Tough Times for GoDaddy

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

GoDaddy is the registrar of several of my domain names. While I do think that their web hosting is crap, so far they have performed well as a registrar.

That being said, it looks like other people are not having the same luck with their services lately. Yesterday Mashable covered the story of a website that was suspended by GoDaddy due to “suspicious activity.”

Browsing around the web I also came across a website called NoDaddy, which is dedicated to report horror stories from users that got damaged by the company. Here is a quote from the homepage:

GoDaddy suspends accounts without due cause. They often even levy an arbitrary “fines” and hold your domain name ransom until you pay it. GoDaddy stores your credit card number when you make a purchase, allowing them to levy “fines” without your consent (example1, example2, example3).

For example, when Nick Berlette exposed a serious security hole in the website of DynaDot.Com, they apparently responded by persuading GoDaddy to shut down his blog rather than fixing their pathetic security []. GoDaddy of course complied immediately, and sent him this shutdown notice. Note that GoDaddy used the ransom approach here, saying he had two options: Pay a “$199 non-refundable reactivation fee” and GD will put his web site back up, or “if you choose to transfer the domain name to another registrar, we first require that you pay a $75 administration fee … to cover the costs of responding to or “cleaning up” the situation caused by your web site.

Well, if nothing else I will be more careful from now on. GoDaddy should do its homework though, having such a bad publicity circulating around must cost big bucks, especially on the age of blogs and social media (NoDaddy was on the Delicious front page today indeed).

What registrar do you use? Have you had any problems with it in the past?

Update: If you are looking for a domain names ebook, check out “Killer Domains.” It has all the tools and techniques that I use to find great and available domain names.

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58 Responses to “Tough Times for GoDaddy”

  • Laura Millar

    I don’t understand why people still keep using GoDaddy, has anyone seen it’s website lately? Most of the people who use it find it difficult to understand, it’s far too overdone with content, thousands of links… it’s just a confusing experience.

    They may have great uptime, but their customer service sucks.

  • Douglas Tobaiwa

    I had big problems with GD and wrote over 30 emails to them, just trying to solve an issue. Even tried calling and the guys at customer service are useless. Wished i had purchased my domain names elsewhere.
    Real horror story.

  • christian redecen-davies

    Absolute load of rubbish – have to do everything yourself as they do the bare minimum – the customer (technical) support don’t even know anything – they can’t help – i was told to search through Google for help with my issues.

    I have to say this is the worst company i have ever dealt with – if they spent more time on customer service instead of using ugly trouts in their videos they might actually be a decent company!

    I’m so miffed

  • barbaros

    GoDaddy no thanks,their hosting services are crap,if you have a problem well good luck, they will get back to you in 2-3 days.And by the way you say hello to them and they charge your credit card for greeting,after globat they are second worst hosting company

  • SEO Genius

    Wow this is news to me even if the article is a couple of months old, i have always thought that godaddy too offer great domain deals however lack when it comes to hosting.

    I will take care in the future when purchasing from them.

  • blabrmouth

    I use Namecheap specifically for this reason. GoDaddy is notorious for scams like this. For anyone doing more than putting up an online brochure, GoDaddy is a no no.

  • Snuffelcrew

    i’m perfectly happy with my current host, sow no reason to look for a new one 🙂

  • webhosting

    @The Masked Millionaire

    a good example of advertising on a bad location :p

  • SEO web hosting

    Never every use Godaddy for hosting. It not worth it in the long run. For an affordable hosting solution for a blogger who has one or two sites I would strongly suggest Tiny package which is fine for bloggers. You don’t need GBs of storage for the average blog.

  • James

    I use a company called Great Domain Now for my web hosting and domain registrations. They have worked very well for me so far and I would strongly recommend them others.

  • Dave

    I registered my full name as a domain with GoDaddy and had no problems. However two years ago I registered a full name domain name for a friend- a birthday present for the future. When it came time to renew Go sent me a “reup” form… on the last day poosible, late, with an “extra charge for late reregistration” notice. Then I went to reregister and found the domain had NEVER been registered in my friend’s name but for the past two years been registered to a company two-to-three miles from GoDaddy’s office in AZ. Calls to Go are answered curteously but they can’t tell me anything because the account password (done in my friend’s name) “is incorrect”. They tell me to email. Detailed emails get form responses. It appears that either Go or someone related to Go did a bit of frontrunning on the name but my original purchase request is still in GoDaddy’s system, hence the “please renew” emails. I considered sending this issue to SlashDot but have been lazy. I will not use GoDaddy again and will transfer my name domain to a different register.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @no thanks, I am not reporting any facts here, I am just quoting websites that did.

  • no thanks

    Get your facts straight they didn’t pull the plug because of the content it was because of the fact that the site was over utilizing the shared server they were on and were causing issues for other customers.

  • Ken

    I have read through this page and found that the people who commented didn’t actually encountered any serious problem with GoDaddy. How reliable is GoDaddy actually? Please share more if you have personally encountered problems with it.

  • moserw

    Been using GD for hosting myself, but to tell the truth never have had a problem myself. Thanks for the info though.

  • Blog Box

    Most of my domains were bought from GoDaddy. I don’t use GoDaddy for hosting though. No problems with their domain service for the past 5 years.

  • Sam Stevens

    I use GoDaddy exclusively for domains and have never had any issues with them, but I have heard some horror stories. Most domainers I know use Moniker.

  • Joey

    I only use Godaddy for domain registration. I felt pretty safe about it but maybe I need to revisit as I keep hearing horror stories. I started with network solutions but went to Godaddy to save money. I can say that I haven’t experienced any trouble with Godaddy.

  • The Upfront Mortgage Broker

    I use and have not had any problems with them so far. I did use 1 and 1 in the past as well with little to no problems.

    The Upfront Mortgage Broker
    Joe Bartolotta

  • nefesco

    So far Dreamhost gives me ZERO COMPLAINT. Their technical supports are very fast in term of domain registrar and web host. I recommend it ^_^

  • Ades

    So far no problems with my domain names at goDaddy, however recently I have transferred my blog out of goDaddy. My blog was too slow and when I reported it, they didn’t care to listen. Their response was “it’s fine on our side”…

    I think they might be at the peak of their slope at the moment, after this, they will go down the hill as a hosting provider.

  • TheAnand

    I usually use for my domain needs, its a standard 6.99 and fast and easy too . . . .the problem with godaddy is their looooong procedure to buy a domain name!

  • jodith

    I’ve been using ICD Soft for hosting and domain registration for about 3 years, and I’ve been very happy with them so far. No problems with renewing my domains (I’ve registered 3 with them so far), no issues with hosting, little down time, and their tech support has been fabulous. I recommend them to anyone who needs hosting services.

  • Neelesh

    I have been using domain right now and I did not get any trouble.

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