Link Tips: 10 June 2007


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  • Google PageRank: what do we really know about it? That is the question being asked over Smashing Magazine. There is an answer, as well.
  • Conference Networking: David Peralty shares some tips that might help you network in trade shows and conferences.
  • Dead Blogs: the article investigates the impact of dead blogs upon the blogosphere. New trends are certainly emerging, but will blogging ever phase out?
  • Writing Style: Design Adapations is a new and promising blog. If you are trying to find your “writing style”, check this out.
  • John Chow’s SEO: recently John Chow disappeared from Google’s front page for the term “make money online.” SEO Refugee has a detailed article outlining the backstage of this issue, explaining also how John managed to make a come back.
  • Are You Working too Hard?: Chris Garrett discusses what is the secret of being a successful entrepreneur. Is working hard really the solution?

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2 Responses to “Link Tips: 10 June 2007”

  • Seth

    Even though the Link tips are getting pretty old… They are still pretty useful and interesting. Thanks for a smash bang blog with lots of articles and links. I am just trying to get my blog going and am glad to have great reading material!

  • Charity

    Hey Daniel, thanks so much for the mention! 😉 Also, I must say sometimes I wonder if you’re somehow reading my mind! Your post topics always seem to be impeccably timed for exactly what I’ve been thinking about or need to read up on. In this case, PageRank. Ugh.

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