Poll: Do You Auto-Follow Everyone Back on Twitter?


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When it comes to auto-following people on Twitter (either manually or with third party applications), there are basically two camps: those who claim it is a bad idea, and those who claim it is a good idea.

People who say auto-following Twitter users back is a bad idea use the following arguments:

  • When you auto-follow everyone back, in a matter of weeks you will be following thousands of people, and it is impossible to keep track of what they will tweet.
  • If you auto-follow you will end up following spammers, scammers and bot accounts that are automated, with no real humans behind them
  • Even if auto-following will give you more followers, those followers will have low quality, because you won’t be able to build real relationships with them.

The folks who think auto-following is a good idea, on the other hand, have the following arguments:

  • Auto-following will increase the number of followers that you have, so you will be able to leverage a bigger audience on Twitter (for whatever goals you might have)
  • Auto-following is also polite. If someone takes the time to read your tweets, it is only fair that you do the same with theirs.
  • By using Twitter tools and applications it is still possible to follow a large number of people, get value out of their tweets and interact with them.

I thought that it would be interesting to see what percentage of our readers auto-follow everyone back, and what percentage does not, so let’s have a poll. You are also welcome to write a comment if you want to share your opinion on the issue.

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39 Responses to “Poll: Do You Auto-Follow Everyone Back on Twitter?”

  • B. Durant

    I have two accounts. On one I follow back everyone who follows me. On the other I follow about 1/4 of the people who follow me. I have more followers and more interaction on the one I don’t follow back on. Add to that the fact that auto-follow leaves you wide open to spammers I can’t see the point in doing it.

  • George Serradinho

    Of course NO.

    Some people can just tweet a bunch of rubbish and you will not be able to follow all of it and might miss something important that someone tweeted.

  • Blog Ebooks – Claus D Jensen

    Defenitely a NO!

    There are too many spammers, just hoping for people to autofollow.

    I don’t care who follow me, but I only follow those back, i really want to follow back.

    Claus D Jensen

  • odtaa

    I automatically follow everyone who follows me. I often find that following one person leads to other people following you.

    To manage my subscriptions I use Tweetdeck, http://tweetdeck.com I can then group the accounts into different columns – eg family, business contacts, and I’m interested in UK politics, books etc.

    Then when I’m having coffee I go through my main Twitter account and scroll through the dozens of tweets to see if anything interests me. There often is.

    Using the search facility on Tweetdeck I can follow a particular topic or research topics and contacts for my main stream writing.

  • Rob

    Do you auto follow every RSS feed you see?

  • Laura Christianson

    It irritates me when I see tweeters who follow 12,000 people, have 12,000 followers, but only one update — total. Twitter isn’t a popularity contest, yet a lot of people seem to revert to fifth grade mentality and assume that the more followers they have/follow, the more popular they are.

    I’d rather follow and be followed by “quality” tweeps from whom I can learn and share with.

    Laura Christianson
    @adoption expert
    (Yes, I have multiple personalities!)

  • Julie

    About a month ago, I learned about Tweet Later and started to use the auto-follow option. That resulted in too many auto-follows on spammers. So now, I let Tweet Later tell me about all the new followers and then I manually re-follow or ignore (using the Vet Followers option). I think it’s worth the few minutes a day to ensure I am following people who are a: legit, and b) who have something to say that’s of interest to me.

  • martinwaiss

    Imagine Twitter was a busy street at roush hour.

    Do you reach your hand to every passing stranger, asking for hers/his news, just because you’re both walking the same street? The same the other way around. How many strangers acting this way would you make your “friends”, just to be “polite”?

  • Todd Wallace

    I just started a Twitter account for my new blog and I’ve been considering this topic a lot the last few days. I don’t ever want to set up an auto follow bot because I’m looking for personal interaction. On the other hand, I need to reach lots of people…lots of REAL people. So, my game plan is like some others I read in comments. I’m going to manually follow people and try to network through real people and real interaction. I don’t care how big the number of followers is. I care about the quality of the interaction.

    My personal Twitter account is a short list. I follow people whose content I value. The most valuable get sent to my phone. (1000Awesome, tonyrobbins, ThisIsSethsBlog, etc.) The average value Twoops go to my TweetDeck. If you don’t make those two lists, you get removed. That reminds me, I have to go remove someone…

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