The Most Useless Websites on the Internet

Daniel Scocco

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A couple of days I was browsing (read procrastinating) when I came across a a website called It’s basically a directory of (other) useless websites. At a first sight those websites might look as a waste of time, but I found them interesting for a couple of reasons.

First of all I am certain you will have a laugh or two. Some of the ideas are pretty funny, others pretty weird, and all are very creative. In fact it even gets a bit addictive initially. For instance, check (careful, has sounds) or The Blue Ball Machine.

Second, you get to see and experience the ways that people are inventing for you to interact with web pages. For instance, check this site, or this one.

Third, some of those websites managed to attract quite a bit of social media exposure, so you can also try to understand what hooks they were using.

If you find a funny or interesting one that I forgot to mention feel free to drop a comment below.

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35 Responses to “The Most Useless Websites on the Internet”

  • Jon

    I was expecting something different for the blue ball machine

  • Arne

    Some are really really really useless, woww

  • Sriram

    Someone please delete these useless sites to keep the internet clean!

  • Leon

    I don’t suppose there is anyway any of that site can be monetized? They do have good rank and visitors

  • Irfan Siddiqui

    While spending on Facebook I often get such sites to visit not because I want to but because the links or the picture these website uses in social media that people easily click into them.

    All the sites that you mentioned in this post has a Good PR and a Good Alexa Ranking as well. I was really shocked when I saw a site that has nothing just color changing and has a PR of 3 and Alexa ranking under 50k.

    Really want to learn how they manage to get such ranking on such idiotic sites. If they can achieve with such sites we can too.

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