List of Ping Services

By Daniel Scocco

Ping services allow you to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated. The bigger your ping list the higher the chances of receiving traffic from those sources, so check out the list below and include it on your blog (WordPress users can modify their ping list on the Control Panel, then Options, then Writing).


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  • D. Psyko

    thanks for the list

    • Kamal Hasa

      I have a bigger ping list on my blog 😉

  • AL

    ِAwesome! Thanks alot 🙂

  • Vatu

    Thanks For the List


  • egon

    Awesome, I hate going to 3 different sites to ping all the services. Thanks, man

  • Clever Dude

    I found that using a list like that adds about 3-4 minutes to publish an article.

    I use the following and it publishes in about 10-15 seconds:

    For the Feedburner ping, replace the YOURSITEHERE with your site obviously.

    Just be cautious have having too many pings. I don’t think it brought in any more traffic to my site by pinging so many places.

  • Daniel

    Glad it is being useful, I also implemented the whole list a couple of weeks ago and it was definitely worth it.

  • egon

    where’s google? (

  • Ben Evert

    Good list though there are quite a few duplicates. I imported it into an excel file and merged it with mine. Deleted the duplicates and repasted into my wordpress. Thanks for the new pings.

  • Daniel

    Alright I added Google and removed the duplicates from the list, should be cleaner now.

  • Daniel

    Clever Dude, I am not experiencing any lag when publising posts with the ping list, maybe it is related to your WordPress settings.

    The traffic increase is not big, but every small bit helpts since the list is something and add and forget about.

  • Dawud Miracle

    Nice list. Thanks. I took Ben’s advice and did the same thing. There were quite a few dupes. No worries, though. I’ve definitely increased my ping list. Thanks.

  • Leandro Ardissone

    Great, thanks…

    Is convenient to use all these services ?

  • Daniel

    Leandro, some of the services like pingoat or pingomatic are supposed to ping all others, but if you add all those addresses to your list you make sure that you will not miss any.

  • Leftblank

    Nice article Daniel, however, as you can read on the trackback above here; I don’t agree with this list. The majority of these websites already ping multiple websites. For instance Pingomatic sends out pings to Technorati, Feedburner and a lot more. Using this list might unnecessarily slow down your website 😉

  • Daniel

    Leftblank, yeah as I mentioned before some of the ping services included will also ping other addresses, therefore the big list will just make sure that you are not missing any.

    But the ping services will not slow down your site at all, at most they might slow down the process of publishing new posts (and that should not be tangible if WordPress is configured properly).

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Anthony

    I added the “revised” list earlier this morning and have posted a few articles since then. I have seen no noticeable difference in the time it takes to publish an article, maybe an added second… If publishing using that list is slowing down your posting, I suggest you take a serious look at your host. My suggestion would be to upgrade, if they can’t handle the few extra processes that list will create, they probably can’t handle any real traffic either.

  • Leftblank

    Anthony, it doesn’t have to be a problem with WordPress in particular indeed as it sends those requests without making the user wait, however, a lot of blog software doesn’t do this and will seriously increase the waiting time.

    In addition to that some services wont like it if you ping them a lot over a short timespan, in addition to that it’s useless as well 😉

  • Anthony

    Hmmm, good point Leftblank…My only response to that then is, Inferior software + inferior server = inferior blog.

    Well not really, I guess the content could be good. But who is going to stick around for that if the blog runs poorly. That’s all I’m getting at here though. I don’t know if there is a benefit to having all these services pinged or not. But it is worth a try, I’ll see in a month if adding these increased any incoming traffic, see which particular services brought in more traffic and optimize from there.

  • Jay Gilmore

    Leftbank is totally correct, that the use of long lists of Update Services will slow down the publishing of posts in WordPress.

    I have experienced the same in more than five installations of three versions of WP from 2.01 to 2.11. (See:, and In some cases it has been reported that Pingomatic itself will time out and cause all the updates to fail. Removing it and replacing it as in the following:

    In addition, it is possible to have your posts or domain marked as ping spammers by constantly pinging services more than once for the same post. So it is possible that you are doing yourself harm.

    There is a plugin called WP_No_Ping_Wait that will submit all pings asynchronously. It is available here the reason it is from the Wayback Machine is that the guy who developed it had his server die and never got it back up and running. I never tried it but all the posts on the web I have read say it is great.

    As always, all the best,


  • Everton

    Just add pingoat to your blog following these instructions – no need to ping that many services:

  • Daniel

    Jay, I also heard that it is not necessary to ping all the services, but I also heard positive feedback from people using the ping list.

    I implemented it and I am tracking the results to see if its worth or not, and since its not slowing my posting process at all I decided to give it a shot for 1 month.

    Thanks for sharing the plugin though!

  • Jay Gilmore


    Thanks for rescuing me from Akismet. Let me know how it goes for you. I love being wrong. It means I learned something new.



  • Leftblank

    Everton, you might have a point, if it weren’t for the fact Pingoat doesn’t ping all services – it pings a lot of em, but quite some not. That’s the reason I posted a pingback to this article, if you use that five or six multi-ping-servers you’ll be fine.

  • Jay Gilmore

    Daniel and everyone,

    After upgrading one of my blogs from WP2.02 to 2.11 the timeout thing stopped being an issue and post publishing became almost instantaneous.

