Link Tips: 01 April 2007


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This week the Linkr Tips will feature an article with simple ideas to increase the revenue streams on your blog, some lists with WordPress themes and plugins, a good post with instructions to manage domain names and more:

  • Increase your revenue streams: the Self Made Minds blog has an interesting article describing 4 ideas that generated more than $5,000 in yearly revenues.
  • Domain Name Management: Amos wrote a detailed post explaining how you should manage your domain names, quite suitable for anyone with a growing portfolio of domains.
  • How to ask for links: this is a very common issue for bloggers and webmaster. If you are planning to email some people asking for links you should read this post first.
  • Would you change your name for your blog?: how far are you willing to go to promote your blog or website? For Lars the answer is very far!
  • 8 Fresh WordPress themes: a good list with some new and good looking WordPress themes. If you are looking for inspiration or for a new design it should be a good reading.

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7 Responses to “Link Tips: 01 April 2007”

  • 98punchs

    Great Post Thanx.

  • Amos Tebear

    Daniel, thanks for the link – and for the others listed. Now…can you not post anything for 2 days while I find the time to go through your most recent post and follow all links? :o)


  • Daniel

    Dany, the Top Commentators plugin is something I have been considering for a while. It certainly would make people more motivated to comment, but don’t you think it might also reduce the quality of the comments since people would have an “incentive” to comment?

    There is a good discussion to be made around this topic.

  • DanyO

    Great tips. You might want to add something about rewarding people who comment on your site (top commenters widget on the front page, no nofollow tag to their site link) it’s a great way to build a community. You could also have that widget on your blog as well.

  • Jack

    I’m still trying to find the balance of making money from my blog vs page load times. And this site is helping me a LOT with ideas on how to monetize my site. Thank you for this resource, you are making an old(ish) blogger very inspired.

  • Daniel

    Al, you are doing a great work with the new blog, people trying to generate a full time income from their blogs will find your posts inspirational and useful.

  • Al Carlton

    Hi Dan, thanks for the link, it’s much appreciated and cheers for such an informative blog.

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