Twitter Less, Blog More!

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

twitter less, blog more

Given the religious following that Twitter is gaining these days, I am sure that this will be a polemic topic.

Still here it goes: Twitter less and blog more!.

Now let me draw my argument.

I do think that Twitter is a very useful online application, for several purposes. It allows people that work from home or alone in front of a computer all day to socialize. It allows bloggers and website owners to interact with their readers on another level. It should even allow one to make new friends and to get in touch with people that would be unreachable otherwise.

The problem I am seeing lately, though, is that many people are giving Twitter priority even when they have something interesting, useful or funny to say; or when they have some resources to share. In those situations, I think it would be a better idea to develop your thoughts and ideas a bit further, and post it on your blog instead.

Why? Because your blog is your property. It should be the single most important location for you on the Internet. It should be the place where people go to when they think about you. Your blog, not Twitter (unless you only Twitter obviously).

Even if you don’t like to think in abstract terms, there are material reasons to opt to blog something instead of Twittering it. In the long run every backlink and every visitor count. Guess what, every time you Twitter instead of blogging something interesting you are risking to lose visitors and backlinks.

This very post illustrates the case. My initial though was to Twitter about this. Since we have the limit of 140 characters over there, it would be something like “Hey guys, have you ever thought that perhaps instead of Twittering you should be blogging?”

Instead of doing that, though, I decided to develop my thoughts further and create a post with it.

Now think about two people starting today on the online world. One adopts the strategy I am describing here. The other goes religiously with Twitter, blogging once in a while. After one year, I suspect that the former would have a popular blog, while the latter would have a popular Twitter account.

Which one would you rather have?

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58 Responses to “Twitter Less, Blog More!”

  • Martin Stillman

    Great post…..less isn’t always more and by way of demonstrating this, I retweeted the piece 😉

    Seriously, you last point is in my view the key one – would you rather have a successful blog or busy Twitter account. Personally, when I get to 200 following or followers, I have a clear out……both ways. Why?

    It keeps me thinking and innovating, new topics, new ideas, new areas of interest – and new blogs too!

  • Chauffeurlinks

    Thank you Daniel for posting this informative article. I agree with you that Twitter less and blog more. Twitter provide great platform to share recipes, article, links and useful tips with friends. we get in touch through our cell phone with whole world.

  • Julio

    I don’t know what it is with everyone and twitter. I hear soo much about it but i never caught on. I’ve had an account for over a year i probably twitted about 10 times and not continusly either. The funny thing is that i receive emails from twitter telling me that people are following me on twitter.

  • medyum

    Good points. On the other hand, I use other peoples’ tweets some days as my inspiration. What are people talking about? Is there a blog post in there I could write that interests me? Granted, I’m new to the entire experience (Twitter & blogging both).

  • patingski

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  • jan geronimo

    “My point is: you own your blog, while you don’t own your Twitter account.”

    This is it in a nutshell. I was thinking of a clever way to refute the premise of your post, but the line above has slain me.

    When you consider your blog as the love of your life then commit to it. Twitter has its uses – all of which can very well be valuable to your blog. But in the grand scheme of things, Twitter is just your fancy town crier.

  • Stefan Wurz

    At least when I tweeter – the odds are someone will see it.

  • Peter Szabo

    I’ve played around a little with Twitter, but found it rather banal. Give me my blog any day – of course my blog is rather banal as well, but it’s my banality.

  • Julie N (

    Daniel – as usual you speak words of wisdom. It is so easy to get caught up in the Twitter scene that I lose focus on my blog posts. I’m off to write some right now! Thanks!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Robin, regardless of that, I would not invest my time and energy into something that I don’t own.

    Even if in the future ways to monetize or benefit from a Twitter account emerge, the service could still crash right? Suppose they have a technical glitch and all your account is lost.

    They have their ToS to secure themselves, and you will be left with empty hands sending emails to their customer support, in vain.

    Not a scenario I like :).

  • Robin

    @ Daniel,
    Yeah.. I agree that.. today.. we cannot monetize Twitter or launch other projects now.. But Twitter is in its very early days.. we still don’t know how it will shape up.. In the future, there may be a way to monetize Twitter.. We still don’t know..

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Robin, I don’t agree.

    My point is: you own your blog, while you don’t own your Twitter account.

    Post all your cool ideas and links on your Twitter account and you will have many followers. But so what? Can you monetize that? Can you launch other projects from that?

    I think a blog is much more powerful for those.

  • Robin

    I don’t know whether your advice – “Twitter less and blog more!.” really holds.. Twitter is still in its very early days.. have found acceptance only among tech geeks.. We don’t how it is going to be, when it starts finding acceptance among mainstream people.. So until then “Twitter less and blog more!” may be correct.. But if Twitter finds as much acceptance as facebook, then it may well change to “Twitter more and blog less”.. Since everybody including u and me love things that are concise and straight to the point..

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