Website Traffic Series Part 6: Using Forum Signatures

By Daniel Scocco - 1 minute read

Time to analyze another traffic generation strategy: using forum signatures. At the bottom of this post you will find links to all the previous parts on the series, and stay tuned for future ones, we are going to cover literally all of them!


The concept: Online forums are as old as the Internet, and despite being around for a long time, they are still a popular destination for Internet users that want to get specific questions answered, find solutions for their problems, or simply to socialize with other people that are interested on a specific topic.

Most of these forums also allow their members to create a custom signature containing hyperlinks, that will appear at the bottom of each of their posts. Now if you consider that some popular forums get hundreds of thousands of visits every day, you can see how a catchy link below your posts could end up sending some traffic to your website.

Does it work?: Yes if your blog is new or has a small audience. The traffic won’t be huge, but it will be real. Provided that you hand pick the forums where you will participate and use signature links, this traffic might also be very targeted.

When I started Daily Blog Tips I was pretty active on Digital Point, one of the most popular online forums for webmasters. I remember that my signature links would send 20 to 30 unique visitors every day to the blog. Not an impressive number, but every little bit helps when you are starting out (plus there is some SEO value on the links as well).

How to get started: Head to, a site that lists the largest online forums divided by topic, and select some that are large, active and relevant to your niche.

Register an account on these forums and start participating on the community. Remember that you need first to give before you get something in return. This means that you should contribute to the conversation and add value where possible, and not just spam posts around. This should be easy after all, because I suppose you would have endless things to say on your niche.

Aim to write a minimum number of posts daily, and make sure to give your opinion on the hottest threads around as well (because they will receive/send more traffic).

Over the time, as the number of posts that you have on the forum increases, you will start to see some traffic flowing from your signature links.

Over to the readers: Have you used forum signature links to generate traffic to your blog or website? Has it worked? Do you think this method is worth the time you need to spend on it?

Website Traffic Series

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51 Responses to “Website Traffic Series Part 6: Using Forum Signatures”

  • MKR

    I’ve had a lot of success using my signature on forums where I’ve been a member for a while.

    The best part is that links aren’t nofollowed. I make good posts and am a good member of the community, so I earn a piece of that forum’s link value.

  • Eryaman hali yikama

    Very nice sharing. Thank you…

  • WebGuru @ Totally Free Web Site Tools

    I’ve been trying this out with Digital Point, seeing a little traffic, but I need more. If it takes 100s of posts and comments to generate 50-100 visitors a day, and then it is temporary traffic which will die off as those posts get older, is it really worth the time and effort? Is there something better that generated more traffic, faster, and longer lasting?

    Checking out the other methods now. A combination is probably best.

  • Levi Blackman

    I always like having my website in my signature. Makes me feel like I have to make really good posts because I am representing my website while trolling noobs on forums at the same time.

  • medyum

    Thanks for the tips. Never even gave it a thought and might be a better way to find some new readers and ideas for blog posts.

  • Yuxx

    it worked very well for me when i was a novice in blogging :p

  • WebTechGlobal

    That totally came out wrong lol

    I meant to say can’t not “can recall” reads a bit different and less criticising sorry about that 🙂

  • WebTechGlobal

    I liked this article it is simple yet I can recall seeing one 4 years ago when I started web design, just a list of all the things to do.

    If your interested you can register to and post your articles there. Advertise and link back to your website if you like including affiliate links.

    Email if you or anyone really is interested.

    Don’t forget to pop your domain into Click4Click it could get you traffic.If you need to edit your domains post (it is normally charged) I will give it to you free if you submit register and submit an article.

    Hope to hear from you soon

  • Western Mediterranean Cruises

    Forums can help you if that forum is related to your sites niche so if your site is about SEO you would us DP as in the screen shot

  • European River Cruises

    Does anyone know which of the highest ranking sites on Big Boards actually allow signature links? DoFollow or NoFollow it doesn’t matter. Just looking for those that allow live links.

  • Change Your Life for Better

    May be I did not participate in forums much. In digital point I did only 66 posts so far. In a year time I got 3 visits when I checked stats last time in Google Analytics. Actually at that time I had only 26 signature links to my blog.

    Now I am learning various advantages of signature links and several inferences on how to effectively use them. I plan to daily do atleast 10 posts on any forum regularly. As time passes without notice, we should see its benefit slowly.

  • making money online forum signature

    Forum can be very powerful, I have received lots of traffic and targeted traffic at that.


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