Website Traffic Series Part 3: Leaving Comments on Other Blogs


On the first part of this series we talked about how you can generate traffic to your website by getting it featured on Web Design and CSS galleries. On the second part we talked about Blog Carnivals. Today we will cover another basic yet effective strategy: leaving comments on other blogs.


The concept: Blogs are conversations. Most of them, in fact, allow any user to post a comment at the end of every article. Usually you just need to write down your name and email (kept private) and publish your comment.

Most blogging platforms also allow you to insert your website URL, which will then be used to hyperlink your name to your website.

Should people get curious, angry, excited or feel any other emotion while reading your comment, there is a good chance that they will click on the name to see what kind of website you have on the other side. If the blog where you left a comment is a popular one, you could end up receiving hundreds of visitors from a single comment.

Does it work?: Yes, but mainly when your blog is new. You will still receive traffic from blog comments even if your blog is one or two years old, but by that time I expect that your average daily traffic will be too large to be able to notice the blog comments incoming visitors.

There are also some guidelines that you should follow. First of all do not spam as many blogs as possible with as many comments as possible. People will recognize a self-promotional comment miles away, and usually they will just delete it (apart from the fact that it is pretty lame to leave comments just for the sake of traffic).

So first of all make sure that you are adding value to the conversation with your comment. That should be something easy and natural if you comment on blogs that are related to your niche. You should have endless things to talk about the topics you like after all, right?

Secondly, there are certain types of comments that will attract more attention: the first comment, funny comments, thought provoking comments and controversial comments are just a few examples.

Finally, pay attention to the size of the blog where you will be engaging in the conversation, and on how active the community over there is.

How to get started: Just create a selection of blogs that are relevant to your niche and engage on the discussion there. Ideally you should subscribe to their RSS feed so that you can keep updated and follow up with comments as soon as an interesting post is published.

If you don’t know many blogs on your niche just head to Google and start searching, it shouldn’t be difficult to find heaps of them.

Over to the readers: Have you used the strategy of leaving comments on other blogs to generate traffic? How did it work?

Website Traffic Series

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105 Responses to “Website Traffic Series Part 3: Leaving Comments on Other Blogs”

  • Kronik Media

    Although offsite SEO factors are important one should not underestimate the importance of adding new and freah content to a website.

    Our own web design company website initially saw good results after our on site and off site SEO campaigns. After a while however we were running out of new SEO techniques to try. In the second phase of our SEO Campaign we are concentrating on updating our website with regular, new , quality content. We have also set up a web design resources blog at

  • blog

    hımmm very good thank you

  • Cheryline

    There are some blog owners who don’t allow post or comments. So these blogs are not conversational and I understand that it may be due to spammers. I appreciate the fact that you allow others to post because sometimes, you might learn something new from another marketer. I am glad I found you because though I have a blog of my own, I have learned a few tips from here and other places. Keep up the good work.

  • wizeguyztees

    Nice article about leaving comments on other blogs. I have been reading about do follow blogs vs. no follow blogs and that even takes your point to another level. Not only traffice from people clicking on your comments but all the links that can be gained by the link itself. Great post.

  • Muscle Post

    No questions that leaving comments on other blogs helps to bring visitors over to my site. However, one thing to think of if you are trying to monetize your blog is that if you post on sites with unrelated content, you are likely to get blog readers who are just checking your site out but aren’t so interested in your content. Therefore, they are less likely to click on content-related ads such as Google Adsense.

  • Hendrawan

    Do we place comments to attarct visitor or for adding backlinks?

  • Knut Holt

    Ihe tactics work well for blogs or newspaper articles that have a top placing in the search engines for some essential keywords.

    This blog for example has a good placeing for the words frase: leave a comment

  • Ron – now the web designer not soldier

    Having served in the Army for 21 years and several conflicts later, it is time for me to find a new career and have decided to undertake a career in web design and optimisation! Im not sure if this is the right decision as all I am entitled to within the Army ressetlement plan is £500 (which I need to spend wisely)

    Now my questions:

    1. Do you think I would be better off spending this money on an optimisation or web design course?
    2. If web design how can I gain a high position without spending money and how long will it take to learn the subject of optimisation?

    I know they are wide and sweeping questions but you input would be appreciated. I have my site nearly complete and have submitted it to a number of directories and search engines, what else can I do?

    Lots of questions, hope you can help – biiiiiiig thanks

  • Timethy

    In the long run this strategy won`t make wonders but as earlier mentioned for beginners this could be a kick start to get the first visitors. If you post comments to get visitors post them only on blogs in your niche so the visitors could identify them selfs and come again if the blog is interesting to them. For example if you post comments on a blog about cars and you write about technology there is only a small chance the referring visitor will come again.

  • fiat2live

    great tip but what is the meaning of nofollow

  • IMBlogger

    I totally agree with you, this method works. I’ve had few blogs in the past, and I have personally tested this method. I have received many, many and many visitors from this method. You could also use signature links on some forums to promote your site, like I did. Some blogs also use Top Commentators plugin on wordpress, so you could leave some comments on the blog and become the most commented person. You’ll get quality backlinks if the blog is pretty huge, has traffic and nice PR. 😉

  • aadil

    lol .. i am doing it now
    thanks for information

  • lonifasiko

    I consider leaving comments (not spam!) in other blogs very important specially when you are new to blogging.

