List of Ping Services

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

Ping services allow you to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated. The bigger your ping list the higher the chances of receiving traffic from those sources, so check out the list below and include it on your blog (WordPress users can modify their ping list on the Control Panel, then Options, then Writing).

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318 Responses to “List of Ping Services”

  • Andrew Mooers

    Excellent way to promote your blog, videos, podcast, site. Being on the Internet is not enough, being found is way way more important. Thanks for your service!

  • Ronak Muchhala

    Thanks for the list. I have added to my WordPress Settings. Keep up the great work.

  • Suresh Khanal

    Great list man! You have 58 ping services included. But I’m still confused, if including lots of ping urls works great or fewer important ones. Is there any workload to our blog if it contains lots of ping list or it does not matter anything?

  • Automated Affiliate FormulaX

    I’ve always visit your site and do so since I started my online endeavors. It’s been a few years now, and can truthfully say that your articles have been a source of great instruction.

    To those of you who are starting; I strongly recommend you visit this site often.

    In as much as the ping server list is concern, I add this list to every blog I launch, and to this date I have had no problem.

    Daniel, thank you for all you have shared!!!

  • Rekha

    If you use wordpress, then copy all the above ping services sites and every time you publish a new blog, it will automatically ping it.

  • Spunky Jones

    Forgot to mention that if you use big ping lists, that their could be duplicate URLs in your list. You don’t want to double ping the ping services because you could get blocked.

    Checkout my “Ping List Checker” plugin for WordPress and it will spot duplicate URLs. The plugin is located in the WordPress Plugin section on Spunky Jones SEO Blog.

  • Darek

    I don’t understand everything.
    I could make an application to ping new/updated URL’s. Would it be a problem if I’d ping it to about 500 services? will it be indexed faster thanks to it?

    and is there any risk if too many/too fast pings sending ???


  • Kevin

    Thanks for the great ping list. I love all the tips and useful content you always provide. It inspires to want to do the same on my blog so thanks for that.

  • Movies Wallpaper

    After 2 or 3 days walking in blogs, like I’ve found that I was looking for this, your ping list is not much but very effective, thank you.

  • Evass

    Great list and thank you for sharing, I will use it wisely with my web hosting site. Spammy links blogs might be caught and banned as I experienced it in the past so recommend white hat SEO with pinging your sites or blogs.

  • Spunky Jone SEO

    @ kimisan

    If you have a WordPress blog, I suggest that you use a plugin like the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer. This plugin won’t ping services over and over, if you re-edit you blog posts.

    I also suggest that you use the Spunky Jones ping list checker that will find duplicates in your ping list.

  • kimisan

    Hi, I’ve read somewhere that if you ping your site too often it annoys the search engines, is this true? Is there a penalty for over pinging? And btw, thanks for the list!

  • Laptop Bekas Murah

    Daniel, do you update the list regularly? Sometimes a ping service doesn’t work anymore.

  • How To Attract Women


    This is just what I need for my website!

    I can’t agree more! Pinging makes your sites noticed by the search engines much more! So instead of just wondering and hoping that your site will get indexed, make sure you ping it!

    Also, there are other ways to get indexed, such as using social bookmarks or making a twitter post then linking to it.

    Try out onlywire also if you want to get free automated social bookmarking. Google it!

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