Should You Really Write About What You Love If You Want to Make Money Online?

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

That is a common cliché among bloggers, make money online experts and web entrepreneurs. I am sure you heard it before. Heck, I used to give this advice myself. It goes like this:

If you want to make money online, you got pick a topic that you are passionate about. You need to love it, else it will not work.

I used to agree with it, one hundred percent.

Lately, however, I started questioning that rule. Creating a website on a topic that you love is certainly a good strategy, and it works well for many people, but I am not sure if it is the only way to go, or the best one.

The first flaw I see on that rule is the following fact: if the niche or topic you love is not a profitable one, it will be pretty hard to make a lot of money online with it no matter what.

Suppose you love tea. Should you write about it if you want to make money online? I am not sure. You could certainly create a popular website around tea, but if you decided to go with a more profitable niche instead, while putting the same effort and time, you could end up making much more money.

One argument that people use to back up the “you got write about what you love” theory is the fact that if you choose a topic merely because it is profitable, soon you will lose the motivation. If you write about something you love, on the other hand, you will have content for years to come.

This is partially true, but not completely. Why? Because some people get motivated by the pure desire of making money or becoming successful.

In other words, if they start a website on a profitable niche and see that their efforts is bringing a good amount of money, they will get motivated no matter what the topic is. They will even do research and learn about it if needed.

So what is my position now? I think that both strategies can work. Choosing a niche or topic because you love it is a good route to success, but choosing a profitable one and approaching it scientifically can be equally successful.

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50 Responses to “Should You Really Write About What You Love If You Want to Make Money Online?”

  • Jason

    I couldnt agree more with this article. I had an issue with making a site with the subject not being profitable or too competative. However, i have now gone down the road of a passion for success and achieving financial freedom.

    I did notice through a program i use that a guy makes a good income from websites that he could not possibly have a passion for. The penny dropped, its a business for some and a hobby for others.

    I am an MLMer (Network marketing) which provided the self development tools i needed to understand numbers, being consistent, and to keep on keeping on despite the present results. I would advise anyone to read and learn from MLM’rs like Jim Rohn to move yourself forward, which in turn moves any business forward.

    The site here was a passion i had, and was great for my family when they were growing up. It is not my main passion now, but it was the first site I could see as profitable, and it is.

    My next venture, is to find a little gold mine. Passion for the subject or not. If the content meets the needs of visitors and SE’s then Im in. It just takes inside skills, and a passion for the goals to be achieved.

    Thats only my view.

  • Prinia

    Forgive me people if I may, I am a total beginner as far as blogging goes. I’m trying to just find my niche in life in general. I’m saying this to say this, I love to write, write about me, love, sex, family, job, etc. My passion is writing period, but I just can’t seem to stay focused, can anyone relate to what I’m saying? I know to be successful as a blogger I need to be consistent, and that is what I’m trying to build. So can anyone tell me how I can taking all this passion for writing and turn it in to some A-1 blog material? Sorry to get off the subject but I am trying to get where you guys are, I feel as though I am trying to learn a diffeent language and everyone is carrying on a conversation and I don’t have a clue, (you feel me)I know what I need to do, but don’t know where to begin…

  • Manu


  • Catherina

    I’ve been reading that if you want to be a social blogger who makes money from blogging, then write things that you know and are passionate about. If you just want to profit from blogs, then write about niches that people would search for in the search engines.

  • Jota

    It is so true!
    I remember when I started my blog… Today I only write about what I like.. Apple… sure I have traffic problems… but I know it will come

  • BlogMoneyMania

    My interests are infinite so I could write on tons of topics & find interesting things about any one of them. I just love to write & market.

    My new blog is about making money with niche blogs so there’s so much to research & write about. My problem is too many interests. That’s why I find niche blogging fun. But I also love making money.

    I am going to experiment and find what works best for me. If it’s many niche blogs or a branded site. I love design/ marketing and researching most any subject.

  • joe gelb

    tea is actually a good niche for made for affiliate type of sites

  • Daily Investment Headlines

    It’s gotta be a tradeoff, it certainly helps to be passionate about your topic, and hopefully well-versed. As an investment advisor, I have a blog about investments that has not been profitable, but its stuff I would be doing for my job anyway, so anything is just gravy….

