Link Tips: 09 September 2007


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  • WordPress SEO Plugins: Sizlopedia has an interesting compilation of SEO-related WordPress plugins. The list has 23 items, ranging from URL structure to sitemaps.

  • No More Pagerank?: What would happen if Google decided to stop using Pagerank, or at least to stop reporting it publicly? There is an ongoing discussion on this topic.
  • WordPress as CMS: Many people are starting to leverage the power of the WordPress platform to create functional content management systems. This article illustrates the trend and includes examples.
  • Blog Contest: David Airey is running a really big contest to celebrate his blog anniversary. There are $4000 in prizes, so it should be worth a look.
  • WordPress SEO Basics: The article explains how you can SEO-sanitize your WordPress blog in 5 minutes. It covers most of the basic points like title tags, robots.txt and canonical URLs.
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6 Responses to “Link Tips: 09 September 2007”

  • Cheap iPods

    Interesting to see how those wordpress basics have come on since the article was published. As just how big it has become since.

  • basnobod


  • Sean

    Nice! Gotta start reading through these. Thanks for the links!

  • DerekBeau

    Some good tips in there. I especially like the WordPress as a CMS article. I have been playing around with hacking WordPress into a CMS on a few new sites I am working on, so that article is really helping me get some more ideas.

  • Costa Fong

    Thanks for the plug!

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