Too Much Effort and No Progress? Something Is Wrong There

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

My dad always tell me this. If you are putting too much effort into a specific task, while not making good progress, there is something wrong there.

This is true for all endeavors in life, from the most basic to the most complex ones. Suppose you are trying to cut a piece of wood with a hand saw. Despite putting all your strength on it, however, you are not making good progress. Well, there is something wrong there. You are probably not handling the saw the right way, or you are not approaching the wood with the right angle.

Upon facing a similar situation, some people would keep going carelessly, until all their energy is drained and they are overwhelmed by the task and just give up. Other people, however, stop and try to figure out what is wrong.

Needless to say that the second option is always the best one.

Now this principle also applies to the Internet and to blogging. I often times see people putting a lot of effort on their blogs or websites, but even after one year they are only getting a couple hundred of unique visitors daily.

Sure, creating a popular website is hard, but it is easy at the same time. What I mean is, you should not expect to be receiving 10,000 daily unique visitors after 6 months, but 1,000 is completely feasible.

The message I want to pass is the following: If you are working very hard on your website, but apparently are not making any real progress, there must be something wrong there (e.g., on the domain name, on your promotion strategies, on your content, or on all of them).

No matter what you do, you can’t make your website go over 200 daily unique visitors or 200 RSS subscribers? Something is wrong there.

If you are in that situation, the best thing you can do is to stop and think. Take a look around, see what other people are doing, investigate what is working from them, read e-books, study, and re-think your strategy.

Sometimes this will involve shifting the focus of your site, other times it will require you to completely dump it and start a new one. It is not easy, but it might be necessary.

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34 Responses to “Too Much Effort and No Progress? Something Is Wrong There”

  • medyum

    I can relate to your post because I just dumped my old blog and started a new one because I have a big problem on domain name issue. I learned that my old blog does not have a potential to grow but as I read comments, suddenly I am nervous in the same time challenged. My blog is just one week old and now, I’m looking forward if I can beat that 1000 visitor per day, after six months….

  • gendut

    hard to evaluate and find the wrong action…..yes the importan keys to do better on next act from failure

  • flssgyllnvp

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  • Lex G

    There’s truth your opening line Daniel …

    In regard of blogs and receiving the return that we wish for, I think many new bloggers misinterpret the ‘level of difficulty’ that their niche is holds…

    For instance, it’s difficult to become successful in the internet marketing niche in a short while (unless you’ve got many important friends of course). The reasons are that this niche is quite saturated with quality pages. As a result, ranking for high traffic keywords becomes harder and takes more time and work …

    IMO the way around getting tired and then disappointing is good preparation (careful research of the niche that you want to approach and building a good strategy on top of that) …

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