Twitter Contest: Win A Premium WordPress Theme

By Daniel Scocco

Update: I just did the random draw. The three winners, out of 198 participants, are: @ZoekmachineGuru, @rockus and @Medhy. I will contact you soon with your theme.

Mohsin from ThemeSphere contacted me to let me know about their latest theme, Spotlight. He said that he was willing to give away 3 licenses for our readers, so I went to check the theme out.


I must say that I liked it, because it comes with a very clean design, and packs most of the useful features that a blogger would need, including:

  • a dynamic header with featured posts
  • effective spots for ads
  • social media integration
  • search engine optimization

The price is not as high as some other premium themes either, costing $30 per license.

If you liked the theme and want to win a free license, though, all you need to do is to enter our Twitter contest.

There are just 2 requirements:

1. Follow me on Twitter (
2. Tweet the following message:

Entering the Spotlight contest. If you want to participate, follow @danielscocco and re-tweet

The deadline for the contest is this Friday, midnight. On Saturday I will update this same post with the name of the winners on the top.


47 Responses to “Twitter Contest: Win A Premium WordPress Theme”

  • DKumar M.

    Nice Contest…. and Nice Theme too !!

  • herinxi

    nice theme, get 1 license sound nice to me,
    this theme looks like Digital Statement Theme,
    let me follow you and join this contest,
    (and list my name in the winner 🙂


  • herinxi

    (and list my name as the winner 🙂

  • herinxi

    nice theme, get 1 license sound nice to me,
    this theme looks like Digital Statement Theme,
    let me follow you and join this contest,
    (and list my name as the winner 🙂
    my tweet @

    (please delete my previous comment)

  • Cananito

    is just one tweet more than enaugh?

  • Sohail

    another twitter contest……..its great but don’t you think people spam twitter when they say “tweet the following message”

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Sohail, a bit 🙂

  • SE7EN

    tweeted @SE7ENize 🙂

    Nice and clean theme
    but to be honest free themes these days have more and more features and looks like paid-to-use theme.

  • Mike Panic

    In. @mikepanic

  • Alex |

    Entered. I don’t see the harm in trying.

  • Melissa

    I like this theme! However, I just switched (and paid for) the Thesis theme and I’m diggin’ it:)

  • vanae

    just tweeted it.
    so how do you determine the winner?

    vanae wants a new theme do-over

  • Steve

    I just started following you today and retweeted your message.

  • Simon

    Just followed and tweeted. My username is simonspurr

  • Mohsin

    Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  • Bill Bolmeier

    Love these twitter contests. Everyone win all the way around. The theme is excellent to.

  • Bill Bolmeier

    I love these twitter contests. Everyone wins, all the way around. Looks like an excellent theme to. Hope I win.

  • Muhammad Haris

    Good luck to everyone.

  • gendut

    the theme very cool……. exciting contest

  • Dagny

    Hi There,

    Can you tell me how to place the ads on the blog (the ones that are there in your right hand side side-bar).

    I am aware of text link ads and Ad sense but I have found no informative tutorials on these kind of ads.

    I’d be glad to receive some help.

    Thank you.

  • zParacha

    Tweeted and following you. zparacha

  • deuts

    Joined. Hope I’ll win. 🙂

  • Ajith Edassery

    Done! Following you (Btw, I didn’t know that you were on twitter) and tweeted…

    Anyway, I have been looking for a new theme for my blog 🙂

  • Randy Marasigan

    Thanks for this Daniel! I’ve already joined.

  • Galina Vitkova

    I like the new WordPress themeBut now I am quite contentent with my present theme. Anyway good luck to competitors.

  • Young

    I nearly took part in every contest DBT held, but I never won before. 🙁

  • NEO

    Yes, Dan. I didn’t even know you what your Twitter account was. I could use a good theme since I’m thinking on launching something big in my life regarding blogging but I’m also glade I’m follwing you now (since you’re in my reader for a long time), to see interesting tweets.

  • Jay


    I’m following you now at and I just twitted your message.

    And that looks like a pretty nice theme… wish me luck! And good luck to all of you guys!


  • E-Business Blog

    Count me:

  • Indo Contest


  • Muhammad Haris


    There is an administration control panel with pre-defined places to add 8 advertisement 125×125 banners on the sidebar.

  • Dagny

    Hi Haris,

    Thank you for the reply. I have this space in my blog but I’d like to know what kind of ads are these? I have put adsese in this space becasue I have got no clue about these ads and I have found no tutorial on the same on internet.


  • Muhammad Haris


    Are you talking in relevant to Spotlight or some other theme?

  • Dagny

    Hi Haris,

    Here is the blog-

    I have put adsesnse where could put ads such as ones on this blog. I have no clue how to do this.

  • Muhammad Haris


    Sorry, please contact the theme author for the support.

  • Wii Fit Games

    Great content and definitely wonderful theme!

  • Wiehanne

    Follow you on twitter (id: wiehanne) and tweet it here:

  • Dhadha

    Hi! Count me in! Followed you on twitter (ID: iheartcontest) and retweeted the msg ( ^^

  • Fool

    Wonderful of you.

  • Vitamina

    I already started following you and tweeted the message (check: 4 days ago. When I did it, I reported it back here, but cannot find my comment! 🙁
    Hope I got in 🙁

  • Vitamina

    all my comments do not appear, why is that?

  • koben

    who is the winner?

  • SATISH —

    Congrats winners..

    I love that theme..I am looking forward to purchase it, for my next project shortly.Need to contact the owner of the theme.
    Is there any discount for DBT readers!

  • Medhy

    Wow, I’m the winner. Thanks for the theme, Daniel. 🙂

  • peraduanku

    Congrats to all winners 🙂

  • Umit Namli

    Cool, just found out I’m one of the winners.

    Thanks for the theme ThemeSphere and thanks for the opportunity to win this theme Daniel.

  • miji

    cool stuff for this wordpress theme..

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