Link Tips: 08 April 2007


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Happy Easter for everyone. Below you will find some interesting links to keep you busy on this Sunday. By the way if you are a reader of Daily Blog Tips and have an interesting article about blogging just send me an email with the link and I will consider it for the Reader Tips section.

  • Design Tips: website speed optimization for dummies. I had this post from Engtech on the queue but somehow I forgot to include it on the previous weeks.
  • Linkbaiting: Wendy Piersall wrote an excellent guest post on titled “The Ultimate Guide to Getting Lots of Link Love”.
  • Post level text link ads: Looks like Text-Link-Ads will introduce a new advertising method that will allow bloggers to display sponsored text links on single posts.
  • How much is your website worth?: this questions always get some attention. The article analyzes what factors play a role on determining the value of a website.
  • Blogger’s Choice Awards: make sure to nominate or vote for your favorite blogs on this award. Daily Blog Tips is running under the “Best Blog about Blogging” category.
  • Why you should blog: Rand from SEOMoz wrote an extensive article describing why he thinks people should blog.
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3 Responses to “Link Tips: 08 April 2007”

  • Daniel

    Roberto it was one of my favorites also. Linkbaiting techniques are always useful.

  • Sean

    Nice list!

  • Roberto Alamos

    The article from Wendy was a really good one this week, especially the advice on the importance of the long tail of referrals 🙂

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