Link Tips: 13 May 2007


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It looks like posts about blog earnings are getting popular, and this Sunday we have two of them. Additionally you will find some blogging mistakes, how to exclude categories from your feed and more.

  • Millionaire Bloggers: Connected Internet has an interesting post about the blogs that are, supposedly, worth more than 1 million dollars. The list only counts blogs that publicly stated their earnings.
  • 77 Blogging Mistakes: It is always a good idea to check the mistakes that other people are doing. The list is divided in sub-sections like domain names, design, blog comments and the like.
  • What Words Make it to Digg’s Frontpage?: a collections of the most popular words on Digg’s front page. There is a also a link to the story that received more votes with the specific words.
  • Excluding Categories from Your Feed: If you use Feedburner and would like to exclude some categories from your feed, check this post.
  • Blogger Salaries: The post lists 60 bloggers and how much they are making anually. I am not sure how reliable the list is, but it does have some interesting entrants.
  • 1 Year of Blogging: Engtech shares what he learned and created on his first year of blogging. The statistics are included.

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8 Responses to “Link Tips: 13 May 2007”

  • Smart Boy

    I really enjoyed this list. The Millionaire bloggers Hall of fame was fun to see – and the 77 mistakes list was great.

  • SEO Genius

    Some good stuff especially like the 77 blogging mistakes 🙂

  • arthritis

    many important points I get from your useful listing about 77 mistake creating blog. thanks… I will improve my blog.. according 77 point above…

  • Dmitri

    Thanks for noticing my ‘experimental research’ as I call it about digg’s frontpaged words!

  • Daniel

    My pleasure guys. Keep up the good work on your blogs.

  • Patrix

    Thanks for posting my link on excluding categories. Also, the modified Feedburner plugin by iface thoughts is a much welcome change.

  • Joshua Dorkin

    Thanks for including my Top 77 Mistakes post in this listing of reader tips!

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