Website Traffic Series Part 2: Submtting Your Content to Blog Carnivals

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

On the first part of this series we covered how you can generate traffic to your website via Web Design and CSS galleries. On the this second part I want to cover one of the most basic traffic generation methods for bloggers: Blog Carnivals. (By the way, this will be a long series. The basic stuff is coming first, but soon we’ll have more salty techniques, so stay tuned!)


Concept: A Blog Carnival is basically an event where bloggers that cover a particular topic will get together and post a collection of their articles. Usually you have one hosting blog and the participants. The participants send the links to their articles and posts, and the hosting blog will then publish all the links in a single post.

There are all sorts of carnivals around the web: weekly, monthly, with fixed host, with variable host, standalone editions and so on.

Does it work?: Yes. If you manage to participate in a Blog Carnival, at the very minimum you will gain a couple of backlinks and some incoming visitors. Obviously the overall result will depend on the quality and size of the carnival in question.

When I was promoting my first blog a couple of years ago I used to participate in many blog carnivals, and some of them would bring as much as 500 visitors and dozens of backlinks.

Here is a quote from Steve Pavlina who also used them:

In my early traffic-building days, I’d do carnivals submissions once a week, and it helped a great deal in going from nothing to about 50,000 visitors per month

Over the time this practice lost some popularity, but you can still find valuable blog carnivals around the Internet, or even try to create your own.

How to get started: The easiest way to get started is to visit and to browse around for carnivals that are aligned with your niche. Check the ones that have a “Next edition” coming out soon, and submit your best articles.

There are also many self-hosted carnivals around the web, where a blog owner will just publish a post asking for its readers to contribute with articles around a given topic, so keep an eye open for those as well.

Finally, depending on the size of your readership, you could also try to start your own carnival. You could host the first edition on your blog and then get other bloggers to host the subsequent editions.

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    I just started a carnival at my website. Any tips on growing the carnival? I’m trying to participate in other carnivals and build relationships with bloggers. I’m also thinking about incentives for hosts early on to help build the brand. Let me know.


  • medyum

    Great post, I’ve been investigating blog carnivals recently and even wrote a post defining them on my blog.One of the cooler things some blog carnivals do is that they travel from blog to blog, drawing in a diverse group of participants with every edition, adding new perspectives each time.

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    great way to make some easy traffic 🙂 thanks

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    when r these carnivals hosted .. i have seen ne blog saying it has a carnival goin or sumthing like ..i wud like to read these carnivals once

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