Open Letter to Feedburner: Please Make the Subject Line of Email Subscriptions Dynamic

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

Dear Feedburner,

Your services are really outstanding. The customization and compatibility features that you add to our RSS feeds are priceless. The same can be said about all the detailed statistics that you make available for the publishers.

Sometime ago you also announced that you would be able to deliver our RSS feed to the e-mail address of our readers. That was a very good addition to your tool belt, after all we know that the majority of people are not familiar with RSS.

There is just one problem with it, though. Right now the subject line of the e-mails that get delivered to our readers is static. On my case, they are all titled “Daily Blog Tips.” Sure, this tells the subscriber where the e-mail is coming from, but it doesn’t tell them anything about the content that is being delivered.

Our society is characterized by short attention spans, so many readers will just skip our e-mails if they don’t know what they will find inside. Secondly, some subscribers might try their luck by opening it, only to get annoyed by a story that they were not interested in the first place.

I even checked your company forums to see if there was any workaround for this issue, but looks like there are none.

So please Feedburner, give us the ability to create dynamic subject lines for our e-mail subscriptions. It is really a missing cherry.

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33 Responses to “Open Letter to Feedburner: Please Make the Subject Line of Email Subscriptions Dynamic”

  • Nick Aster

    I’d settle for having a date-stamp in the subject line. Anyone know if that’s possible?

  • medyum

    Excelent, Daniel! The email could have the title of the first post in it.

    Still automated, but much better


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