpages FTW! Have been with them for more than 4 years and had signed up about 5 web sites
    Put a review about them weeks ago here

  • girlrobot

    I’ve been using jet net hosting for a little over a year now (on 2 sites) and i must say their customer service is so great! i’ve had little downtime and the minute i have any problems, they are willing to work with me ASAP to fix it. totally recommend them!

  • David Zemens – 1955 Design

    I use goDaddy for my registrations, but opt to use HostGator for my hosting. They have proven to be cost effective, reliable and have *terrific* customer service – usually instantaneous.

  • Armen

    Ah…the never ending debate.

    Although I’ve had one or two very brief issues with midPhase, overall I call honestly recommend them. They are very quick to respond, and extremely friendly, which is a rare.

    I’ve been testing MediaTemple for a few months, and I haven’t been overly impressed. They are ok, but I’m just not sure their grid-server is all it’s cracked up to be.

    I used to be able to recommend IXWebHosting, but not now. I’ve completely severed the account I had with them.

    On another note, I’d just like to say your site, Daniel, is a real credit to your hosting. It’s the fastest loading WordPress blog I visit, and I visit quite a few.

  • Armen

    Note – The above comment is a real testimony to what happens when you type and watch TV at the same time!

  • Ritu

    I have used Media Temple before and am planning to use it again. They have provided me with the best web hosting services!

  • Chris Thomson

    I host with (mt) Media Temple. I use one their (gs) Grid-Service. I’ve been very happy with them. I get 1TB of bandwidth and 100GB of storage. I can understand I obviously don’t need 100GB of storage and 1TB of bandwidth for a simple blog, but it’s always nice to be able to put out a 5MB file, to 10,000 people in a day (like the Digg effect), and not having to worry.

    I had a really bad experience with 1and1 web hosting. Lots of DB latency, which completely crashed my WordPress site, and 1and1 assured me, that it was the content trying to be displayed. It wasn’t, I didn’t change the DB pulls at all! That’s just one thing. Trust me, there’s many more reasons why not to use 1and1 for web services.

  • The Net Analyst

    What is a reasonable price to pay for a decent hosting service?

    I was just experimenting with my first website when I set up an account with for 12 bucks a year, but my site goes down for 15-20 minutes here and there in addition to a server crash several months ago that took 24 hours to fix.

    Their online help is good and a little down time for extremely cheap hosting is worth it for me since I only get a few hundred hits per day. I also get 10 gigs of bandwidth per month and you can get unlimited bandwidth and host multiple websites for a few more bucks.

  • Ravi

    Gotta echo Chris here, 1and1 convert to MediaTemple.

    I started way back when with GoDaddy’s simple 3 years of free hosting package, and added a paid year after that was up — that was one painful year. More than anything, the fact that databases aren’t stored on the same server meant lots of latency in apps like WordPress that are dependent on a database.

    I switched over to MediaTemple a few months back, and I’m pretty happy with them. Now I get 100 databases instead of 1, and the grid-server appears more reliable. Also, the support is fantastic — I get a person on the line within 30 seconds when I call MT, but when I called 1&1 to cancel, they put me on hold for 27 mins before I talked to a retention specialiast — not exactly an ideal experience when you’re going to want to convince me to stay.

    Anyhow, I’m a MediaTemple-hosted, GoDaddy-domains, kind of guy. Looking at Mosso for my web design side business (hosting client sites), anyone got anything to say either way about them?

  • bhavesh

    Hey Denial,
    Please Request all commenter to provide following details about their sites:

    Daily page views or visitors,
    How Much sites hosted in account?
    Script or blog platform (like wordpress, typepad or other)
    Hosting Prices

    Many commenters here have good experience with their hosting companies, my be they have lower traffic then others, because of low traffic, they don’t facing any server problem.

    Hosting experience is depend on site traffic, So its very important to know site traffic before know their hosting experience.


  • bhavesh

    I rate following companies after read their reviews and experience on some.