  • Eddie Gear

    Hi there,

    I feel if you want to make money online, you will need to write about what your audience is insterested in. You can find what your audience’s interest is based on some market study and research on what is the current trend.

    Eddie Gear

  • Alvaris Falcon

    I’m happy when I escaped from my former education years ago, just to study Dreamweaver 8, and I never regret about it.

    I’m enjoy blogging with web design, and thanks for this encouraging article!

  • Rich

    I must admit, I was once a victim of my passion. Ideas about our passion will not give us good money if it is not hot.

    On the other hand, it’s really hard to create quality content for a hot niche that we don’t really love.

    Now, I am being scientific and guess what – I am starting to love it.

  • rizzie

    I love writing and i dont wanna be hpocritical about anything i write.U know wat i mean? So it will have to be something i like AND something that can get me a decent profit as well.

  • Mason

    A few thoughts regarding this whole debate:

    write what you’re passionate about? what if that completely misses the mark and you don’t accomplish your original goal of making money? if the original goal was to write about something you love you wouldn’t be here probably trying to figure out how to monetize it. you’d be writing…

    you don’t have to write about something you hate… (although that might be a really good idea since this world loves cynics… and in my experience hate is a fairly passionate emotion…) just be curious.

    if you want to make money online you just have to broaden your horizons. like i said, just be curious. you’ll find the profitable niche and you’ll learn something new 🙂 why not blog about your learning curve in the ‘certain profitable niche’, giving your own insights as they come… posting authoritative articles from other places with your thoughts, videos etc. then your visitors can relate to you easier. that would be more interesting to me than a know-it-all guru type anyway (to me anywa)

  • EasyProfitPack

    I would want to make money writing what I love and I think there are no two ways about it. If I’m writing about something that I do not like or don’t connect with, I will never be able to satisfied with it, even if i get paid for it.

    Money is not everything in the end, is it?

  • odtaa

    There is a danger that writing about something you love will spoil your love for the something. If day after day you have to come up with yet another post it can make you start regretting the choice as you’re forced to over analysing the topic.

    It’s a bit like relationships – the longer you go out with someone, the more you get to know their flaws – the more the flaws irritate – eg ‘Oh no he’s not telling that joke yet again.’ and I’m supposed to laugh.

    Writing about something that your not so passionate about places you in the role of a journalist. You can be hunting for new stories on a topic you know reasonably well.

    Also although I agree that you should be looking for a niche topic it should be wide enough to sustain a continuing range of posts.

  • Dot Com Dud

    Yep, it really depends on the type of person you are. Some people don’t need motivation, they can look at blogging purely as work that needs to be done. While others need that work to be interesting or they just switch off. It’s all about what works best for the individual.

  • Andy

    Daniel – Web entrepreneurship is just like any other business. It is all about $$$. If your market is not a profitable niche then you better be the #1 blog in that market. Do your research to figure out what markets are profitable and what are not.

  • Scott Fusco

    Right on again Daniel!

    I wasn’t planning on commenting so much on your blog today but this point needs to be emphasized. Entrepreneurship is about finding a MARKET and then entering it with some strategic advantage.

    You can do what you love IF you do the proper groundwork and conduct micro-tests to determine whether or not there is a legitimate market there for it. It is much easier to fill demand than create it.

    How much $ do you want to make? The clearer you get on what you want and the more you test, the better equipped you’ll be to make an informed decision.

  • Jordan

    To me you have to love it or be in deep like because otherwise you won’t research or promote your niche.

    It’s not what you write about it’s what you do with the content.

    FYI tea is freakin’ huge! I don’t write about it because although I drink several types of tea a day I’m not in love with the idea. I’ve researched it and got bored very quickly. Not my deal. Will I market for a tea vendor? Absolutely. Marketing is my love.

    What Advertising Guy said sometimes it is better to be low niche and esoteric to get paid.

  • MLRebecca

    You’re right in that if that niche topic that someone loves is too obscure, how would anyone make a profit. I think there has to be a way to integrate what you love into a formula that will lead to success. If your niche is tea as you suggested, for instance, why not make it a site that gives others a reason to return? Perhaps a community site would work. Either way, you should love what you are writing about, but if you plan to build a business out of it, be sure that you are able to make a profit. Great advice!

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