    I would say as a reference that for old pre 2.1 versions you should stick two just a few pingers and post 2.1 versions should be okay although I think these issues may have actually been addressed as of version 2.05.

    All the best,


  • Ajay

    Great list… I only ping pingomatic, technorati and Google.

    Remember, the more the add, the slower your blog posting gets.

  • Grazie

    Hi there. I am not sure if I’m the only person who’ll have a comment like this.

    But i think, most of URLs you’ve been listed aren’t working. I have only one successful registration on my blog which is nothing else.

  • The Gamble Society

    I wouldnt ping pinggoat either. especially if your blog is a litle spammy.. or used for blackhat methods.. they actively hunt u down and spoil your day 🙂

  • Jermayn Parker

    Trying it out now…

    Thanks for the list and happy pinging

  • Anny Rose

    Thank You.

    Coisas Aleatorias

  • Michael

    Thanks for the list it was a great help.

  • Jens Meiert

    Right, thanks for the effort. Though, you might want to make sure that all these ping URLs are actually working – some of them aren’t available anymore, which probably causes some posting delay …

  • gE3k

    how to use them with wordpress?

  • gE3k

    ah thanks i get it

  • Health site admin

    I want a standalone pinger or pinging multiple ping services for wordpress mu. I could not find one such utility/

  • Cheaphealthstore

    Is it possible to ping multiple ping sites as we do in normal wordpress installation in wpmu, as wpmu has only only and there is no option to add more ping urls?

  • iDayBlog

    Thank You for the ping list

  • blogger tools

    thats a good list but if you have too many services to ping it can take ages to publish your posts.

  • Jay Gilmore

    @blogger tools

    I thought that this was true but it seems that it was really only an issue with pre 2.1.x versions of WordPress. Since I have upgrade a number of my installs, I have found that the publishing times are nearly instant. There are however issues when ping services timeout. The list that Daniel has posted here works well in all late releases of WP.

  • Shaun Apple

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    Nice, added them to my ping list. But I need a standalone ping script . anybody knows where to get one?

  • Bob

    Great list, I am not familiar most of them.

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    Regretably, this doesn’t happen with too many blog tip sites.



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  • Rob

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  • Ninad

    Thanks for the list. But the list includes a few ping services which ping all other ping services.

    This results in duplicate pings which could create a problem for your site.

  • Phreak

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  • flix

    My IP is banned by pingomatic for too much pings :((

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  • Saidul A Shaari


    Many in the list no longer accept pings. Perhaps pinging is no longer relevant nowadays when we have too many sploggers taking advantage of it. 🙁

  • Jon

    Hi, Would also love to get an update on this list and hear from people who have used it. I wonder if it’s still relevant today and if it could help my blog in anyway. Thanks

  • Daniel

    I need to update the list indeed, it is on the to-do list!

  • Infin

    Nice list!

    If many in the list did not accept ping then this list realy needs an update. I believe that pinging is still relevant this days when search engine want to get to you.

    Tnx for the list.

  • Guruvardhan

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  • helmi

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  • Xenfra

    But how often you think that is good to ping?
    Once a day i s a good delay for a site that publish 120/150 news at day?

  • cybersix

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  • Mahdi Shahsavar

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  • subi

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    Highly appreciated.

    thank you.


  • Geoserv


    Great list, I was looking for a safe list to use, I hear Pingoat isn’t safe to use if you make a lot of posts.

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  • WcP Blog

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  • Billy Burwick

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  • Andy

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  • Sukses

    Really big thanks to you for the list..

    BTW I want to know is it safe to ping all of them?

    I heard that I can be banned if I considered ping spamming.

    Does pingoat / pingomatic ping almost all ping sites of this list?

    and if it does, Aren’t we considered as ping spamming??

    I’m sorry but I kinda newbie in blogging…

    Thank you so much..

    Tips Sukses

  • amin


  • Dan H

    Great post…

    I’ve only really used Pingomatic, Technorati, Google and Feedburner…

    I’ll try out some of these others and see if it slows down my post’s.


  • ccs

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  • anand maheshwari

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  • Oliver Grisham

    Thanks for this list. We’re using it now on our website. I’m still observing it though, I just hope ping sites would not consider our website as ping spammer.

    Thanks again. If this list is outdated, please update it so we know what to change. Kudos!

    Media Mileage Team.

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    Thank you for the list Daniel 🙂 saves me some time

  • hoshang

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  • gagan

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  • IHG

    If you ping site a, b, c and d for example and then site a pings, site b, c & d and so on …. would this be ‘ping spam’ and would it count against you?

    Any comments?

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  • Floyd Bogart

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  • leni

    hello, i want to ask you..

    I was remove pingomatic ping service from my wordpress blog. But when i posting some articles to my blog and want to ping manualy from, there is a messege :

    slow down cowboy…


    Have you an experience like this problem??? You were remove ping list from wordpress admin control but when you publish some posting, and want to manualy pinging from pingomatic, there is messege like that.

    Please share me


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    Very interesting list. I agree with Dan. H and have been using Pingomatic (not Pingoat), Technorati, Google and Feedburner…

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    3. Do repeated pings of a blog, whose content has not been updated, help? What about pings about posts that are not new? Does that refresh or build new links?
    4. Do pings from forums help build the forums listing in the engines?
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    If some services ping other ones then this is going to happen with this list I guess.. I’d be interested to know.


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