Link Tips: 06 May 2007


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This Sunday we have some great “how-to” articles. If you are looking to promote your blog, to start some freelancing work or to generate revenue through a personal brand check the links below:

  • Freelance Blogging: there are plenty of opportunities for professional bloggers and freelance writers these days. If you are not sure where to begin, though, this article will offer some good pointers.
  • Successful Web Design: the Blog Studio shares 11 points that will make your web design process more efficient.
  • Personal Branding and Blogging: what are the different revenue sources for bloggers? How do them relate to your personal brand?
  • Promotion with Bloggers: if you are looking to promote your business, website, or blog with other bloggers, this article will be useful.
  • The 7 Levels of Revenue: according to the article bloggers should not focus too much on Adsense as a monetization strategy. Do you agree?
  • Using metaphors: metaphors represent an effective way to deliver a message. Those visual words will add some salt to your blog posts.

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2 Responses to “Link Tips: 06 May 2007”

  • Daniel

    Amy, that is a good point. In fact I was thinking about it the other day, and I even trying to lay down some numbers and graphics.

    I will post an article once I have some results.

  • Amy

    It seems to me that the more people monetize their blogs, the less they’ll ultimately make.

    I find it interesting all this information is free to the public.

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