    Choose Following following Shared Hosting:
    1. MediaTemple: (Below 80-100K PageViews) 20$ USD/PM (Experienced)
    2. BlueHost: (Below 35-40K Daily pageviews) 7$ USD/PM (Experienced)
    3. DreamHost: (Below 30-35K Daily pageviews) 7$ USD/PM (Never Used)

    Choose VPS or Dedicated server if you have over 100K pageviews Daily
    I don’t have any experience about VPS
    For Cheap & Reliable Dedicated hosting
    1. LayeredTech (LayeredNOW Servers Under 90$ USD)
    2. ThePlanet (Under 90$ USD)
    3. MediaTemple (Virtual Dedicated Under 50$ USD)
    4. Mosso (RackSpace Company offering same service as MediaTemple Grid Server, Costly but reliable)

    If you are looking premium hosting with ultra high traffic and don’t care about $$$ then go for following:

    1. (Major Portals Under 500 Alexa rank are hosted on RackSpace)
    2. LayeredTech
    3. Peer1

  • Daniel

    Good stuff bhavesh. And yeah the traffic plays a major role on the final reliability of the server.

  • shy guy

    I just like using hosting that related to my country..
    Why ??? Coz it easy for me to communicate with provider…

    I only using pay hosting for my personal blog that using my language..

  • Anthony Lawrence

    Well, this is very much on my mind right now.

    I’ve been with Peer 1 for many years now (well, they bought out the folks I started with but as far as I’m concerned I’ve been with the same people since 1997).

    I tried oneandone a couple years back, was not pleased.

    Recently, I’m actually thinking about bringing it in house: see

  • Justilie

    I have been using for about a year now. Amazing customer support and reliability. They are not the cheapest – yet you get what you pay for.

  • No0b

    I used Network Solutions successfully for 3-years, but I do think they are overpriced. I never had any downtime nor did they seem to have sluggish server issues. It has been a while since I used them, but I was not impressed with their tech support, but that could be simply because I didn’t really understand all the “techie” stuff.

    Thanks to competition, there are lots of hosting services throwing in “extras”. I am looking for the biggest bang for my buck. I love the extries!

    Does anyone have experience with WebsitePalace or Site Build It? My biggest needs are ability to handle high-traffic, run scripts and user-friendliness for “non-techie” types such as myself.

  • Katy

    I have I’m Blogging That with ASO right now. Just moved it over there a couple of weeks ago and have noticed a HUGE difference. Recently, I’ve had big traffic surges (not digg worthy but big enough for me) and they’ve handled it well.

    I don’t like that they do not have a support phone number. However, they are very quick to answer e-mails and the support forum is helpful as well.

    All together, right now, I’d recommend them (and have). Over the long term though time will tell. My site has got to stay up and my e-mail has to be problem free.

  • Abhinav Sonkar

    I have hosted my website with FutureQuest and have been very happy with their services. They are by no means an overseller, in fact they are a bit on expensive side, but are very reliable.

  • Curtis

    I just purchased a package with ASO. I have known several bloggers that recommend them.

  • Money Never Sleeps

    Hi…nice post…I am cheap so I still use BLOGGER…but at least I still have a custom domain name!

  • Bonnie

    What a great post. I am always looking for new hosts because you never know when you might want to change.

    I also found Bluehost disappointing. I haven’t had much downtime but I have more little things go wrong with my wordpress blogs on that host than anywhere else I’ve used. I don’t think it’s me as I do most of the same things on all my blogs.

    I really like Lunarpages the best. I have really good uptime with them and they are very responsive if I have a problem. Also, I don’t seem to run into any of the wordpress glitches that I do with the bluehost accounts!

  • Tee

    I find your sites to be credible and extremely informative, and that is the only reason you have me thinking twice about godaddy, because I love their services. Please explain why their hosting didn’t work for you and how long ago did you try them for hosting. I have only had small one page sites until now (currently designing a more elaborate project), so i’m wondering specifically what I should be concerned about. What is the pricing of the plans only? If this was any other site (accept maybe Seth Godin’s) I wouldn’t even heed the warning, but as I said, your sites are really top notch and on the ball as far as info, so…

  • Sandra

    I’ve been with Hostgator for several years and they are the best. Great customer service, very responsive by email and telephone 24/7. I’ve used several other hosts and HG is my favorite.

