When Is The Best Time To Start A New Blog?


This is a guest post by Aseem Kishore.

Recently, while browsing through MyBlogLog and other sites, I’ve seen a lot of people with multiple blogs, usually more than two. There is really no problem with having more than one blog, but I always ask myself that if someone has more than one blog, than it must mean their first blog is doing very well. Wrong!

And that’s where I see a problem, at least in my opinion. When checking the stats on those multiple blogs, I found that in most cases all of the blogs were doing poorly to relatively OK, but nothing more. So, instead of having one poorly performing blog, many people have several poorly performing blogs.

It is hard enough maintaining one blog, let alone 2, 3, 4 or more at once. My opinion is that until your first blog reaches a certain level or status, you should hold off on creating a second blog. If you put all your resources into writing great content, building traffic, and building a large reader base for one blog, it will be much easier to create a second or third blog, but the first one has to be there as kind of a mandatory stepping stone.

So how can you gauge the “level” or “status” of a blog and know when it’s the right time to start a new one? Well, I don’t think it’s possible to have any clear cut formula for figuring something like that out, but from my own experience there are a few general guidelines I personally measure myself up against before thinking about starting a new blog.

1. Traffic — Again, there is no particular number that can be thrown out and used for all blogs, but there are some ways to think about traffic. For example, is your site mostly getting traffic from social media sites or from organic search results? My personal view is that you should judge whether to branch out based on your organic search results as social media can be very inconsistent.

If you’re looking at traffic numbers, you should analyze your current traffic to that of the top blogs in your niche. For Online Tech Tips, I might compare myself against Digital Inspiration, HowToGeek.com, Ghacks.net, MakeUseOf.com, etc. All of these sites are very well established and well respected tech blogs.

My favorite place to see traffic levels and compare my site to others is Google Trends, which can give you very very close estimates of daily unique visitors for websites:

Personally, if I feel I am within 10% of the top blogs in my niche, I might decide to go ahead and start another site. Of course, there are blogs like LifeHacker.com that blow away everyone in the graph above, but you don’t have to compare yourself to the top 1 or 2 sites as they are exceptions that are extremely difficult to ever reach.

My point is that if I am not matching other sites in my current niche, why the heck am I going to start a new site? There are still many aspects that need to be improved.

2. Financial Aspects — Another factor that you can consider in making a decision about starting a new blog is to look at your financials. How much money are you making from your site? Do you know how much the other guys are making? Sometimes asking them is the best way to learn and to determine whether you are doing things correctly or not. Are your earnings increasing every month or decreasing?

A lot of people will say that they want to reach the $100 a day mark in AdSense and that is their goal. So reaching that number might be a sign to start a new site. For others, it could be $200 a day. Again, my view is that you should ask other bloggers in your niche what they earn on a monthly or yearly basis and compare that with your own numbers.

3. Community — Even if you don’t have a ton of organic traffic, you might have a large reader base that can serve as a good measure of when to start a new site. Some sites like TechCrunch or Engadget don’t even really need search engine traffic to do well because they have a huge number of RSS readers.

For tech blogs that I compare myself too, a reasonable number to shoot for would be 25,000 to 40,000. I’m nowhere near that right now, so should I really be starting another site? Maybe my content is not as appealing or engaging as other tech sites? If I reach those numbers, I would feel confident that my site has the quality of a tog blog in that niche.

4. Ranking — There are a lot of services out there these days that rank sites. Technorati, Alexa, Compete, QuantCast, and Wikio are just a few that come to mind. Again, it’s good to compare your rankings with those of others in your niche.

Getting your blog into the Top 1K or 5K in Technorati might signify that your site has now reached a status where it can be given a little less attention so that you can focus on a new site.

5. Limitations/Restrictions – One last factor that came into my mind was the fact that it might be a good idea to start a new blog if you have certain limitations with your current site. For example, if you feel limited by running your site on Blogger or WordPress.com. You may also have a site with a ban, or other sort of problems related to the domain name and so on.

I would agree that there are some circumstances where it might be better to start a new blog, especially if you are writing about a topic that you are not really passionate about.

However, if you write about something you know well or that you really enjoy and you are not competing well with other sites in your niche, it would be well worth continuing to work on the current blog than trying to start up a new one and becoming even more frustrated and time-consumed. A strong first blog will carry along other blogs much better than a weak blog.

