Test Your Typography on FontTester.com


Optimizing the typography on your site is very important, because it affects how easily visitors will be able to read your content. I just came across a neat little tool you can use to do just that. It is called FontTester.com.

font tester

The site basically let’s you tweak and compare blocks text. You can use a single, double or triple column layout, and tweak each one independently. Among other things you’ll be able to change the:

  • font
  • font size
  • font color
  • line height
  • letter spacing
  • word spacing

If you haven’t touched your typography in a while, or if you believe you could improve things a bit, while not use this Friday to do that? Once you find a combination that suits your website well you can copy and paste the CSS code.

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16 Responses to “Test Your Typography on FontTester.com”

  • John Paul

    Nice tool this can really make your job more aesier than before .Thanks for sharing Daniel !

  • Voeding

    Hmm, i need to learn this tools more since I’m not good at all on css.

  • Pinoy @ How to blog

    Wow Daniel! Thanks for sharing this kind of tool. It will be helpful for me to improve the typography of my site.

  • Julius

    I think that this can be an excellent tool for making sure your readers not only can read but would also understand your content. And with that I believe it may increase our site’s accessibility

  • Ann Krebber

    My admiration to you, you can always find useful tools like this. I was lucky by visiting here every day I can realize the existence of tools like this.

  • Dev @ Blogging Tips

    Hey Daniel,

    Grreat. very useful tool. Thanks for sharing this !

  • Namitha

    very useful tool . i did not see as before. thankx

  • Daniel Scocco

    Sorry for the broken link. It is working now.

  • Ishan

    This one is a good tool. I remember pulling my hair out when setting up typography to find perfect combination. Hopefully, this tool will make life easier!

  • Roshan Ahmed

    Hi Daniel,
    few weeks I added some text in my blog in some font (I don’t remember which font). But when I viewed it in Windows 7 chrome browser it was smoother and more steady and looks like another font family. Does this happen? Or will be some mistake I’ve made?

    -Roshan Ahmed 🙂

  • pascal

    Hi daniel, that link is not worked, correct that site link, In that link remove “s”

  • Luci

    Nice find – had a bit of a play with it, but I think I still prefer Firebug. FontTest also puts the font-size in ‘x-small’ which is less than ideal – rather than em’s or pixels. FontTest gives it all to you upfront, but with a bit of knowledge Firebugs easy 🙂
    Also, the link is broken in the post

  • Amit

    The Link appears wrong – Here is the correct one

  • Rachel

    Hey Daniel, great idea – thanks for sharing!

    (btw, you might want to adjust your hyperlink – it goes to fonttesters.com instead of fonttester.com 🙂

  • Me

    Your link in the first paragraph is broken. (The anchor text is “FontTester.com”, but the actual URL you’re linking to is ”

  • Josh Garcia

    Hey Daniel,

    Nifty little tool you found! Will have to play with this tool.

    Have a great weekend…

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