Link Tips: 29 April 2007


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Check out the links below, they should provide enough content to keep you busy on this Sunday. Thanks for the readers who submitted articles, keep them coming:

  • Top 100 Blogs by Subscription: the Self Made Minds blog created a very interesting list with the 100 blogs displaying the highest feed count according to Feedburner. Daily Blog Tips is there, even if at the bottom!
  • Web Designers Success Guide: this is not a post but a landing page where you can download a free ebook. The book is about getting started at web design and free lancing. Should be worth it.
  • NoFollow Link Attribute: the Search Engine Journal published a post explaining how Google and other search engines treat the NoFollow link attribute.
  • Has Blogging Peaked?: that is an ongoing discussion since David Sifry published the latest “State of the Blogosphere”. The article presents some different views on the subject.
  • Customize the WordPress login: interesting post if you are looking to give a personal touch to the login page of your WordPress installation.
  • Technorati favorites not worth it?: the post over Digital Inspiration questions whether the Top 100 most favorited blogs list on Technorati is still credible, given the increasing number of favorite exchange memes going around the blogosphere.

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4 Responses to “Link Tips: 29 April 2007”

  • Daniel

    Yeah, actually it is even more important to see no Chinese blogs there, I guess they are no so fond of Feedburner!

  • Roberto Alamos

    It’s interesting to see 2 spanish blog in the top20 sites: and, both from

  • Daniel

    Rishi, the Technorati issue is a quite polemic one. I am quite on the fence on the argument.

  • Rishi

    Hey Daniel,
    Congrats on being on the top subscribed blog list and I guess DBT was one of the most youngest blog to get there with a good rank.

    I’m going to disagree with Amit’s Technorati’s post ona part because everyone should get a chance to be famous and also to make the Technorati Favorites option also. But on other blog, First Google, then MBL and now Technorati that is getting manipulated. I guess we should not tweak the system and may the best guy win.

    Thanks for including the link to my post!

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