Over to the readers

What are your thoughts on when the best time is to start a new blog? Also, if you are decided to starting a new one, check the article 12 Tips To Grow the Subscriber Base on Your Second Blog.

Aseem Kishore is the lead blogger for Online-Tech-Tips, a technology blog covering a wide variety of topics including how-to tips, software reviews, and the latest tech news.

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42 Responses to “When Is The Best Time To Start A New Blog?”

  • Bruno Auger

    I did that at first. I started a blog then started a new one a few months later. Even though both are a page rank of #2 and #3 I could of just stuck with one blog and made it great,. Oh well live and learn

  • Aseem Kishore

    Hey Aibek, no problem man! MakeUseOf is an awesome blog, I read your site pretty much every day. Your site is a prime example of building and focusing on one site till it’s great.

  • indraberbagi

    very interesting topic. since last week i got stuck to write in my blog. these give me new spirit

  • Rick Vaughn

    This is a good post. But when is a good time to let go of a blog? I can not understand how someone can keep updated on 3 or even 2 separate blogs. Unless you are regulated to house arrest I would think it would be impossible to do correctly?

  • Aibek

    Hey Aseem, good to see you here on DBT. Thanks for the mention 😉

  • Antony

    The best time for starting blog is spring! 🙂 When the brain is full of mind and good ideas. 😉

  • team ray

    i do agree that successful blog help cross promote your other blogs

  • Aseem Kishore

    @Kurt – That’s a good point! I’ve been planning on starting a second site and kept coming up with topics that were very similar to my current site and you are right, it becomes a competition between the blogs! The only issue is that I only know one niche really well, if I write about something else completely different, it won’t be as good.

    @Kestrel – You bring up a good issue..that of a personal blog vs. a professional blog. I failed to mention in my article that I was basically referring to professional blogs. Like if you have one where you are trying to make money from it, then should you start a second one. If you have a personal blog only, then starting a second one that you want to make professional is a no brainer because a personal blog is not trying to build an audience or traffic, etc.

    @Ramiro – Which one is doing better or which one has a bigger potential audience? Choose one and build that up first, then use the bigger blog to drive more traffic to the smaller blog.

    @Odtaa – Good strategy. In your case, building the two sites at the same time makes sense as they are both related and can work in conjunction.

    @Joanna – You’ve already written a book, so blogging is not terribly different! Requires a little more attention to some technical details, but otherwise like they say, Content is King! You can possibly create a blog where you go into more details that your book does not cover. Promote your book and your site at the same time.

    @Jagdesh – Thanks! You’re in the tech niche, so definitely wait till your site grows before starting any other site. Good luck!

  • Jagdesh

    This is a great post.I also am waiting until my blog really takes off before creating a new blog.

  • Healthy

    I too agree with you that some people start a second or maybe even a third blog for the wrong reasons. For me the decision to start a second blog came out of a desire to communicate with my readers on a more personal level as my first blog was more corporate in nature.

  • Joanna Garzilli

    Your content is golden. I see I have so much to learn about blogging. It truly is an art. I’m passionate about writing. I have a book called “Unleash The Psychic In You: How to Trust Your Intuition for Successful Decision Making” being released September 1, 2008, that’s my area of expertise.

    Blogging tactics is a whole new realm for me. I’m going to read your twelve tips now so I can keep learning how to give my readers valuable content and build community!

    Joanna : )

  • odtaa

    I think a lot depends on your blog development strategy. I’m actually in the process of setting up two different blogs/info sites one for writers, one for readers as I want to use them to drive traffic to a bulletin board about books, writing and reading.

    At the same time I’m setting up a friend with a blog aimed at supporting ‘want to be’ journalists and content writers. In addition I’m doing some development work for a literature review website.

    My theory is that when the blogs are established they will to a certain extent cross promote each other.

    My strategy is to have sites that are reasonably commercial so that I can then get deals with publishers, government initatives on reading etc.

    This is useful as I can then interview a writer, mostly by email, and produce posts on the angst of writing as well articles that promote the author’s books.

    I think it all boils down to knowing and thinking through your strategy, which is after all the main message of dail blog tips.

  • nikki

    yes its really a big help if you check the weekly result of the top blog sites.