  • Eric Atkins

    I promoted (mt) in an earlier comment. I saw that HostGator is getting some mention in the comments.

    I have one account with HostGator. Their price/performance is very good in general.

    However, I have one big problem with HostGator and I don’t recommend them to any blogger or website owner that expects major traffic bursts.

    I had several sites with HostGator that made the frontpage of Digg and other high traffic websites. Some sites would not handle the load. (Ok, that may have been partially my fault due to the PHP files that I was running — although those same files haven’t gone down with Media Temple).

    The problem I have with HostGator is that they would not work with me on upgrading my plan.

    My sites were offline for a few days because I was out of bandwidth. HostGator would not sell me more bandwidth for my existing account. They wanted to upgrade me to an expensive $70+ per month semi-dedicated hosting plan.

    I was very unhappy that they would not allot the extra bandwidth. They knew this was burst traffic that would have gone away in a few days.

    Still, I kept my account with them because the price was so cheap and I like the extra bandwidth. But I quickly moves the sites to Media Temple where they’ve lived happily ever after.

    I don’t recommend HostGator to anyone that expects to get on DIGG or other major social networking sites.

  • Anthony Lawrence

    I think you guys jinxed me 🙂

    I haven’t had any problems for years and years: Hostpro -> Interland -> (buyouts) and server uptime just kept chugging along.

    This morning I’ve been down over two hours and they can’t even tell me why yet..

  • Julian

    I currently have a few servers at LiquidWeb and they are great. They usually answer the phone within a couple rings 24/7.

  • Jacob Cass

    I have just had downtime with and they terminated my account for using too much CPU power. You can see the post here:
    and then I did a bit of research on and they have caused a bit of trouble since then (I have also done a blog post on that today) found here:
    I have heard a lot of times that is very good – I believe I will go there next if Solid Internet lets me down again.

  • Jon Phillips

    Media Temple, hands down! 🙂
    Their GS plan proved to be very reliable (compared to other hosting companies I’ve tried before).

  • Justin

    I use yellowfiber there amazing awesome dedicated servers and great support

  • Joanne

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I remember how difficult it was for me to choose a webhost last year when I decided to self-host a wp blog. Asking for recommendations made the choices even more difficult, haha. At first, I was leaning towards BlueHost b/c WP recommended it and as a newb, I seriously didn’t know any better…

    In the end, I decided with SITEGROUND, a recommendation by a friend whose blog is roughly the same size/traffic as mine and who reported very little downtime. Pretty happy with it.

    There are def. better webhosts, I’m sure, but I think it’s important to consider one’s blog size/needs in a tradeoff with paying the $$ for self-hosting.

  • BigAl

    I have been using Host Monster for nearly a year. Loved the availability of the support staff…always got someone knowledgeable on the phone and in a reasonably amount of time.

    What I don’t like is that they just terminated my account for having a Phising Site.

    Of course I didn’t put a phishing site up. Host Monsters servers and my Domain were hacked.

    My account was suspened twice before they terminated my account. I had to ask them where the suspect file or files were…they didn’t seem like they were going to volunteer any other information.

    Both times I deleted the files that they told me about, I even dug around and deleted additional suspect directories and files.

    The third time it was terminated. What I ended up finding th third time was a new directory named US.b which did in fact contain files for a phishing site for US Bank customers. (this all took place within a two week period).

    This directory was not there the last time (2nd suspension) I had checked.

    To make things worse the US.B directory wasn’t even in the domain that Host Monster support had said it was in…it was in the root.

    My concerns are that I had pre-paid for a two year hosting account, the account was terminated just shy of the first year. I do not believe the I will be getting a refund for the unused 14+ months of hosting.

    And I have to wonder if this is truly my fault (as it was implied by Host Monster). What about Host Monsters responsibilities? Do they offer any protection from being hacked? Is it truly my fault that my domain was somehow targeted? I do not have the resources at home to detect Phishing sites, or Trojans on Host Monsters servers.

    I had 9 active domains hosted and now I’ve lost over a weeks worth of email, and web presence

  • Brian

    I am very happy with hosting my wordpress blog at the moment. I have never experienced downtime or a server crash. Their Fantastico plugin is perfect to set up and manage different applications on the fly.

