Link Tips: 22 July 2007


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  • Tools for Bloggers: 80 links to tools and resources to help you improve your blogging experience.

  • Working at Home: Would you like to work in your pajamas? This article analyzes the pros and cons of working at home.
  • Organize Your Categories: Comprehensive article from Engtech explaining how you should organize the categories on your blog. It includes several examples.
  • Showing the Stats: What is the right time to display your blog statistics? When should you make your number of subscriber public?
  • More Money with fewer Adsense units: If you are trying to maximize your revenues perhaps you should avoid jamming Adsense units all over the place.

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9 Responses to “Link Tips: 22 July 2007”

  • Daniel

    Former Fat Guy, I wrote about that on this article:


    I think category reduction is essential to running a quality blog. I seem some sites that have over 50 categories. Let’s get real here folks.

    Also check out my post about money making widgets!

  • Former Fat Guy

    Daniel, I have been reading for a month or so now, I’m a subscriber and get your post each morning. Thanks for what you do.

    I have a question regrading your comments and how you have a special feature where YOUR comments are identified with the little “Daily Blog Tips” heading off to the upper right of each of your comments.

    How are you doing that?

  • – $100,000 online

    What about the “Top 5 Ways to Monetize a New Blog”?

  • Bret

    I like posts that remind readers of previous posts of interest. You have so much good content here that I personally appreciate these reminder type posts. Thanks Daniel.

  • Daniel

    Yeah I guess it depends on the keywords and site layout, but it is an interesting thing to consider.

  • Patrix

    Daniel, the ‘more money with fewer Adsense blocks’ doesn’t always work. I removed all but one block and my earnings dropped and shot back up when I restored my previous layout. But definitely worth a try for some sites.

  • Daniel

    My pleasure.

  • Ramkarthik

    Thanks Daniel for mentioning my post. Heading off to read the other articles.

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