  • Ramiro

    Great post! Very informative and useful. I used to edit 3 blogs, but now I only edit two: one about travelling in Portugal and Spain and a second one about schools and teachers.
    It is hard to write posts every day for both blogs.

  • Kestrel

    I started my blog a year ago. It’s moderately successful in its niche, but I’ve made no attempt to monetize it, nor do I plan to do so. However, I am seriously considering a second blog with a broader scope. The first is for my own enjoyment only; with the second, I intend to actively promote and monetize it. (Besides, commercial blogs in my current niche don’t reach the audience I’m looking for there.)

    The challenge I’m encountering, however, is what content I want to include in my (new) blog. Do I want to provide a service, or entertainment? Until I get that part figure out, I’ll continue to let Blog #2 simmer on the back burner.

  • Kurt Avish

    By not similar i meant that do not do the 2nd blog on the same niche. For example if your first established blog is about lets say “Mobile Phone Reviews” then i would not make my 2nd blog on the same topic. Well its my opinion but it maybe different for other bloggers but personally if i do a 2nd blog on the same niche i have the tendency to start to ignore my first blog and be updating only the 2nd one. It happened to me to my two previous “startup” blogs. So if i have two blog concerning two different niche…i would not take the article of blog X to publish in blog Y and abandon the blog X.

    Now this may be different for other people. My current blogs are Island Crisis which is my personal blog which i blog about everyday life and events and stuffs that concern about just anything. Its general topic blog. My 2nd blog is bloggingstuffs.blogspot.com – It is the one which I had abandoned… well I am making some changes now on it so that i will update it more often. My 3rd blog is one i share with my girlfriend…it our personal life blog…more like a diary http://yushavish.blogspot.com

  • Aseem Kishore

    @Ultimate Blogging Experiment – This would always be a good reason to start a new blog. And if it’s really true that you are in a niche not touched very much by others, it will probably out-grow your first blog.

    @Eileen – I would not say you can never be in the top 10 percent. Like you said, you don’t get the time because you have to write for 3 blogs. If you focused on promoting one and writing more content for that one, eventually you could be up there!

    @Angel – That’s why I don’t have a second one yet, I simply do not have the time. And if you are inconsistent with one blog in terms of posting frequency, content quality, etc, it’s definitely not a good idea to start a second one unless it’s something like what Ultimate Blogging Experiment mentioned.

    @Kurt – Any reason why you would not want to make the second blog too similar to the first one? And I agree, the first one should be your flagship blog unless there are major reasons why it can’t be.

  • Mirko

    Another great post on Daily Blog Tips, I just want to mention that the first link “12 tips…” leads to a 404 page.

  • Kurt

    I started my fisrt blog in March this year but it didnt turn out to be so popular… But i learned many things from it. SO i creatd my new blog Island Crisis. Well its turn 3 months old this 20th of August…

    I tried to manage 3 blogs at the same time and i will say its not really recommended. Its better to use the time one one specific blog and write good articles and promote it well. Then after the first one is quite established then u can create another one. Also try to not make your 2nd blog too similar or on the same niche as your first blog.

    By the way am doing a small survey about bloggers. I would be glad if any of you buddies here would participate. I would give a backlink with the results on sunday. My blog is not that popular but am just doing it for fun and to see bloggers feelings and choice.

  • Angel Cuala

    Another great guest post! I am really passionate about marriage and parenting so I had them separately. But since the topic seem not be popular and I have limited time only, I decided to combine them in one blog since they are related to each other.

    Then, I decided to create another blog which is about blogging tips which is a more popular topic. Again, I am encountering the same problem with regards to time. Right now, I am in the process of combining the two into a single blog again.

    So what is my point here? When do I think is the right time to start a second blog aside from what you have mentioned? If you have enough time, and it is the hardest part I think. If you are poor in time management, you may even loose both blogs.

  • Eileen

    I started with two blogs (the same day) because I had two VERY different subjects I wanted to write about, and had a lot to say on each. In one subject I was already an expert. for the other, very different subject, I wanted to become an expert. Three months later, I started a third blog, again because I had a number of posts that didn’t fit in with either. My three blogs are special niches that readers from one would most likely not be too interested in the others.

