Poll: What is Your Favorite Browser?

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

Today I was reading the Mozilla Developer News blog and I saw that they are done with the Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 source code. They should put the RC1 version available for public download later this month, so hopefully the final version will come up in June.

I am a Firefox fan. Not a faith based one, but a rational one. I tried most browsers out there, including all the versions of Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Flock and Konqueror. Some were as fast as Firefox, but none had as many plugins and add-on.

Truth be told, I do have some memory leak problems with Firefox 2, resulting in frozen screens once in a while. But it looks like they manage to fix it in the third version of the software.

Anyway all this browser thinking got me curious about what browser you guys use. I know that many of you will need to use more than for work purposes (cross browser testing, Internet Explorer applications, etc), but what is your favorite browser for surfing the web, blogging and similar? Below you will find a poll, but feel free to drop a comment explaining why you like a certain browser over the other as well.

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63 Responses to “Poll: What is Your Favorite Browser?”

  • Lorian Rivers

    I just switched from IE to both Firefox 4 and Chrome. I was leaning towards Chrome since it is SO fast loading, but finally found a little tweak that preloads FF and now it actually opens faster than chrome. Depends on what I am doing. Use both equally now. But finally have to say IE is NOT what I am using! lol

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