Take One Day Off Every Week

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

Yesterday I took the whole day off line (we had a guest post indeed). Now that I think about it, it was the first one in a really long time. Sure I don’t work full time on weekends, but I was getting used to working half a day on Saturdays and Sundays.

porto de galinhas

That is a picture of the beach I went to visit. If you ever come to Brazil, make sure to go there, it was elected the most beautiful beach in the country for 6 years in a row. It’s called Porto de Galinhas.

If you work from home, and if you love what you do, that is a risk you have.

Taking a whole day off and unplugging from the web was refreshing though, and I wanna try to do that every week, probably on Sundays. I will try to not even turn the computer on.

What about you guys? Do you end up working on weekends as well, or you separate off days religiously?

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52 Responses to “Take One Day Off Every Week”

  • medyum

    Hey Daniel, your lifestyle really inspires me.
    I will also take one day leave from blogging, when I reach somewhere your levels.
    Anyway..I wish you a happy life

  • liveabeautifulife

    nice tips there! a day off is definitely required to refresh our memory & spirit. we should have at least a day off to enjoy what we’ve been achieved for the rest of the week. Anyway, it’s important to live our life beautifully, isn’t it?

  • Ari Herzog

    I don’t equate blogging with working, at least not in the traditional sense of work = earning income. I don’t earn income from my blog; I research topics, write my commentary, and interact with people leaving comments as applicable, i.e. my last post on banning bottled water.

    I add a new post every day or so; sometimes there are two posts in one day and other times there are two days with no posts. I’m going on vacation for the next week, and have post-dated a few entries to appear while I’m out and about.

  • Tom

    So Daniel, you are looking for a house in Porto de Galinhas (or close).
    Just one hint – the real estate market in Brasil has some more/different “specialities” than the US or European one.

    So please do yourself a favour – negoiate (although the offer might seem reasonable), check everything, than – check all papers, all cadastral registers AGAIN and when you think it starts getting ridiculouse – negoiate and check everything again.

    hope you can find your perfect place – and who knows, one day in the future I will pass by for a cerveja – a friend of mine works as a kite-insturctor just some miles south of Porto de Galinhas at Pontal de Maracaípe.

  • Diana

    Your article really hit home for this internet-addict. I live on one of beautiful Caribbean islands and never take time off to go to the beach just 5 minutes away. Because of your article, though, I turned off my computer Sunday for 3 hours to head to the beach 😉 It was great…my hubby was in shock. He was glad I took the break.

    Of course, after 3 hours I started going into withdrawal…but, it was a great feeling and will do it every Sunday now…for a few hours 😉

    ~ Diana

  • David Herbert

    I try to post new articles everyday, so I have very little rest from my blog.

  • Eric D

    Who knows…….the way gas prices are going in the U.S. we may all be going to a four day work week, whether you are a blogger from home or at a regular job………… it may happen.

  • Angie A. Swartz

    Thanks for writing about this. I found myself stuck around 1pm last Friday. After asking myself, “When was the last day I took a day off”, I unplugged from my computer for most of the weekend (sure, I read the news, used it for researching a lakehouse, etc but I didn’t allow myself to work). I am new to blogging and have been working really hard to write content, research my specialty area and launch a related live business. I’m a coach and I ofter remind my clients how important it is to take a break. Funny how we all forget to drink our own koolaid occasionally. Anyway, I’m committed to scheduling a break into my schedule two days per month. I’m scheduling it in my calendar and plan to do my best to honor it. I was a telecom work-a-holic in my first career and I thought I’d learned this lesson. As mentioned in these posts, it’s a whole different problem when you work from home doing work you love. Thanks again for the reinforcement. You beach reminds me of a great spot I visit in the Whitsunday Islands of Australia. Truly breathtaking. Cheers to discovering more of these spots on our days off. Best to you, Angie

  • Deb

    That’s the way to do it…6 days of work, 1 day of rest 😉 but I prefer 2 days of rest..
    When we are self employed it’s soooo easy to slip and when you realize you work every single day. It’s better to work 10 hours instead of 8 during week days and free up weekends…nothing that good planning won’t do.

    Aaaaaw this picture makes me feel like crying! I am from Brazil, living in Canada….reading “this is paradise” makes my heart ache!
    Enjoy your time there and drink lots of “agua de coco” 🙂

  • Pink Ink

    Daniel, thanks for sharing the photo. I grew up in the Philippines and I miss the ocean where I live now. You are lucky!

    That’s a great idea, about not even turning on the computer on Sundays. I usually check my email, but even that gets sucked me in to “one more thing” and before I know it, I am logged on for an hour. I will have to try that.

    I do try to write some posts in advance so that I don’t have to do much on the weekends and it’s easy enough to feed the blog over the week.

    On our annual vacation out on a lake, I unplug completely and it’s very refreshing.

  • BloggerNewbie

    I like that idea of a day off. Sounds nice – someday maybe. Trying to Blog part-time after all my other jobs leaves little time. I am hoping after I get comfortable with my web design & setup that blogging will not be so time consuming…Getting into a routine will help!

  • James

    I used to “work” on blog few months ago. But then i felt that it was not effective since normally my blog traffic was lower during the weekend event i do a lot of activities on it. So starting from 2 months ago i decided to take off during the weekend..that’s good way to manage your blogging stress..:)

  • Cassie

    I actually posted about that on my blog as well just last weekend. I try to take some time off to relax and refresh my brain but it’s so hard to stay off the computer when it’s so accessible (i.e. when you work from home).

    Even when I’m away I feel like I need to be checking email or stats or something. I guess that’s something that each blogger needs to overcome if they want to maintain their family/social life and take some well-deserve time off each week. Providing they have the same problem of course.

  • Todd Andrews

    I wish I took more time off. I have the ability to take time off but not the will power. Just can’t turn off the entrepreneurial mind!

  • Siva | Makemoneyonline99.com

    That is great looking place to spend time off. I love to take 4 or 5 days off from working, though not possible.

    I would be great to write blog posts 5 or 7 in two days, schedule them for rest of the week and take it easy on the other five days.

  • Melvin

    thats a lot daniel.. me, maybe 4-5 hours.. and sometimes i experience trembling of hands because of typing too much

  • Ricardo

    Hi, I am from Brazil (Sao Paulo)… really, this is a very good place to visit.

  • greven

    Hey Daniel…

    ou… Olá Daniel. Eu sou de Portugal. 🙂 Espero um dia visitar esse paraíso que é o Porto de Galinhas. Lisboa é bonita… mas nada se compara a esse paraíso! 😉

  • Ben Moreno

    I have been working my butt off on my new version of my blog


    and I work full time. I pretty much don’t take days off. I still do stuff on the weekends though. Every so often I do a short filming session on the weekend for our Desert Dogs series we do.


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