Teen Blogger Earns $900 a Month

By Gregory Ciotti - 0 minute read

According to a recent Cnet article, a teenage blogger showcased at the BlogHer 2007 Conference earns $20 to $30 a day through AdSense on her Ultimate Neopets Cheats site. That’s $700 to $900 a month with “very little work,” a feat most of us older bloggers would love to attain.

How did Chloe Spencer do it? From the video, her strategy doesn’t sound out of the ordinary. She started out on a WordPress.com blog and moved to her own domain to run AdSense. She was knowledgeable and passionate about her topic, knew a thing or two about SEO, integrated ads to blend with her content, and participated in her niche’s online community. By all accounts, she just followed common blogging wisdom and it paid off.

Success stories like this are inspiring. It’s just another confirmation that, with a well-structured blog, a topic that you’re passionate about, and a little SEO know-how, you can earn a significant income through blogging no matter who you are. Props to Chloe for reaffirming our faith in blogging as a rewarding way of life.

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45 Responses to “Teen Blogger Earns $900 a Month”

  • Regina

    Wow, That is inspiring! I have just started blogging and I have been learning a lot reading your blog. I have to say, I believe it appears that most of the successful blogs have a good plan, knowledge and persistence. Maybe it’s time to introduce my son to blogging. 🙂

  • GoldeN

    Not only this, every blogger can get upstairs if just think about innovative ideas also keep in mind the Keywords that gonna included into sites, we can get help by Google Adwords Tool choosing Keywords to get most effective results by clicking on them.

    Thanks for sharing this motivated story that shaking our minds 🙂

  • saparee

    I’m very excited after read this article, i newbie in adsense world. my dream want be like him. Thanks for your share!

    PS. sorry for some word if you not understand, i am Asia Teenager with poor English skill 😛

  • Teen

    Yes, no matter how old we are – we can earn money from Internet especially blogging. 🙂 Nice to read this motivated story.

  • DreamHouse

    Hi Adam,

    Very inspiring indeed. I am always optimistic on getting this in my website too. Amazing and good for her.

  • Susan

    Success stories are inspiring. Sometimes you get depressed chasing traffic but when you read about someone else’s success you know it’s achievable.

  • Tori

    This definitely inspires me. 🙂
    I hope I can get to this point.

  • TeenDad

    I’m now 19 and experiencing being a dad. I must say although it feels good it’s still hard. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but to be honest, the hard part is having to balance time. My daughter is great and makes managing her never dreadful. -Teen dad

  • jay ess

    that’s pretty amazing that she can make that much just talking about something so useless to many people. imagine what she could do with a topic that’s relatable to a wider audience.

  • ancich

    I usually make 2 cents a day! And my content is all original cartoons made by me. Sigh..

  • Prima Donna

    I agree Chloe’s story is a great inspiration. However, how would I get Adsense on my website or blog?

  • Emma

    Wow, that IS an inspiring story. I’m fourteen, and it’d be great if I could somehow manage to get that kind of revenue from just my blog. But – sigh – it’s probably much more difficult that it sounds, right? Perseverance, I suppose.

  • ierone

    i’m a teen blogger. but i don’t capable to upgrade my Blog on wordpress.com. so, recently i use standard Blog with wait my Blog become fame

  • Finn

    im 16 and making $35 a day from my website

  • rajeelkp

    I’m also a teen blogger , but not earning anything.I need the guidance and help of you people – The probloggers……

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