Test Answers

1. What is, according to Google, the best performing Adsense format among these?
Answer: 336×280 Large Rectangle

2. Which of the following is NOT a popular online Forum?
Answer: Digital World

3. According to Feedburner:
Answer: Both partial and full feeds present similar CTRs

4. Which of the following is NOT an advertising network:
Answer: Net Click

5. When inserting images, you should:
Answer: Use both the ALT and TITLE attributes

6. What is Google’s Golden Triangle?
Answer: A heat map provided by Google illustrating where users look on a web page

7. According to Technorati, how many blogs linking to your blog would you need to break into the Top 100 list?
Answer: 4,000

8. A market research by Yahoo! confirmed that the most used top level domain for hosting spam blogs is:
Answer: .info

9. A trackback is:
Answer: A network ping that lets an author know that someone is linking to his article

10. What is the most important SEO factor on the head section?
Answer: Title tag

11. Which of the following is NOT a Web analytics service?
Answer: Trackstats

12. What is the most popular screen resolution?
Answer: 1024×768

13. Google and Yahoo! together make up ____ of the search industry.
Answer: 80%

14. 14. What is the organization responsible for maintaining the Web standards?
Answer: W3C

15. What is a blog carnival?
Answer: A blog event with a collection of links centered around a topic

16. If you want to use WordPress you should make sure that your host supports:
Answer: PHP and MySQL

17. All of the following sites are good resources for finding online images, except:
Answer: Picster

18. Among these social bookmarking sites, which one has the lowest Alexa rank (and supposedly highest traffic)?
Answer: Digg

19. What is the correct way of disallowing a folder using a robots.txt file?
Answer: Disallow: /folder/

20.What is the most popular browser currently?
Answer: Internet Explorer 6.0