Use Google Safe Browsing For A Quick Malware Check

By Daniel Scocco

If you want to perform a quick malware check on yours or any other website, you can use the Google Safe Browsing tool. You just need to visit the URL below and change the domain name in the end:

The little tool will tell you if Google has detected malware on the website, how many pages were tested over the past 90 days, and how many networks (servers) are hosting the site.


Notice that the Google Safe Browsing technology is embed in the Chrome and Firefox browsers too, so if you try to visit a website that is currently flagged for malware the browser will also let you know about it.


18 Responses to “Use Google Safe Browsing For A Quick Malware Check”

  • Keith Davis

    Thanks for the quick tip.
    Free malware check – can’t be bad.

    • Kamal Hasa

      Your search result for your website will tell you if your site is infected or not anyways 😉

  • Stephanie – Home with the Kids

    This tool just about gave me a heart attack. Not for malware, but because it claimed Google hadn’t crawled one of my sites in the past 90 days. Checked with Google Webmaster Tools and it all looks fine, shows plenty of crawling, and I can see recent pages in the index, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.

    • Sujith

      Check for any spelling mistakes.

      • Stephanie – Home with the Kids

        No misspellings – I copied and pasted the link I used for the malware check into the browser, and it took me to my site.

  • Alex Dumitru

    You can also check it out in Webmasters Tools 🙂

  • Jamie Northrup

    Thanks for the tip Daniel, of my 9 websites, 8 show as not being visited by Google but is fine in Webmaster Tools, so I’m guess it’s specific to visits looking for malware.

    On a lighter note, did anyone try using it to check…

    Malicious software includes 94 exploit(s), 11 trojan(s), 5 scripting exploit(s).

    Not shocking news, but funny lol

  • jason

    Very cool tip. I’ve often wondered on how to check for malware, as I hate when I get it on my own system, so this is extremely helpful. Thanks and good job!

  • Allan Ward

    This is a great idea. I’d expect my antivirus software would tell me if I was visiting one of my sites and something was wrong, but probably only if I was on the affected page.

    Just checking my sites out now.


  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hi Thanks for this info. I know this tool very well. But sometimes, this tool is blocking websites which contains no malware. So, I think they need to update their policies or something to flag only the malware sites.

  • Joshu Thomas ( OC webmaster Blog)

    nice information Dan..


  • Rahul @ MazaKaro

    Hey thank you for this…A lot of malware in my day to day activities….This would help me

  • Craig

    Well blow me out of the water. How amazing is that?

    2 days ago I got the Google notification of Malware on my website and have that notice. I have spent about 4 hours now trying to get rid of it and finding the backdoor.

    So..I am currently working on fixing it and I get this from Blogtips…are you stalking me?

  • Junaid

    this is a good tool… will use it regularly..
    thanks for sharing

  • Farouk

    that’s very useful
    thank you Daniel 🙂

  • Web Marketing Tips

    Yes this one is really useful to get extra details about any website.

    Link bookmarked.

  • Virtual Avatar

    Thanks for the nice share Daniel. This will make browsing safe for us. I use chrome often, but I can also advice other to use it. 😉

  • BlogTipss

    Google Safe Browsing tool is one of greatest tools ever. Now I ll use it regularly. Thanks for tip

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