Resources Updated: WordPress Themes

By Daniel Scocco

The Resources page was updated with a list of links of WordPress Theme collections across the Internet. If you are looking for a nice WordPress Theme just navigate across those collections and you will certainly find something useful.


6 Responses to “Resources Updated: WordPress Themes”

  • Maki


    Do you think you could include my collection of Adsense templates? It’s currently the largest online collection of WordPress Adsense templates on one single page.

    Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes


  • Daniel

    Yeah I will include your list of templates, good addition to the list.

  • Ahmed Bilal


    Not a comprehensive list but an editorial one:

    WordPress themes you can actually use and 83 WordPress themes you probably haven’t seen

  • egon

    Awesome, thanks Daniel! Also props to Maki, I need these for one of my new sites.

  • Daniel

    Ahmed, thanks for sharing, I will definitely add those two lists.

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