Want to Sell Your Blog? Want to Buy Blogs? Drop Me an Email

By Daniel Scocco - 0 minute read

Over the last month I helped two friends to sell their blogs, and one of them went for over $30,000. Even before that I used to get emails from people wondering if I would be interested in purchasing their blogs, or if I knew someone that would.

Most of the times I am interested in taking a look, and I also know many people that buy and sell websites for a living, so I am thinking about exploring the business side of this market. Many sellers and buyers prefer to keep the transaction private instead of going with a public auction on Sitepoint or similar, because it makes the overall process smoother.

So if you are trying to sell your blog privately, drop me an email and we can arrange something. Similarly, if you are interested in buying blogs privately, let me know and I will keep you in the loop of the opportunities available. You can reach me on daniel AT dailyblogtips.com.

Update: Please only consider selling if your blog is already making $300 or more monthly. If that is not the case, it would not be a good idea for anyone.

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55 Responses to “Want to Sell Your Blog? Want to Buy Blogs? Drop Me an Email”

  • paul

    I want to sell my blog ,it has 13000+ pageviews a month and can do a lot better ,i haven’t really looked at the financial side of things yet it can make money and a lot of it if the person knows what they are doing ,the only reason i want to sell it is because i don’t really know what im doing with it and losing out on a lot of cash so would prefer someone to make money from it and i don’t want no silly offers .this blog started off small and has improved daily .

  • SeriousOpinion

    I would be interested in knowing if you are still evaluating websites? If so could you please send me an email and I will send you the details for your evaluation.


  • msia

    Hey Daniel. I was wondering how much does my site value at, and can you help me find a buyer? If sufficient i would give you some of it. My Alexa rating is close to 1 million and received more than 18,000 unique visitors per month and more than 400 unique users daily. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks.

  • Randi

    Hi Daniel,
    I recently bought this website – buyingblogs.com – and am now enjoying being able to connect with other people who have the same passion. Your article caught my eye and I look forward exploring the links and visiting your site. There is so much to learn in this niche and the opportunities are endless! Feel free to visit my site and give me some tips!

  • Mary

    In August, this blog make $500 per month and I bought it $3000. Currently there are about 3200 visitor per month. Please let me know how much it worth?

  • fasean

    Just thinking of pursuing a whole new challenge, and thus want to get a new owner for my blog..
    Its not really about how much it would fetch, its more of getting someone that can take it to a new level, with their own vision and liking

  • Mr. Henry Okwach

    Hello Daniel,
    I came across your site after undergoing several attempts on how I can obtain a potential buyer to my blogs posts. However I very much pleased to come across you site which has an ideal assistance.

    Please help me find a buyer, and also advice on how money is being sent and also how I can obtain the cash. Thanks.

  • Jakk Ogden

    Hey mate my brother Danny came across this website yesterday and sent off a mini proposal about Technology Blogged.

    I really am looking to sell this blog and it has HUGE potential in the long term and medium term.

    Currently I earn £275 from it through people paying for links embedded within posts on a monthly and one off basis. It is a PR 2, has been online for 2 years, traffic figures are high (especially uniques) and search engine traffic accounts for around 35% of it, other sources include Twitter and other blogs.


  • Eddie Gear

    Hello Daniel,

    Is it possible that You can take a look at my blog and let me know its worth. I do not wish to just close the blog, rather would sell it to someone who can carry it forward. Work has been head over heels for me.

    Please let me know, via email.


  • Dipak Naik

    I have not got any response on selling of my blog. I have already written to you twice before this. Kindly help. I am in need of money badly.

  • Dipak Naik

    I need money urgently for which I want to sell my blog for $2500 to $3000 (negotiable). Please help me sell my blog within 2 weeks time.

  • Dipak Naik

    I want to sell my blog for some financial crisis so kindly help me sell my blog. My expectation is around $2500 to $3000.

  • ashwini

    Hi Daniel,
    Entirely new concept to me. Please let me know if I can sell my website and still have editorial rights on the same. I am basically looking for a sponsor.
    Thanks, Rgds.

  • mohammed

    i have a blog to sell please how much would you buy such a wonderful blog like this. please reply me as soon as possible

  • yemi

    Hi Daniel, I have a blog to sell and the reason for selling it is that i find it difficult to drive traffic to it because of my schedule, so ihave not made money from it and it is six months old. Please, can you help me sell it. I dont mind the amount, I just can’t give it up like that.
    You can reach me through my email id i submited with this comment.
    Thank you.

  • Aaron

    How much do you think my technology blog is worth..

    Its 15 days old

    has 1000 pages. 20 unique visitors a day.

    Alexa Rank 10 days back: 14 million

    Alexa Rank Now: 8.8 Million

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    Will People prefer buying lengthy domain names ?

  • WeCreateContent

    I just stumbled on this site, really seems like a good resource. The I-trepreneur.com blog (stated above by this Alex person) was completed because of the hard-work and effort of many writers (from the US and the Philippines).

    This Alex Kauffman person should be banned and jailed for scamming people. Daniel, please don’t help this person or he will continue his shameful activities.

  • medyum

    I think this is a good business idea for you. You have plenty of knowledge and experience, not to mention contacts. If I’m ever in the market to buy or sell I’ll come to you.

  • saeedbhatti

    i have six blogs and five web sites,i want to sell some blogs if any body is welling to buy it ,email me for further correspondence.

  • i-trepreneur.com

    Hi Daniel,

    I’m looking to sell my blog which I have not updated in months. Willing to actively update and promote it on the SEs for 3 months prior to selling it.

    The URL is in my name. Let me know if you’re interested in helping me out.

    Thank you,

  • Gany

    Daniel pls give a response for the last comment.

  • Gany

    Hi Daniel. This is my mail id and this is the blog which i want to sell . Can you please tell me an estimate amount for this blog. Please respond at the earliest.

  • hafeez

    Here is my blog. if i want to sell it how much i will get. it all about software quality assurance

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