    If a reader likes your comment, or considers it at least funny, sure he’ll click on your name and will check your blog. At least, I do it this way…

  • fitzheim

    That’s indeed a valid point. I rarely post a comment even though I love the content. Not that I am rude but I just love reading. This article is really an eye opener. 🙂

    Thanks for the tips.

  • Ava

    Thank you Daniel. You even clarify in this string of comments, number 16, that people shouldn’t leave comments for the sake of generating traffic.

    I was just playing around, trying to see if a humorous (Ok, subjective, I know, and clearly not funny I guess) comment would generate any curiosity.

    Then since this is a daily blog, I figured it wouldn’t take long before this post aged out. So I wanted to report back like I indicated I would. And I attempted a slightly edgier, controversial position, like you advise in your article.

    I was just playing around, trying to learn the ropes. Get in a little practice. I hope I did not offend.

    For what it’s worth, I’m really pleased that you responded to me. Thanks again.

  • Michael

    That’s primarily how I market my blog, this way I engage in a conversation with other bloggers and at the same time let them know where I blog.

    I can’t say that I’ve had enormous success with it (I think it has something to do with the fact that this is basically the ONLY way I market my blog) but it has helped me move along a lot quicker than I thought.

  • Daniel Scocco

    Ava, you leave on comment on a blog, track it for 2 days, and since it did not send you any traffic you arrive to the conclusion that leaving comments on blogs does not generate traffic, period?

    Well, you need to review your analysis strategy a bit :).

  • Ava

    I left a comment on April 11th to see if it would generate any traffic. It did not. Not even one.

    You do mention not any old comment will suffice, that comment rank is important as well as comment quality. I think given both of those criteria, recommending comments as a traffic building tool, is a bit off the mark.

    I would agree with some of the others, that indeed leave comments. But do it because it’s a nice “tip of the hat” to the blog, not in the hopes of generating traffic to your blog.

  • Laurence

    @sir jorge

    I admire your dedication. Surely that time could have spent a little more producively though?

  • randomguru

    thanks for the article… i’ll have to make a point to comment more often in the future. i think it’s just good to give feedback to acknowledge that you’ve visited the site.

  • Marla Saunders

    There is another benefit to leaving comments within your niche that I haven’t read here yet: meeting and developing community with the other bloggers themselves.

    I recently attended a conference within my niche (future-thinking church-related culture watchers…how’s that for a niche?) and ended up meeting several bloggers whose names I knew well from reading their sites and leaving comments. And each blogger I met at the conference seemed to know several other people who blogged or read blogs or wrote for a living, so a network developed.

    All this developed from initial comments left on like-minded blogs. Definitely worth a shot.

  • Rob O.

    By the way, “deep linking” directly to an individual post on your blog (rather than the home page) is a nice way to direct visitors to an article that’s specifically related to the topic on which you’re commenting.

    “Deep Linking” is an excellent way to shine a little new light on an older post that never quite seemed to get its due share of exposure. Y’know sometimes the blog entries that you’re most proud of are the ones that can seem to go by largely unnoticed…

  • Rob O.

    I’ve found this “strategy” to be helpful. It won’t net you dozens or hundreds of new subscribers in a few days but just remember that old adage, “Slow & steady wins the race.”

    Commenting on other’s blogs is just part of being a good “netizen.” Sure, writing should be sufficient reward in itself, but every blogger needs a little validation from time to time. Your stats will tell you if people are VISITING your site but comments tell you if people are READING and CONNECTING with your posts.

  • Simple Mom

    I try to leave a comment any time I pop over to a site from my RSS reader. The main reason is so there’s a “point” to my blog reading besides just enrichment or entertainment.

    In other words, if I’m going to use my precious time reading blogs, I should make the most of it and leave a link wherever I read. It at least makes my time well-spent (along with getting good information from where I’m reading).

    Secondly, I like to leave comments simply because I like to receive them. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Even if I don’t get any clicks because of my comment, at least I made someone’s day by adding to their conversation.

  • Book Marketing Buzz

    I agree this is a great way to get traffic for new blogs. I don’t have time now, but when things weren’t as hectic, I would make a point to go out and comment on at least 30 blogs a night. Too much work right now but what started out as an experiment ended up showing me that this strategy works. LOL, I’m not doing it now on your blog…I get your newsletter and wanted to see what the others had to say. ;o)

  • bhaveshm

    Wow, Great Article, I am starting to make comments on others blog.
    I am starting from this comment.

  • studicom

    I have learned something new today and that recieved comments are also as precious as the content of a blog and it happend cause i have started reading dailyblogtips.


  • team ray

    it is easy traffic

    if folks arent doint it

    they are losing easy traffic

  • Ava

    Controversial comments increase traffic? Let’s see if this is true.

    You’re mother wears combat boots! Oh wait, that’s just abusive.

    Let me try again:

    Global warming is nonsense! I’m sitting here freezing eating Fart Casserole in April for God’s sake. I could use a little global warming in my neighborhood! Al Gore give up on the global warning and keep promoting your Internet – you may be on to something with that idea.

    I’ll report back, that is if my increased bandwidth doesn’t crash my site!

  • Otto

    If I stopped commenting on blogc relevant to my niche my visitors would probably drop by 50%.

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