.sex, .dbt, .crap: Coming to a Domain Near Your Soon

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

So now it is official. I was hoping the ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) would have enough common sense to discard this proposed regulation, but they approved it yesterday.

Basically it allows any person or company willing to spend $100,000 and with enough infrastructure to become a registrar, to create any domain extension it likes. That is right, ANY DOMAIN EXTENSION will now be possible.

Some examples I am sure people are already rallying to get include .sex, .porn, .orgy, .girls, .casino, .poker and so on. You get the idea.

Honestly I think this will be a huge mess, and the only motivator for ICANN to approve it was probably the money that they will be able to make thanks to the porno domain name industry and from companies wanting to secure their own extension.

Over at TechCult we started an initiative to fund TechCult.Shuttlecock 🙂 .

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35 Responses to “.sex, .dbt, .crap: Coming to a Domain Near Your Soon”

  • Jan Middleton

    OK, so I was about to give my two cents here about how .questionablewebsites was pathetic, but, now, after reading the post from Freya Sykes (above), I have changed my mind about it. It would certainly give us a more specific direction while looking for websites/information.

    I love hearing all the different slants about topics and try to keep an open mind.

  • Freya Sykes

    I don’t think it’s a bad idea to be honest…I like things to be comparmentalised and .com for a world wide site is to my mind good, likewise a .co.uk for a UK based site is a good stamp of what it is and where it’s from; same with a .gov site, so why not for a .porn, .gay, .sex or .xxx? It splits them away from the mainstream .coms and in turn moves them aside from the less smutty/rude/dodgy sites.
    As for the cost being prohibitive in any way…I personally know of two individuals who own major companies in the sex industry and having spoken to them they’ve said that $100,000 is nothing to guarantee “control” of what to them is an attractive .name, plus that sum of money is a tax write off for them…they’ll gladly spend it to reduce liabilities elsewhere in their companies and hey if they’ve got the money to do it…let them get on with it I say…it’s not likely to affect me cos I’m not likely to wander over to a .sex, .hotlez or .bonk or whatever – so why stress about it? It’s there at the moment – just mingled in with all the other .coms and the only one I’ll be remembering is .com so it’s not really going to be confusing me anytime soon. 😉

  • The Stir

    Totally agree with SEO genius this will just create a mess, i have no idea what they’re thinking.

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