    I generally make about three posts a week on each blog, but am going to have to cut back to about one good post a week on each blog. I sometimes think of starting a fourth (for article than don’t fit in any of the above three). But I know I would never have the time. I don’t have ads on any of my blogs (because I hate to go to other sites that have ads). Instead, I do my best to slant each article so that I CAN fit it into one my three existing niches.

    My traffic has continued to grow on each blog. I’ll probably never be in the top ten percent, but at the end of the day, as Darren Rouse says, blogging has to be about fifty-fifty for yourself as well as for readers, or you’ll get burned out. I think that’s about right.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

  • Ultimate Blogging Experiment

    I would start a new blog when you have a great idea that is completely different than anything other people have already done. You want to have a blog unlike the ones that are already popular because then you can hit all the people that are interested in what you are talking about. They really have nowhere else to go for this information in your competition would only be little blogs

  • Aseem Kishore

    @L-Jay – I see your point about going back and forth between two blogs and then choosing the one that is doing the best, however, I think for most people trying to write for one takes up too much energy and writing for two would simply discourage people faster.

    I would say that it’s better to start one and then start a second one AFTER at least you know for certain whether it’s going to grow or it’s simply stagnant, that way you can learn from the mistakes you made in writing the first one.

    @SEO Genius – This was basically my point in the article except in cases where major mistakes were made or the topic is not your forte, then it would be better to start fresh. I would say that as long as you’ve made no major mistakes, keep working on your first site and build the traffic up.

    @Writer Dad – That’s a good point I had not mentioned. From my own experience, I would not start a second site until I had either enough articles written up before hand or enough high quality writers for my site.


  • Pink Ink

    I have to continually resist starting yet another blog. So far, I have three, and to be honest, I mostly focus on my main one, Pink Ink. I started the other ones so that I could write about my other interests, which are horses and horror fiction. I love having those blogs, however, as a place to discuss those subjects.

    Thanks for this article. I enjoyed it.

  • SEO Genius

    Thats a good point Daniel, i have to admit that as i am currently still developing my first blog which i have had for around 8 months now. The things i have learnt and mistakes i have made, have made it a struggle for my site to grow at a steady pace.

    If i were to start again perhaps things would be different, however i feel persistence is the key and i shall persist.

    I am sure there are many others in the same situation who may of made worse mistakes which could effect their sites largely to the degree that there website could never grow to its highest potential. Therefore it may be easier for those people to start again from scratch.

  • stetoscope

    Hi Daniel,
    I do agree with the idea of your post : “don’t start a new blog since you did not fully explored to potentiel of the first one”. Nevertheless, blogs might be used for many things… You could do a specofoc blog for a professionnal interest or a specific personnal one.

  • Writer Dad

    If your first blog would face even the slightest drop in quality while starting the second, then you’re starting it way too early.

  • Daniel Scocco

    One thing to note is that sometimes your first blog will never reach a good level of traffic or monetization, exactly because you didn’t know the basics when you started it.

    On those cases, therefore, it could be a good idea to just let the first blog be, while starting a new project with more knowledge and assets to be leveraged.

  • SEO Genius

    Thats a good topic to cover thanks for the article. I feel the best time to create a new blog is when you have reached that optimum level of performance related to traffic, monetization and subscribers that you can achieve.

    This would be researched through comparing your site to others like you have said in the article, and therefore can show you where your blog currently stands, until you reach this optimum level i feel a lot of focus and hard work needs to be put in to your blog.


  • L-Jay

    I started with one blog in a particular niche but I always kept on dreaming about a blog I wanted to start in another niche. I kept telling myself ‘I should wait until my first blog takes off before I start another one’ – but it was frustrating waiting. Then I heard an interview by the Oz caradvice guy – Alborz Fallah. He started out with three blogs, all different niches. After a couple of months one blog stood out so he dropped the other two to concentrate on the one. Now he is earning 6 figures.

    So, now I have two blogs and feel very satisfied with having both. I use them to help me ‘re-energize’. When I concentrate on one niche for a while it’s refreshing having another niche to go to and write about.

    I think if you want to earn money from your blog you should try out a couple of different blogs to see which one works best for you. I guess its a little bit like ‘practical research’ – this way you will find out which niche is more in demand, which niche can make money and which niche you have more ‘writing’ passion for.

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