Link Tips: 23 September 2007


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  • 100 Blog Topics: Chris Brogan is sharing 100 topics that he would like YOU to write about. Lacking ideas lately? Check out this post for inspiration.

  • Internet Mentors: The article is titled “Top 7 Internet Marketing Mentors You Can Trust.” I am flattered by the mention, by the way.
  • Selling Advertising: Want to know how a 13-year-old sells a lot of advertising on his blog? Check out this post.
  • What is “Fair Use”: Copyrights and blogging are related closely. This post on Engadget tries to answer some of the questions about the “fair use” element of copyright law.
  • Boosting RSS Subscribers: Simple post, but it covers all the basic tactics for increasing the number of RSS subscribers.

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6 Responses to “Link Tips: 23 September 2007”

  • Cheap iPods

    Ha I actually cant believe that 13 year old kids’ blog. Ive still got so much to learn…

    Thanks for the tips

  • rogue spammer

    Here’s a list of RSS feed directories to help boost your RSS feed subscribers. There is about 80 of them.

  • Kidblogger :: Carl Ocab

    Thanks for the mention Daniel! Really appreciated that. Anyway, nice design!


    Thanks for the post. Good tips, as always.

  • Tibi Puiu

    Thanks for covering my post. Appreciate it.

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