Link Tips: 15 April 2007


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This Sunday we have online tools to select color schemes, some beginner blogging tips, how to customize your blog by adding a signature and more.

  • Technorati Favorites Exchange: Dosh Dosh is promoting an experiment to exchange Technorati favorites. Looks like it is working since the blog in on the Top 100 already.
  • Add a signature to your blog: Lorelle has a very detailed post explaining how to add signatures to your posts, a feature that can make you blog look more personalized.
  • Content promotion: a guest post on Copyblogger outlines the secret for getting your content promoted on other websites.
  • 10 tools to select a color scheme: interesting list with 10 online tools that will help you to select the right color scheme for your blog.
  • Beginner Blogging Tips: it is always a good idea to get back to the basics. John Chow highlights 5 simple tips that we should keep in mind when blogging.

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2 Responses to “Link Tips: 15 April 2007”

  • Daniel

    Thanks for sharing the plugin Rishi, I wil l check it.

  • Rishi

    Technorati exchange experiment is quite good and also going popular.
    I have also added a signature to blog posts. There is also a plugin for it.

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