  • slimetoner @

    On your favorite shared hosting, say we put up a website like youtube.
    Upload a single, one and only, 20mb video.
    Let’s disregard uploads.

    QUESTION (without abusing or “using too much much cpu”)
    1) what web hosting?
    2) how many people can view the video at the same time?
    3) how many people can view the video each month?

    i know that dedicated hosting is more suitable, but
    is there any shared web hosting where we can put that kind of website without running into any “too much cpu”, “abuse”, or other similar problems.

    – slimetoner @

  • Mordock

    it was so tormented and painfull.

    ultrasurge terminated my account without giving me any prior notice and not responded to any of my emails and not given my money back. they are very secrate about their contact details you will never find their phone number.

    I requested them that they can remove all my site contents immediatly until I found and fix the problem and they can terminate my site if it repeats but they never responded.

    I lived all my life with rules and principles; they said my site violates termes and conditions but they did not give me proper reason or time to fix it.

    my web site has simple plain HTML and some downloadable files.
    No ads on my site; no commercial or explisit materials, no security breaches and no PHP or CGI scripts.

    I guess(I may be totally wrong), they advertise lot of bandwidth for cheaper rates and they expect you don’t use it. when your site becomes populor then they simply terminates it without giving proper reason or money back so that they can sell the band width to some one else.

    I can guess many people might have similar experience with them.

    If some know them, please post their “genuineness” so that atleast I feel happy that they might have a valid reason to terminate my account.

  • odtaa

    Bluehost do not have proper backups. A friend of mine asked for help after his WordPress blog was virtually destroyed by comment spam – 1.5 million words 45,000 lines of spam.

    He was new to blogging and had not activated Askimet or updated WordPress.

    Bluehost only backup the the site once a month and they overwrite the same type.

    As opposed to Doreo who have an amazing backup regime, which I used once to restore a website where I had accidently overwritten a theme I was developing. The support staff were very helpful.

  • Bryan Hee

    Hostgator is my first choice! Hostgator provides the following benefits!

    1) UNLIMITED Disk Space
    2) UNLIMITED Bandwidth
    3) Host UNLIMITED Websites
    4) FREE Instant Setup
    5) 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    6) 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
    7) CGI, PHP 5, RoR, Perl
    9) FREE Site Builder
    10) cPanel Hosting (Fantastico-Install wordpress Blogs)
    11) 24/7/365 Upgraded Support
    12) No Contracts or Hidden Fees
    and much more!

    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

    Register Hosting Account Now for Only $0.01for the First Month for a Limited Time only!

  • Vishal

    I have been using Ipower web hosting successfully for nearly a year. They have excellent 24/7 support. I am pretty much satisfied with Ipower hosting.

  • Bob

    I use and so far I’m very happy with the service and price.

  • medyum

    To be honest, 2 days ago I was going to purchase a plan in HostGator (just because they’re not at WordPress recommended hosting list) but seeing they are already hosted 700k domains just reminds me to Dreamhost (600k +) and like Daniel say those overseller hosting companies.I plan to give Hostican a try (their tera shared plan seems a good deal and heard that their support is solid!) and Like Tejvan, i am now tempted to Doreo. Is DailyBlogTips runs on Doreo shared server? It’s cool then, your blog loads quite fast from my browser.

  • ATP


    IT’s cheap.
    I can talk to it’s tech support, online. Almost immediately.

    I have a good site. I like it.

    It’s bigger than doreo, and don’t mind this comment, Daneil, but frankly, I think it’s better. Feel free to disagree.

    BTW. Doreo’s ‘live chat’ was useless compared to hostgator. Period.

  • stylo

    as i am also runing a hosting buseinss you mentioned godaddy first but i’m dis agree with you becuase Godaddy is No.1 in Domain registration service if we see the web hosting service i would say hostgator is top according to my experience and i always get connected with hosting industry. Hostgator is No.1 & also my blog is hosted on Hostgator hosting and my hosting site on my own server. I have buy new server with hostgator and also i will offer free self hosted blog hosting to my blog readers. at StyloSoft

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