Should I Buy Text Links For SEO?

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

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Matej asked:

When someone purchases text link for a month on one site in order to increase their SE rankings – is it enough, or it needs to stay in there at least couple of months? Will Google notice when someone removes the link? For how long people buy text links, is there some rule?

First of all I don’t recommend purchasing text links for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. While this practice was widespread and reasonably secure until some years ago, in 2008 Google made a special effort to combat it.

Their objective is to keep their search algorithm working as efficiently as possible, to make sure that when you use their search engine you will find just what you were looking for. That is what keep them in business, after all.

Paid links might disrupt those search results (according to Google), so they tried to extinguish the practice from the Internet. Many websites that were selling (and some that were buying) got penalized last year, and most webmasters started playing on the safe side.

Now I am not saying that buying text links for SEO is right or wrong. There are good arguments on both sides. However, we need to accept that Google has its own search engine, and the rights to dictate the rules inside it. If you want to get listed on their search index, you need to play by their rules. Period.

Some people disrespect those rules deliberately and try to fly under the radar. That is a strategy too, but a risky one in my opinion. It is liking trying to cheat in a poker game. If they don’t catch you, you might end up with good money. If they do, you will be in trouble.

How you want to play the game is up to you though, and I am not here to preach anyone.

Back to the original question: if you are buying text links for SEO, for how long should you keep them?

The answer depends on your objectives.

Sometimes people just want to get a website indexed fast. For that case purchasing a link on a trusted website for one month should be enough (for the matter of fact purchasing the link for a couple of days should already get you indexed).

If your objective is to increase your rankings for searched keywords and increase your overall organic traffic level, though, you will need keep the paid links live constantly.

Why? Because Google is constantly monitoring the links that point to your website, always recalculating your rankings and overall trust level. Suppose you have an article about “superman comic book” that is ranked in page 2 of Google for that search query. You then purchase a text link on a popular comic books website, and that link propels your page to the second result in Google. If after one month the website owner removes your link, as soon as Google spiders it and finds that the link is gone it will immediately recalculate your search rankings, and if all other variables stayed the same, your page will go back to the second page of the search results.

Sometimes it might take longer for the effect of a removed link to appear, because some websites get crawled only once in a while. Sooner or later Google will crawl it, though, and if the link you purchased is not there anymore it will stop yielding results for your search rankings.

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48 Responses to “Should I Buy Text Links For SEO?”

  • Ewan Kennedy

    I think the question is open to interpretation. If by “SEO” you mean to improve your rankings, then my answer would be no, don’t bother. But buying text links to deliver traffic may still be considered part of SEO by some and may still be worthwhile, depending of course on the site that is selling them. If the site that is selling them does not nofollow those links, then they are running a penalty risk not the buyer. The buyer’s risk is that the links will be discounted for ranking purposes and therefore wasting his money if improved rankings were his objective.

  • NickD

    Buying links is SEO russian roulette – If google catches you theres big penalties for your trust and rankings. Why jeopardise your site like that? There are plenty of great free links available if you put a few hours into it.

  • TV Stands

    I don’t think you can get penalised in the sense that you are marked down because we could just go out and buy links for our competitors then report them. I believe the links value are just removed from the equation thus rendering them null and void. So if you you are doing it for yourself it’s to risky and potentially a waste of money

  • Steve

    So, what if I buy links for my competitors? they will get penelize and drop ranking?

  • medyum

    thank you
    nice article…

  • gadget review

    Great tips, i wouldn’t mine buying links, just don’t have the spare cash at the moment.

  • TV Stands UK

    It is too high risk to buy links, if there is a chance that this could get you removed from google then it is not worth it.

  • Anarasi

    There are lot of other ways to build traffic than buying backlinks. Infact you can even buy traffic directly from our site.

    But nothing beats free traffic and before buying anything, siteowners should try to increase traffic by submitting sites to directores, submitting articles, through viral marketing and other techniques. Make sure you read some good articles on Search Engine optimization as well.

    You can find some good article on our site regarding increasing traffic and promoting your site.

  • Steve

    A few months ago, I paid US$800 for numerous PR 4 text links. Many weeks passed, and all I got was false promises they would deliver, and excuse after excuse. They asked me if I would agree to PR2 links instead. I didn’t want to waste more time, so I agreed, but again many weeks passed and I got nothing but broken promises that the links would be completed. I had enough of their rubbish, and requested a refund. They then gave me the complete cold shoulder and ignored my emails. So I attempted to do a chargeback via paypal, but was declined because I had not initiated the chargeback within 3 months. I have been emailing now for many months to get a refund, and now they are completely ignoring my emails. So basically they have stolen my money. They are complete frauds, and nobody should deal with them. Not only could they not deliver the promised PR4 links, they couldnt even deliver the PR2 links. And then when I try to get a refund, they completely ignore my emails. So what have I gotten for US$800? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They completely scammed me. Nobody should ever send these people money – you will only get rubbish excuses for 3 months, then you can’t get a refund and they know this. Please tell others about this, and anyone can email me for confirmation. My name is Steve, and email address is nospam AT – also if anyone knows of some good roulette system related or gambling links, let me know.

  • Jes

    Great pros and cons in the comments. I’m still not sure what I will do as yet.

  • maltipoo

    Buying links isnt the way to go. It may cost too much in the long-term.

    Trying blog commenting

  • Buy Backlinks

    I would not recommend buying text links for SEO either because I don’t think they really effect it too much. most people buy these text links to promote their product, service, or website.

  • Organic SEO

    I would like to know that Google promoting itself by Google ads that is called Google Adwords which is included in PPC(Pay per click). Should I consider it as a Google paid links? If yes then it is not wrong to buy or sell the links for promoting your site. Is it?

  • Piree

    Sometimes buying text links for seo purposes are good, but only if you buy one in the same niche as yours. Buying a backlink from a site in a total different niche wont give ur link any credit. If it’s in the same niche and the site hasnt been Penaltilized it’s not good for ur site either.

  • Dave

    If everyone stopped buying links it would make it an even playing field. I think it is good google is trying to prevent this.

  • Monty –

    You can buy them but they should be no follow 🙂

  • Richard Vanderhurst

    Buying links is not acceptable, Google will penalize your ranking positions.

  • Phoenix

    I already try to buy some links for my other Blog couple months ago. And when i decided to remove those links, my page rank suddenly dropped from 2 to 0 :(. Wonder if i get cough.

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