Link Tips: 20 May 2007


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  • Top 500 Keywords: the Search Engine Guide has a weekly column featuring the top 500 search engine keywords, check it out.
  • Best of April 2007: a good summary of the best articles, tutorials and tips around design and web development, released by the Smashing Magazine.
  • Morning Writing Ritual: if you are always procrastinating when it comes down to writing your blog posts or articles, you should read this.
  • Confessions of an A-List Blogger: Steve Pavlina published a very detailed article about his overall blogging experience. It is definetely worth a reading.
  • 50 Usability Tips: it is always a good idea to review the basics of web usability. In this post you will find 50 simple tips for that.
  • Digg over Netscape?: many bloggers are starting to explore alternatives to Digg. This article describers some good points about Netscape.

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4 Responses to “Link Tips: 20 May 2007”

  • Daniel

    Not only that Engtech. You probably are aware of the whole issue around Digg.

    It is fine if they decide to ban some sites, but just make it explicit. The problem is when they preach something (i.e. a democratic system) and preach another (i.e. auto-buries, hidden stuff, etc).

  • engtech

    Many bloggers are starting to explore alternatives to digg because their blog is banned on digg.


  • Daniel

    I never played that much with Netscape, but I will definitely try it out to see what kind of traffic it can bring.

  • George

    On that last article. I have had better success with Netscape over Digg. When Netscape first went live, my blog had an article on the front page of Netscape for over a week (almost two).

    Just last week, I was thinking about giving up on Digg and focusing on only submitting articles to Netscape.

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